comp problems

Just wanted to let you all know that some sort of weird and complicated ‘thing’ happened to the forum tonight. Something about a sphinx search and the database error and back up and rebuild. I am listening to Vlad talk to various tech and server guru’s attempting to fix the problem. To be honest, we do not know how long it will take to fix this problem. I dare not continue to ask Vlad when it will be fixed, as he seems to be blowing steam out of his ears.

So hang tight everyone! The forum should be fixed ‘soon’, and no, I have no definition of soon! Thank you for your patience :wink:

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  • william

    Oh goodness.

  • omgsweet

    I love the pic of the keyboard on fire!

    Hope it gets fixed soon!!!

  • Pursegrrl

    Happy tPF Vibes to Vlad and the fixit crew!! Thanks for all you do and for keeping us posted, Megs! XXXOO PGal

  • Jen

    We miss you! I am TPF obsessed for realz. :oops:

  • I am quite frustrated too!! They are backing something up… or something.

    All I know is last time I could get on tPF it said I was the ONLY person on and there had not been an updated thread in an hour, which was completely wrong. So there is some major glitch being fixed now.

    Thanks for hanging tight! Miss you all!

  • bgcutiepie00

    Thanks for working on it Vlad and Megs!!!! I just got home and tPF was the first thing I went for…I miss you guys already! :cry:

  • vuittonamour

    awwwwh mannnn. i have been outta town for the past three days so i have been without tpf for 4 days as it is…i get home and it’s down! stircrazy! lol.

    • omgsweet

      I thought you said your internet was down!

      How was your weekend with Ryan?

    • Sher

      I’m new to the forum and newly obsessed! :oops: I bought my first luxury bag..(LV Mono Speedy) and I’ve been planning it’s contents non-stop with the help of the chic ladies and gents on the forum. Fix it up soon… :roll:

  • medusa2020

    Aargh…. I miss the forum…..what will I do with all this time on my hands….maybe I’ll head to the gym….

  • sneezz

    Ahhh, I need my fix!

  • scarlett_2005

    Thanks for the update!

  • bagnshoofetish

    gaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! :shock:

  • Addy

    Hope things get resolved soon! Miss you guys! :sad:

  • Alaska

    :cry: hope all works out Megs and Vlad!

  • Cherrasaki

    Missing tpf already! Hope there isn’t too severe a problem going on! Good luck with everything!

  • encore hermes

    Thanks for the update megs!!!! I just bet DH 100$ that I could stay off tpf for a few hours!!!!! :lol: :lol: I check back in a ‘few’!!!

    • Well you may win… not by choice :lol:

      Still waiting for an update all! No new news from the techs and Vlad has on headphones and is working.. won’t talk to me. Hang in there!

  • KoobaLover

    Sending good vibes to the Fix-It Crew! Hope all goes well!

  • sweetneet

    thanks for the update, Megs! And thanks to both you and Vlad for all your hardwork in maintaining this great forum! Hope everything gets fixed and there are no major problems.

    man, i am sooo obsessed with this forum! i need my TPF fix! :razz: i guess the upshot is that tonight i’ll get something productive done! LOL

  • Vlad says it is coming along slowly. The techs are repairing a table that got broken, meaning data is not in order and needs to be put back into order. There were 5 million entries in that table, so it will take a while to get it fixed.

    The rough estimate is a few more hours for this to be fixed.

    Looks like I will be watching the news and waiting up with Vlad! Maybe some of you will keep us company :wink:

  • jqua

    ohhh myyyy…but i will patiently wait.. tic-toc-tic-toc… Good luck, guys..hope it will be up and runnin’ soon. Thanks!!! :mrgreen:

  • KatsBags

    Good luck with the “fix”! Thanks for all the hard work you do.

    Sorry, but I won’t be keeping you company…kids go back to school tomorrow. I’m going to bed!

    Looking forward to seeing tPF up and running tomorrow!


  • Couturegrl

    OMG I need my TPF fix now!!!!

    :shock: <—- cutest smiley ever!!

  • Pursegrrl

    Uh oh….I may have to resort to online shopping rather than just drooling over all y’alls pretty bags!! :cool:

  • gapaholic13

    Thanks for the update, I’m in serious withdrawal :sad:

    Hope the repair is quick and not too frustrating! Good luck Vlad…and thanks for working so hard to get the site back up for us!!

  • tuffcookie

    oh i dont know what to do with myself! hope this gets fixed soon! :cool:

  • LAltiero85

    I’m such a dork….I’ve already checked back like 40 million times….I miss tPF already! Can’t wait until it’s fixed! Good luck! :smile:

  • dooneydiva

    Yikes! Good luck Vlad!!!
    Megs, you sound like my mom. She looooooves watching the news when she comes home from her night shift. It’s only bad stuff anyway!

    Thanks for all the hard work. I really miss tPF!!! This is usually my only refuge. :sad:

  • SunnyFreckles

    Hey Megs and Vlad!

    Don’t stay up TOO late tonight!! Good luck on the fixin’ and we all look forward to tPF return! Miss you…see you in the morning!!! :grin:

  • Candace117

    THANK YOU Vlad!!! And Crew!!! I hope that this doesn’t turn into the other huge meltdown that happened in November. You guys worked your collective tushies off for us! Thanks again!!!!

    And Megs thanks for keeping Vlad sane! heehee, it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it :mrgreen:

  • sw33p3a

    OMG :shock: I seriously CANNOT live without tPF!

    Please, Please come back! I am having withdrawals and it is NOT pretty :cry:

  • luvhautecouture

    I hope by the time i finish my 5-page analysis paper, tpf will be back up! hehehe

    thanks megs and vlad

  • Cocogirl07

    Thanks Megs and Vlad :grin:

    I have class eary in the morning :sad: but have a lot of breaks in between I will be on:razz:

  • Cocogirl07

    This semester I need to stay off TPF because I could have done better last semester but TPF did it :grin:

  • Cocogirl07

    Good night everyone :wink:

  • nycgr1

    oh not again! :cry:

  • claireZk

    If I send Vlad some meatballs will it get done faster? :smile:

  • Pursegrrl

    …OMG did someone say meatballs?? Late night snack anyone?? :grin:

  • chickibaoboa

    I hope tpf is up and running in no time. I like browsing on here from time to time. I keep checking back every hour but it is still not up yet!

  • MissNovember

    This is like torture!! :lol: Makes me realize how much I miss TPF and all the Lambies!! :wink:

  • dallas

    Oh that’s reeeeaaally done it now…
    My daughter walks in “Mum are you on the Purse Forum AGAIN”? me: “No, miss smarty pants I’m not” (cos’ little did she know I’m HERE, trying to find out what’s goin’ on)…
    then her smart a** reply: “Why, IS THE SERVER DOWN”?? :oops: :shock:

    • sweetneet

      ^ lol, that’s what my DH says to me! when i told him the server was down, he was like “oh no, what are u gonna do now? the world is ending!” lol

  • Candace117

    I’m sure Vlad would love some balls comma meat.

  • [coco]

    :shock: must…… have…. forum…. back….. :shock:
    hi to all my thread killers girls…
    all the best with this megs and vlad. hope it is fixed quickly!!

  • [coco]

    :arrow: :shock: this is how i feel.
    i just came in from the gym and not only do i not get my purse forum fix but you are all talking about meatballs!!! this is torture!!

  • Contessa

    I think Vlad could use a drink or three. :lol:

    Good luck and hang in there….after spending close to 4 hours working out a glitch on my PC, I totally understand.

  • TaraLindsey

    OH NO!!

    I am missing my tPF!!! Last time the forum was down I made an impulse ebay purchase. :shock: I hope y’all can get it back soon, but don’t work TOO hard, Vlad.

    I love all of you and I hope to wake up to some Purse Forum Action!!! :wink:

  • RiffRaff

    Oh well, looks like I’ll have to do some work this morning. Thanks Vlad and the Techs, hopefully “see” you all soon.

  • rosieroseanna21

    Yes, see everyone later :wink:

  • claireZk

    Hey Contessa- I could use a drink or three! Hook me up girl! :mrgreen:

  • lunatwinkle

    aah, i need my tPF fix! i hope to see it up later, thanks for all your hard work meg and vlad! :D

  • Jaaanice

    Thanks for always putting in so much effort Megs & Vlad~
    “absence make the heart grow fonder” :lol:
    now we know how important TPF is to us!!!!!!

    hope to see tpf up and running soon~ once again. thanks for all the hard work guys!!

  • Roo

    Mr Roo had problems at work today. Lots of DOS attacks coming from domains in China. Also the financial markets abroad were not doing well today and the internet was bogged down. Let’s hope the US stock exchange does not have a black Tuesday tomorrow. All the chicken littles are freaking because the after hours markets aren’t lookin’ real good. :???:

  • noon

    Just checking in..I guess the techs are still busy working on it. Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all your hard work Megs and Vlad :)

  • purplekitty

    Well, I just went onto the forum, and here’s something bizarre……it shows that I am the ONLY person on the WHOLE forum, 1 member(me) and 0 guests. Seriously am/was I the only person, or is this a glitch?
    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  • The forum should be back up within the next hour. Thanks for being patient!

  • Babyboo

    ahhhh its stilll down :( ive been coming back and forth, plus havent been on alll weekend really not goo.. need tpf!!
    megs /vlad am sending good vibes ur way :wink:

  • Melly

    Thanks for all your hard work Vlad and Megs!! :smile: I hope the forum is up and running soon or I might actually have to work today. :sad:

  • jburgh

    Thanks for all the hard work! Never a dull moment, eh? Loved the flaming keyboard pic :lol:

  • Dewi

    Yikes, I thought tpf would be fixed this morning since I couldn’t login last night. I hope Vlad and Megs can fix the problem soon. Can’t live without tpf lol.. :lol:

  • Dewi

    And thanks for your hard work Vlad and Megs. :wink: