I’d like to say, first and foremost, that I have no problem with eccentricity. Particularly in fashion, the desire to be willfully different is what finds new trends and charts new territory. It’s what keeps things going. Without eccentricity, we’d all be wearing sensible shoes and toting around our belongings in canvas grocery bags. And there’s nothing fun about either of those things.

But there’s also usually a problem with creating eccentricity for its own sake, which appears to be what was done with the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Charleston Chain Flap Bag. And I think we can all tell that it didn’t work out particularly well.

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Charleston Chain Flap Bag

The best fashion trends come from the cool kids. And I’m not talking about the popular kids in high school – I mean the kids that looked different, that wore things you’d never think of wearing, and that are authentically cool despite doing precisely what they felt like. They existed in a universe that was sort of parallel to the normal popularity structure, and they probably will for the rest of their lives. Many of those girls go on to be “fashion people.” They’re tastemakers, it’s part of their personality. They’re the reason that Alexander Wang is selling handbags hand over fist right now.

But instead of embracing trends that come organically from people that are cool enough to make trends, Dolce & Gabbana appears to have simply decided to make something weird for the sake of being weird, which doesn’t really work. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but I think I could actually make this bag myself, given the proper tools. All it appears to be is woven grosgrain ribbon (the weaving isn’t even particularly straight) and some beads stuck in the chain, and perhaps it’s presumptuous of me to think that I could recreate it, but I don’t really see why I couldn’t. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. But rest assured, if I did, I wouldn’t charge anyone $2600 for it. Buy through Nordstrom for $2595.

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  • Kelley

    eeew… I don’t like this at all.

  • Jen

    I think I could handle the bag as a clutch but the straps are just unecessary and look totally out of place with it.

  • Lisa Staples


  • Jeannie

    As a clutch it wouldn’t be too bad, but the handle has got to go! It looks like it was an afterthought.

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    I love the chains…but perhaps with a different body. I don’t think that they pair well together and look like parts from two different pieces. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I think that the bag might look better with a plain gold chain or something simpler since there is so much going on with the body. Not something I would pay $2500+ for!

  • Joann

    I think this bag would be better if it just had a chain strap — single color, no bead strap.

    Oh and charging less for this would help too.

  • Beth

    The plaid is bad enough (wrong colors poorly matched!) but the beads embedded in the chain? It looks like chewed gum to me. FAIL.

  • neesa

    it looks like bad home ec project to me LOL

  • desirree

    Not for me! Have you seen the patchwork on seatbeltbags.com. They have a really cute version of this with woven seatbelt for a fair price.