After our short trip to the land of the baguettes, crepes and other delicious pastries, we are finally back and ready to tell about impressions we gathered in one of World’s largest metropolis’. It is very hard to describe what magic the city of Paris emulates to someone who has never been there (Megs) or someone that hadn’t been there since childhood (me). Paris by itself is very diverse, its people are diverse, its landscape and sights are diverse, you seem to never really run out of things to see or experience. In our three day mini-vacation, we covered most of the must-sees and also took the time to check up on some of the big names of fashion, that are, of course, all well-represented. We did see tons of cute handbags, but for now it’s time to share some of the moments our Sony Digicam captured on the memory stick.

The first night we did the trip to the Eiffel Tower [85KB], which majestically rests right by the River Seine [67KB] and faces the Ecole Militaire [100KB] with its gorgeous Parc Du Champs De Mars. Although the view was mindblowing, overlooking the whole city shining with its night lights, the big masses of loud and annoying tourists ruined the whole romantic touch that the view should have had. The platform up top was too small to hold hundreds of people, and someone should have told us that you not only had to wait on the ground to get on the first elevator, but then had to wait another hour to get from the second level to the very top.

The trip went on to the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires [116KB], the world famous church that took 111 years to build (1629-1740) and apparently draws 14 Million visitors a year to admire the huge stained glass windows [113KB] among other remarkable features. What made us giggle was the bishop, that was carved in stone and seemed to flick us off from the side of the nave. No photoshop, either. We observed adorably old men playing a game of Petanque [133KB], we goggled at artsy house fronts [146KB] on the busy Rue de Rivoli, we roamed along the romantic and seemingly neverending Avenue De Champs Elysees [35KB], we drooled over the wide Hermes store front [120KB] in the Rue du FG Saint Honore [95KB], somewhat hidden in a narrow side street behind the US embassy on Place De La Concorde [62KB]. The “Sacred Heart” Sacre Coeur [58KB] on top of the Montmarte shined in its nightly elegance, while its inner sanctum [83KB] revealed to hold the holiest of all sacraments to all of christianity, the prayer. It appears that there is constant prayer going on within its walls, all year around. While the church pastor kicked us out of the late-night mass, there was still two handful of devoted believers deeply overcome by prayer. Interesting experience.

Our hotel in the north-eastern part of town was facing the Cite Des Sciences La Villette [105KB], the science center of Paris that has a vast variety of activities for kids and people of all ages to get them aquainted to science and technology easily. Highlight of the center is certainly the so-called Geode [68KB], a gigantic sphere that poetically symbolizes the universe and bears an actual cinematic complex within its inside. Although the Geode seems featherlight like the wind could blow it away, the sphere in fact weighs 6,000 tons and consists of over 6,400 stainless steal triangles. Fascinating stuff for sure. Last station of the trip to P-town was a 5-hour visit to the largest museum on Earth, the Musee du Louvre [87KB]. The incredible amount of historic relics in its 3 flights is far beyond the scope of this blog entry really, however we did check out the mandatory goodies like La Joconde, probably better known as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa [54KB], the wide Rubens Hall [82KB] with gigantic paintings of the 17th century Fanders master himself, and the looong walkway [99KB] along Louvre’s Denon flight featuring pieces of significant 16/17th century italian painters (incl. DaVinci). Two pieces that left us giggling like little school kids were (how we called them) “The Angry Midget” [48KB] and the infamous “Titty Twister” [53KB] — how the latter ended up in the museum is still a mystery to me.

Overall we had much fun, gorgeous city, lots of fantastic flair and things to see. We hope you enjoyed the pictures, feel free to comment and request more pictures that we may post later on — but for now it’s time to get writin’ on the handbags. :-)

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  • Jessica

    I loved Paris when I went last year. Seemed like you had a blast! :) (ipad)

  • jo

    more than winning an iPad is visiting Paris! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    Paris would be a nice trip for the Michelin restaurants, and I can be proud to carry my flashy bags there. (ipad)

  • KY

    I went to Paris two times when I was little, but I would love to go again once. (ipad)