Well, March certainly marched on quickly, didn’t it? It hardly seems like an entire month has come and gone, but it has. Our PurseForum members have been busy, as is their custom, and we are all the happier for it. We found plenty of bags, food, accessories, and more this week, and it looks like spring has arrived for most all of our members in this week’s PurseForum Roundup. Come along and see what we all have been up to!

Fendi Bag Bug

Fendi looked particularly busy this week, and it seems that the furry Bag Bugs were on many members’ minds. Loveteddyku posted a great shot of her bag and bag bug, and its easy to see why this little addition has made her fall in love with her tote all over again! Bethc has managed to herd four of these little monsters and shared a family photograph. More and more of these cute little furballs are popping up in Fendi, and we hope the trend continues. We also found some reveals that garnered a lot of views – Munkeebag81’s new Petit 2Jours boasts a pop of color that packs quite a punch, and Fashion16’s confessional thread revealed that her pretty new Peekaboo is definitely worth looking into. We also checked back in on the Who Still Wears Their Spy thread and found a fabulous pair of Baby Spy bags that are still in rf1583’s rotation.

Speaking of older bags, many of us love to search the resale market for hard-to-find bags and accessories. Fendi, like most of our designer subforums, has a well-attended Authenticate This thread, where knowledgable volunteers offer their opinions (and remember these are only opinions, but very educated ones in most every case) on a bag’s authenticity. The final decision is yours, of course, but our PurseForum members are happy to offer a word or two to help you along, and it is well worth a look before you buy!

Chanel Shopping Bags

We could make a nice Roundup each week of nothing but Chanel purchases on the PurseForum. It’s been a while since we visited this busy destination, and “busy” really doesn’t begin to describe the place! We found reveals galore and couldn’t wait to share with you. At press time, we found that Princessluxury’s husband managed to get out of the doghouse with this perfect mini (though he had apparently been forgiven at the time of purchase). Earlier in the day, vinbenphon1 took us along on a photo safari  to the Perth boutique in Western Australia, what a lovely journey indeed. Stop by here to see what we enjoyed with that delicious bottle of wine!

Chanel Small Leather Goods

There are always so many newly revealed bags to share in Chanel, but we decided to feature something different in this segment, a pair of sweet smalls from singdizzy, reminding us not only of the wonderful variety of Chanel’s offerings, but also that good things really do come in small packages! And, for those of you wanting to see some serious bag reveals, drop into dlynn’s thread to see a summer-ready jumbo, and bluekit’s eye-popping fuchsia classic flap. Loveithateit also brought her A-game to Chanel with her reveal of a bevy of bags in gorgeous spring hues of pink and blue. The last couple of weeks have been absolutely spectacular in the March Purchase Thread, so please stop in and enjoy our members’ goodies – you won’t be sorry!


You all know we can’t stay away from the Kitchen – more specifically the I Ate This thread, where we always find irresistible world-class cuisine photographed so beautifully by our members. This week, we got a sweet surprise from foodie extraordinaire ninja_please, who not only had the inspiration and wherewithal to make marshmallows, but the presence of mind to turn them into s’mores! Also in the Playground, the grab-bag for our non-fashion-related conversations, Television and Cinema buzzed with the latest on the season’s most popular shows, including the “situation” on The Good Wife and the buzz on the highly anticipated season premier of Game of Thrones. Threads for every show imaginable –from Shahs of Sunset to American Horror Story – are yours for the reading, so after the credits roll on your favorite show, drop by T&C to dish and speculate on upcoming episodes!

Crocodile Clutch

The Bag Showcase is a great destination for finding out what makes our members bag-lovin’ hearts tick. This week we caught up with poohbag’s ongoing collection thread, which she has updated with some new Chanel purchases and a special accessory from Hermès. Visit her thread to read the sweet story behind a great vintage clutch. K_elizabeth took some time building her collection, and her thoughtful choices really shine in her showcase thread. And it’s all about Louis Vuitton for merekat703, who has put together quite a family of bags from her favorite brand.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Turquoise

We noticed that dlynn has updated her White Collection thread (which includes some colorful bags as well), and we stopped in to see what she has purchased – the perfect reason to share the turquoise beauty you may remember from our Chanel Segment above! We could not resist this bag and are happy to share it, as well as send dlynn our hearty congratulations. We hope you will visit the Bag Showcase and see the myriad collections our members have assembled, it’s a great way to get to know each other and see a world of bags, to boot!

Valentino Rockstud Pumps

We went to Hermès to find you some orange boxes and ended up bumping straight into carlinha’s Non Hermès Indulgences from the thread of the same name – Carlinha has added an irresistable rainbow of Valentino Rockstuds to her collection. Other not-to-be-missed NHI’s from this thread include Pursebop’s Chanel goodies, PrincessCypress’s collection of Tiffany leather items, and lelisal’s drop dead gorgeous Dior watch. Also in Hermès,  the new Scarf of the Day Thread is ready to go, with plenty of great themes listed for us on page one, and they are fabulous! We have put quite a few of them on our calendars, and we are sure you will want to, too!

Hermes Silk Scarf

If you have a particular item from Hermès on your mind, do drop into the Hermès Clubhouse, where dedicated threads are filled with photographs of bags, jewelry, accessories, and ready to wear you can pour over to your heart’s content! This week, we found pierina2 rocking a large sized (GM) silk scarf that shows just how versatile these can be yearround. We got it loud and clear: Spring has arrived!

That does it for this week, Roundup Readers. Thank you for once again joining us for the week’s Roundup. We hope you have a terrific weekend planned and certainly hope you will drop by again next week to see what April brings to the PurseForum!

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8 years ago

I am really enjoying these round up discussions. Can’t wait till next week.

8 years ago

When I die old, someone please buy my future offspring that turquoise Chanel in my honor.

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