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  • Stina Sias

    I’m scared to wear a pull-on over jeans, don’t your jeans bunch up when you put them on?

    • Katherine Callaghan

      Mine didn’t, but I do know a trick if this does happen to you. Wear thick ankle socks and tuck your jeans into your socks this way when you slip on your pull-on boots your jeans will stay in place!

      • Stina Sias


    • Ya I tuck my jeans into my socks and pull them as tight as I can when I slide the boots on. Also, always slide the boot on standing up with your leg straight, not sitting down, because your jeans pull up when you sit!

    • I know…I’ve had a hard time wearing them with anything other than leggings…but still hot regardless ;)

  • Candace

    These boots have been around 21 years? Wow…that’s amazing staying power. How much were they when they came out?

    • Katherine Callaghan

      That’s definitely amazing staying power! I’m not too sure of the price when they first came out but I’ll look into it!

  • c.Miller

    AHH I literally just ordered these in black suede yesterday from Zappos!! They will arrive today, I just hope they fit.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      That’s great, you’re going to love them! Like I said, these boots run true to size so if you ordered your normal shoe size you’ll be fine!

  • A.

    I know this may be irrelevant. I’m really hesitating on whether or not to make the splurge on the rag and bone harrow booties? I know they’re a classic but I also feel like there are so many imitations out there, do you feel like it’s worth the splurge?

    • Katherine Callaghan

      I felt the same way at first and I actually wrote about it over on TalkShoes. As boot season begins to kick in, I’m really starting to reconsider Rag & Bone because the Harrow is a classic ankle boot that won’t go out of style! The Rag & Bone boot is definitely growing on me and sometimes saving to make the splurge makes it totally worth it! (Btw, saw a few great pairs on sale at ShopBop!)

      • A.

        Wow 4 years?! Now I think I can go into buying feeling a lot more insured!
        I actually read your post AND bookmarked it haha.
        Thanks guys!

      • Katherine Callaghan

        Wonderful! I hope you make the splurge and buy the boots! :)

    • Sophia

      Contrary to the review I made above, I’ve had my rag and bone booties for 4 years now and they still look new! Def worth the price!!

  • NoDUI

    Cortona, Italy is home to some of the best local Italian leather makers in the world. My wife found a pair of knee high calf boots that were made by hand from a local Italian. Cost only $245. She is in love with her Italian boots!

  • Sophie

    I’m sorry to be a debby downer. But I’m actually very unhappy with these boots. They looked great for 2 weeks+. I’ve only had them for about 7 months and the entire front leathers peeling apart and the bottom of my boots coming the point where I can rip the sole off. Its ridic, I had to hot glue the shoe back together. For the price I expected more.

    • Stina Sias


    • anon

      OMG! That’s terrible! And ridiculous for that price!:O Was the store willing to do anything for you? You’re not alone though, I’ve had bad quality issues with Louboutins in the past too. Just goes to show that shoes are just shoes, no matter the price. I tend to not to go for any high end shoes now and just find fabulous shoes at reasonable prices. Most of all, more money for a new bag!:)

      • Sophie

        I may try to speak to them but I HATE being that customer. But I think in this case since they were so pricey I should say something. At the very least have them repair my boots. But totally agree, all my money will go to bags form now on! ;)

      • Ally

        it’s very odd that happened, I agree you must have a defective pair

    • Cari

      Sophie it sounds like you have a faulty pair. i have had mine for 5 years and wear them often and they are in FANTASTIC shape.

      • Mint Tea

        Or maybe Stuart Weitzman lowered their production quality. If doesn’t really matter how your 5-year-old boots have held up because they were manufactured years ago. Both a 10-year-old and 1-year-old pair of Frye boots (for example) might be the same model of boots from the same brand, but ever since the company was bought by a Chinese conglomerate, the quality has gone downhill. Something similar happened with a brand called Lululemon, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if SW is riding on its past association with quality, and has in fact lowered the quality of its products to increase its profit margin. Brands do this and consumers still buy the products because they think they brand still manufactures quality products.

    • junnie_xo

      Sophie I’m having the same issue with my boots!!

  • Marina

    I always wear these at school – They are comfortable, chic and the leather quality is really nice, I’m an art student so I’m usually bending over where my toe would bend, and I never got any toe stretch lines on my 5050’s! I love these but the thing is they get scuffed pretty easily!

  • alex

    sophie- maybe you just got a bad pair? Ive had mine for 7 years, and they are still holding up perfectly fine, minus some scuffing on the toe from extensive wear..

    • Sophie

      Hm, possibly. I think I’ll reach out to customer service and see if they can repair them. Very disappointing since they’re such a pretty pair of boots!

      • Ya, I’d reach out to them – mine are holding up so well and I’ve had them 3.5 years and wear them often.

      • Sophie

        Will do! Thanks for the heads up everyone!

  • Catherine Kellogg

    I wear skirts and dresses a lot in winter (and live in NYC) so this is my go-to boot as soon as the temps drop. I’ve had mine for a year and they are holding up great. They are WARM, I wear them with my tight Sloan pants from Banana Republic and with any type of dressy skirt or dress. So far I haven’t worn them to job interviews (I work in marketing) but I was tempted to this am! I got mine at Macy’s in NYC Herald Square and the salesman gave me a 20% discount and he assured I would not bring them back. He was right!

  • I absolutely adore adore adoreeeeeee mine!! I had my 4.5w shipped to my house. I’ve been wearing them non-stop for the past month, and they are just super comfortable, butter soft! So happy with my investment….I hope they don’t come undone like other are saying below :/

  • Jamie Lee Lindsay

    Worth every penny. I have them in the black nappa leather and the anthracite suede. They literally go with everything, jeans to dresses to leggings. Loveeee <3

  • Azzurra A

    These boots are the Holy Grail of Boots! i ha dthem on my wish list for at least 10 years and finnaly decided to get them! i have had mine for 5 years (black nappa leather) and they still look new! I also have them i Navy Suede which i purchased last year OMG they are the best! if you are having problems with your boots for any reason i would be that customer that goes and complains as they cost soooooooooooooo much you wouldn’t except to have any issues with these shoes!!! Please tack the plunge you will not regret your choice!!!