Apologies in advance for not much posting in the next few days, we are off to Paris for the week and will get to the blazing hot core of the fashion world! Be prepared for some mighty chique handbags when we come back – along with heaps of gorgeous pictures (the weather seems to be really promising).

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  • sue

    Everyone who’s saying you should just buy a real LV bag sound really dumb right now! So what if it’s real or not, do u really think guys care about that!! Who cares, I have fake purses and I have gotton so many compliments on them. They saved me a lot of money especially when purse styles change so fast! Why spend all that money on one if your’re not in the spotlight like celebrities who get them for free anyway!!!!

    I love my fakes and they look great too! I’m not one of those stuck up girls that need real bags, they’re only purses! You have to change them with every outfit anyway, right!

    Girls are too competitive with eachother, why do you feel the need to show off for other girls instead of guys who wouldn’t care about your damn purse anyway!!!!HA!!

    Go cheap, styles change too fast! Save money on real things that matter!!

  • martha

    I agree with the last commenter, who the hell cares if it is real or not. What is important is that your net worth is real and not fake. The way I see it, those people who swear by only using real stuff, more than likely have a negative net worth, because of the dumb debt they get into to keep up with the Joneses.
    Just for all you purse snobs, word is the Joneses are BROKE! Fakes Rock!

    • Albert

      listen martha its ok if people dont have enough money or don’t want to spend it on such an expensive purse. But why buy fake, you can just buy a real purse from a brand thats not so luxurious. If your going to do Louis Vuitton DON”T do it fake. Thats an insult to the company and to yourself.

  • Ms. Cedar Park

    I am 46 years old and I love handbags and shoes. My most expensive bage is a Coach, which cost $450.00. I have saved my money and cut back on hair do’s, manicures and pedicure. and yesterday I purchased my first Marc By Marc Jacobs. Obvious if i have to save for these items…i am not rich, but I like what I like and I will always choose THE REAL THING.

  • Ms. Cedar Park

    oh, btw the Marc Jacobs cost $650.00 but I had $80.00 in certificates and used those toward my new bag. I purchase handbags twice each year, December and July :lol:

  • Jaime

    I am in Paris for just one more day and am looking for a good quality fake bag. Is there an area in Paris equivalent to China Town in Manhattan?

  • Jessica

    June is icky rainy weather in Paris, I wouldn’t recommend anyone go in June. (ipad)

  • jo

    saving up for the real ones… or it will forever be eye candies! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I hope you had fun because I know I’m very rarely online when traveling. (ipad)

  • KY

    You problably had a lot of fun! (ipad)