Just in time for the end of the year, we have a new and improved PurseBlog.com to share with you! Vlad has been working for months on our new design, coding for long hours each day and refining so many tiny details to make the new PurseBlog.com our best version yet. We love the final result–we think it’s user friendly, pretty to look at and showcases all the stuff you want to see even better than before. We hope you love it as much as we do!

A few things to note: After a few years of running TalkShoes, we’ve decided to move our coverage of designer footwear over to PurseBlog. Although we’re as focused on handbags as ever, the two go together so well that we wanted to make it easier for everyone to stay up to date on both. If you want to refer directly to our footwear coverage, it will be housed under our Shoe category. We are working to import all of the existing posts from TalkShoes over to the PurseBlog archives as well!

While there is still a small navigation menu at the top of the page, your full navigation options are housed under the “burger” (the three yellow lines to the left of the PurseBlog header logo, and yes, that’s a technical term). Once you tap or click on the burger, you will find a slide-out menu to help you navigate our site by brand or category.

We’ve also built a fully responsive Shopping page to show you all of our favorite retailers and partners. We will continue to update this page with more trusted retailers of the brands and products you love. When you shop online through our links, it helps us continue to grow our business, expand our team and provide you with even more news, resources and guides about the bags you (and we) love.

If you experience any problems, please let us know, and if there is something you wish we’d add, throw that out there as well. We want to make the PurseBlog experience the best it can be for you. And, of course, thanks for all your constant support–it means so much to us!

♥ The PurseBlog Team

P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

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  • Mya Wilkes

    I like it! Well done to the team and ofcourse Vladdddd. Happy Holidays to the most fun handbag blog team across the WWW.

    • Thanks Mya!! So glad you like it, I am biased but think that it looks really nice and sharp!

  • nickpa

    Yaassss… I don’t why i am so excited over this but I clearly am… It looks so good, good job guys!

    • Woohoo!! I am so excited over it too so seeing you that excited gets me pumped!

  • Hclubfan

    Congratulations on the great new look!!! I love it….very clean, uncluttered look. Bravo!!

    • So glad you like it as well!! That was the goal – easy to find everything and lots of great stuff to see :)

  • Finem Lauda

    It’s beautiful! You guys did a great job, it’s v accessible for folks with sight issues like myself. Thank you for considering the contrast of text vs background when it comes to a more minimalistic design. You guys made it clean and minimal without sacrificing readability for people who have a hard time reading text. Thank you!

    • We’ve learned how important it is to make the site easy on the eyes and readable over all the years! We’ve made some changes on our forum in different renditions and the text/color really upset people so we are super aware of that!

      • Finem Lauda

        Bless ya’ll c: how long has the overhaul been planned for? It seems like a pretty huge undertaking!

      • Vlad has been coding it since August/September!

      • CONNIE


  • anon

    Usually I hate change to my favorite websites, but this is so nice! Its very fitting. The pictures in posts seem bigger too. I’m glad you’re combining TalkShoes as well. It always felt lonely to visit that site (the disqus was pretty much dead there). The most important thing though-will there be any more bugs on this new one? The last one had problems from time to time so I hope this new format gets rid of that:)

    • Pictures are bigger when you land on the single post page! We made the front page have less large images which gives you an option to see a bit more of what’s happening. It just made sense to bring TalkShoes over here – we had it on its own for a while but the readers were all mostly the same and it is a better home to have it here!

      If you have any bugs ever, leave a comment or send an email and we will look into it! Vlad coded this entire site by hand so it should be really clean – he’s super precise!

  • Sarah

    I rarely like new designs and everyone tries to get so fancy it’s hard to navigate, but you did an amazing job! It’s better than before and so chic, way to go!!!!!

  • Sparky

    I like the grouping of image/text for the lead stories on the splash page. I feel the right side bar is overpowering and too wide. Visually it pushes into the main content. There is not a clear delineation between the side bar and main content so they compete with each other. Maybe running a rule between the two will help (and reducing the side bar width).

    just sayin’….

  • Kristoffer

    I frequent your blog for some time now and I do like the fresh, airy layout. However, for a mobile browser like myself, The captions and inserts don’t translate very well as they appear extremely centrally aligned, with the margins occupying majority of the page. I now end up scrolling down so much as the words seem to be in a single file line, vertically. Anyone else having the same concern?

    • Misscheng

      Yes! I thought you were exaggerating but there are like three words per row. It’s almost unreadable. :(

    • Yazi

      Yes. This happens on my android mobile phone too. Please fix it. Thank you.

    • Vlad Dusil

      The mobile margins are definitely being addressed! Thanks for your feedback.

    • It’s fixed!

      • Kristoffer

        Thanks! :)

  • Ariss

    The pictures are huge on my desktop PC! Does it need to be that big?

    • The large image is typically just on the individual post page with some on the front page. We wanted to give that focus a bit more – but it’s always a work in progress and we have the ability to tweak it!

  • Aisha Haynes

    I still think its wayyy to many ad’s they block the screen, I dont look at them because their intrusive and just because of that, I dont click.

    • Which ads are blocking the screen for you? The large top of site ad is not always there, that is only for certain campaigns and there will always be a sidebar. There aren’t more ads from the old design but I appreciate the feedback and want to know if we can make it be a better experience – so any feedback is great!

      • Aisha Haynes

        A huge Tory Burch add was blocking the middle of the screen.

      • Was it overlapping content, like a glitch? Or it’s just large on the top of the page?

  • Sara

    I normally don’t like change to my favorite things but this is a change for the better. Good job!

  • Not a complain, just a heads up: I think you guys need to update your Apple News RSS. Most likely it stopped working when you changed the blog’s look (which is awesome btw).