Louis Vuitton

Here at the Purse Blog, we don’t do fakes. We don’t particularly condone them, neither would we really ever get one. You’re walking the ultimate walk o’shame when you get caught in the act of sporting a blatantly fake purse. Not glamorous, at all!!

The only place to score guaranteed authentic, 100% real and brand new Louis Vuitton bags is at eLuxury’s exclusive LV boutique. Period.

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  • Ew, no, no no! Most of these websites have ripped off pictures of authentic bags from eluxury.com, which is why it looks like their merchandise is good. In reality, you will recieve a nasty fake mostly-plastic bag that will probably fall apart in a month and can be spotted as a fake from a hundred yards away. It’s a common bait and switch scam. Don’t fall for it!

    • Dave

      WholesaleDiva is a DISHONEST COMPANY that charges your credit card but DOESN’T SHIP!!!! My daughter for so disappointed not to get what we purchased. They don’t answer emails or “Customer Service” line. STAY AWAY!

  • girlieglamourgirl22

    i dont really like to shop for handbags or anything designer online due to the fact that i dont know if what i am paying for is actually what i am getting. you may go to the site and see a really cute LV handbag and think i cant wait to get that. so you pay a couple hundred dollars thinking that it has to be real due to hte high price range and then you get it in the mail and its like omg, what is this? this isnt what was in the picture. then you realize that you were jipped and you got a fake and you cant do shit about it. PLEASE do not buy online unless you positivley know that it is real. you are better off going to the store and buying something you know is real. save your money and your time, dont shop for designer goods online.

  • Chanel_Luvr

    That it so right! But i love Louis Vuitton and i can’t afford the real deal, so a knockoff that looks just as good to me. As long as LV is present on the bag it’s all good. :cool: :!:

  • shaz

    Yeah i agree all of you! really i love this bag LV but i can’t afford it the thing is if i buy designer bag and waste all my money and sometime don’t make you feel happier! it just a BAG and for what? just attention? so which vaule laptop computer ipod etc…. than a bloody bag? so no point buying it only a rich people can afford it becuz they don’t know what to do with the money! u see what the different prices laptop cost abt 1,000 or under and the bag? so no point!

  • materialisticpplsuck

    The truth is: most people spend huge amounts of money on expensive things for their quality. For example, Louis Vuitton has built itself into an iconic brand because of their history of producing high-quality luxury luggage items to the wealthy. Most people who cannot afford the real thing like to glamorize their appearance by sporting the iconic “LV” brand. But many people who shame those who buy fake LV or any other “exclusive” fashion house name is that the purchases are, likely, more financial-conscience, and, in reality, smarter about where they spend their money. Many replicas nowadays have been able to created to match the original item 99%. If that saves a hard-working citizen a $1000 on a bag that is likely made of only cowhide and slaps of paint, coupled with shiny gold metal, then I’d say they’re smart about where they’re spending their money. Not everybody in this world is as fortunate to access mass amounts of cash that wealthy parents “bestow” upon their offspring. Many don’t have the luxury of not comprehending the value of money or what working for something really consists of. That’s the cruel reality.

    The most ironic thing is, though people who are so educated about the current fashion trends, can spot a fake LV, Gucci, Prada, or Fendi… they’re likely stuck in a materialistic, self-consuming, opaque existence that will soon self-destruct into a meaningless entanglement of sex, drugs, and uncontrollable partying. My examples follow: Paris Hilton, Nichole Richie, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears. Oh how the great glutens of fashion coming towering down.

    Louis Vuitton is a business made to create cash flow. They’ve just perfected the craft of deviously enticing customers to spend unbelievable amounts of money on what amounts to be cow skin with the LV symbol. That’s it. Sexy or not… it’s all just STUFF. Put down the real or fake purses and enjoy things that are more meaningful.

  • Kate

    I dont know what your all talking about the real ones are not that expensive I have a real Louis Vuitton bag and it only cost me $1,740 knock offs are gay dont be a phoney like thats dumb if your going to get a Louis Vuitton bag get a real one

  • Chi

    ONLY?! em sorry missy but thats a HUGE amount of money to MOST people. So apart from being so ignorant & a homophobe can u please be quiet & stop acting so huffy puffy? Most people wouldn’t even pay more than $150 for a bag so gtfo plz & stop being a ditz


  • Check these out and they are decent prices. Not sure if they are real, all I know is that they came from new york and it is a new business my friends are starting up.

  • kristen

    OMG! kate, who ever you are, your a little ditz. who the hell would pay for a bag that cost that much money. most people buy knockoffs because they don’t have that much money, and they still want a nice lv bag. i bet your rich parents bought it for you. your a little rich ditz who needs to get out in the real world.

  • tiffany

    Yes, Kate is a “ditz” moron, etc. BUT Kristen to let you know it’s “you’re a little rich ditz”. AND to Chi where the hell did the “homophobe” comment come from?

  • Vale

    To: materialisticpplsuck *****AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deb

    Selling fake LV bags is illegal – it’s copyright infringement.

    If you can’t afford a LV, get a Coach, but don’t suppost bate and switch scams that are illegal. That’s just not right.

  • Mary smith

    The site wholesalediva is talked about on this blog – do a search – they have a horrible track record of poor customer service and ripping people off…not to mention that the stuff they sell is probably the usual cheap junk coming from the same sources anyway…stay away!!!!!!!
    Buy only gently used or new – only way to go

  • sheez

    materialisticpplsuck says it all! very well said.

    • Rachael

      Hi too everyone who is being horrible too kate
      why are you all being so f***ing nasty i have a collection of 15 louis vuitton bags and that does not make me a ditz and you dont have too have rich parents too get these bags i was born into a middle class family and have worked hard too get my lv bags as i love them so much and dont be evil its not our fault you cant afford them!!!!!! OH and btw FAKE lv bags look cheap and nasty and fall apart and it is illegal you are not ment too buy them so that is breaking the law…….so stop moaning that you cant afford them and if you want one so much ……WORK FOR IT !!!

  • Rachael

    Hi too everyone who is being horrible too kate
    why are you all being so f***ing nasty :twisted: i have a collection of 15 louis vuitton bags :smile: and that does not make me a ditz and you dont have too have rich parents too get these bags i was born into a middle class family and have worked hard too get my lv bags as i love :lol: them so much and dont be evil :evil: its not our fault you cant afford them!!!!!! OH :shock: and btw FAKE lv bags look cheap and nasty and fall apart and it is illegal you are not ment too buy them so that is breaking the law…….so stop moaning that you cant afford them and if you want one so much :idea: ……WORK FOR IT !!!

  • Angie

    Rachael, why are you so pissed? It’s none of your business to start with anyway. Stop trying to sound like you’re so rich and LV bags come so easily, they are about $1000 each, give or take, so your parents bought you $15,000 worth of bags huh? It’s just a bag! Yes, I’m the biggest LV fan but that doesn’t mean you have to put down people that can’t afford it and rub it in their faces. It just makes you sound stupid and very materialistic. So to all, if you love the real ones, great. If you get the replicas, it’s all good too!

  • Jason

    Louis Vuitton bags arent that expensive!!!! I agree with Kate and Rachael.. youd be better off buying a coach or nine west bag THAT YOU KNOW IS REAL! Fakes are STUPID and people who buy them are too. They only buy them to fit in with the fashion trend now adays… A fake can be spotted many miles away. Why not spend $700 on a REAL louis vuitton bag? At least its the REAL DEAL!

  • Sabrina

    wow, whoever wrote this blog is obviously very poor becuase they have to make people beleiev they’re rich. FREAK! w/e, i’m gonna go out and NOT spend 2000$ on a purse by getting s used or older edition of one. once again: FREAK.

  • Nikki

    I don’t have the kind of to afford LV bag either. Making 2000 a month is not enough to buy anything that cost around 2000. heheheh I ran up to this wholesalediva website too, and trust me i love to shop online but only the original web.. like coach.com or juicycouture.com. I remember a few years ago when i was still in high school, I bid on this coach bag on ebay that freaking cost me $50 and they sent me this fake ass, ugly one so i wanted to return it but the freaking seller delet it’s account too.. So, from that time on i never trust those stupid website that i’m not sure of. i don’t believe in that wholesalediva web cuz those comment they have is so fake..

    I see that you guys are arguing about real or fake.. cheap or expensive. heheheh for me i don’t like fake stuff.. but i don’t have money to buy the super expensive one. so, almost every year i would buy myself a bag.. just a little gift for me.. not those thousand dollar one tho.. only those that cost from 2oo to 400.. hehhehe

  • Brodie

    WOW! Ha. I didn’t know girls were so obsessed with this stuff.
    I went to Wholesalediva.com, which now doesn’t work for some reason, and
    bought my mom a FAKE Louis Vuitton Cabas bag.

    It came right before Christmas and guess what… It looks REAL! I’ve seen the real ones, and the ONLY difference is the color in the straps. My mom’s is a LITTLe darker. Wow. Who cares? It has all the LVs and compared to the real one, it’s 99% the same!

    ALSO, I saved like, oh I don’t know, $1150!!!! I WIN!

    My mom has NEVER been materialistic AT ALL and for Christmas she got the Gwen Stefani perfume and a Louis Vuitton bag that looks very real. YAY for her!

    Seriously, who cares if it’s fake or real. If people want to be SMART and buy a fake one, great. It looks good and MAYBE it can be seen as fake, oh well.

    Stop complaining and save your money. Maybe if Louis didn’t sell their bags so high, more people would STOP buying fakes. So sucks to be them!

  • Heather

    If people have the money to easily spend on purses, why do we criticize them? If you can’t afford, then that’s that. Not a big deal, but that doesn’t mean that those who can afford it should be condemned. I have a couple of nice purses that are well over 1500 each and I worked very hard to pay those off. It ‘s nice to spoil myself once in a while.
    Each person has a different idea of what value means to them. I mean I can’t honestly think of spending 3000 on a plasma tv, but there are a lot of people out there who would rather spend that money on the tv than on a bag. Everyone is a little bit materialistic, some a lot more than others.

  • NeNe

    I think Heather explained it the best…That’s wuts up!…and all u haterz can SUCK IT UP! I mean you can’t be mad at them for being able to afford them and if you really want it tht badd and can’t afford it then WORK A LIL HARDER!!!

  • Criss

    If you guys can sit here and talk about this back and forth, than your all retards.

    If people have the money then leave them buy it. If they don’t, than buy a knock off if it makes you feel good about yourself. But, instead of buying a knock off maybe invest that money in education and take a couple grammar classes because some of you women wouldn’t pass for a 7 year old.

    Yes, I have the money to buy it because I worked hard and have earned my medical degree to pay for it. Does that make me shallow? I don’t think, it’s more that I feel I deserve something nice once in a while for working hard and making my life worth something.

    I have a closet full of L.V. Coach and even Gucci…so sue me.
    From what I’ve read, I think it’s more being green and envious.

    Sorry, but just my opinion.