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  • Bridget

    As a longtime reader, I have to admit that I am disappointed in the direction of PurseBlog. It seems as though we’re getting new, meaningless features every week, but the features to which people respond/relate (e.g. Purseonals) are always forgotten about. An eBay feature?

    I’m not trying to be shady because I am a huge fan of this blog. However, I do not like the direction it has taking. For instance, I think Amanda is one of the funniest writers EVER and I miss her commentary that previously accompanied “The Many Bags of” and television recaps. It seems all the things I love about PurseBlog are falling by the wayside.

    • I really appreciate the feedback. Purseonals are coming back, you will have one next week, and the plan is to have them every 2 weeks. Are there other features you are missing that we used to have? Also – we have video coming, first one should be in the next couple weeks and it will be me in the video (I’m nervous!!).

      We are always trying new features to see what people like but also what they dislike. Thank you for the honest feedback!

      • Bridget

        Purseonals is the only one that immediately comes to mind! I understand that the blog is always evolving and adapting, so I didn’t mean to come off so aggressive! I think you guys do a wonderful job! It sounds like there are some exciting changes in the works and I am anxious to see them!

        PS I really appreciate the response! It takes a lot of poise to respond to criticism and that is why I will ALWAYS be a PurseBlog reader!

      • Purseonals will be back next week and I am making sure I take the time to feature a new purseonals at least twice a month – it’s a priority as I know so many of you enjoy it!

        You didn’t come off aggressive at all, and like I said, it is truly appreciated when people leave feedback, good or bad.

        Our readers make PurseBlog wonderful and we want to give you content you love, so I am listening and I promise I take it all back to the team and we make sure to take it all into consideration!

      • Mya

        Yes, I miss Purseonals terribly too.

  • Pam

    I like it. I think it might actually help people find great bags without searching for hours. And I love this Coach one, not crazy about the color though.

    • Pam

      I meant Coach Willis :)

    • There are so many great bags on eBay that many are searching for and we want to offer assistance in finding bags and deals out there! Glad you like it :)

  • louch

    I know you have a disclaimer and all but I think it’s pretty risky showing bags which potentially are fake – even your authenticators admit it can be hard to spot them. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite you in the butt :)

  • many bags lover

    I LOVE this new feature and I hope you run with it. I myself buy and sell many designer bags, shoes and clothing on ebay. I’ve been on ebay since 1999 and have had an extremely positive expeience with it. Many times I’ve misssed out on buying an item in the store because I deliberated too long, or couldn’t find my size, etc. Ebay to the rescue! I love to buy buy buy, but I can’t possibly keep all the items I accumulate. Ebay to the rescue! Thank you for trying new things and being relevant.

  • Aurora

    Interesting new feature. I personally don’t buy ebay, but I would agree to use discretion. The Coach Ashley featured is a made-for-outlet bag that would have never been sold at MSRP, so $528 is far from a good deal. To each their own. Looking forward to see what bags will be featured in the future though!