valentino-shoulder-bag.jpgToo much, too fast is the theme of our ski vacation. If you could all see me now. Picture this: A fashionable gal wearing my boyfriends shirt because it is all that will fit overly my arm somewhat comfortably with my right arm (my writing arm of course) snuggled close to my body in a sling and wrist brace waiting to be checked by my ortho. Ah yes, I am that first time snowboarder who breaks her arm on her first run ever. So I come to you all a bit pissed, major bummed, and left handed typing from my vacation; you envy me, don’t you. My reaction to this atrocious bag may be somewhat cynical, but now you can understand why.

We all know only a select percentage of women can pull off red lipstick, and the same goes for red bags. So attempting to pull off this racy color in a larger bag is a bit more complicated and adding ridiculous amounts of braiding and pockets makes my eyes hurt. Really Valentino? You found it necessary when designing the Valentino Braided Handle Shoulder Bag to fug out this bag with gaudy braiding thrown all over the place, tacky black stitching that is borderline trashy, and flaps and pockets that make this handbag look like a bloody mess. Don’t get me wrong, I love red bags and truly think they can be so classy (love my rouge Paddy), but all the ‘extra perks’ flung on this bag make it so fugly my eyes cringe. Do you notice the cow tongue used as a flap closure? Come on, give us something better than this. The only purpose this bag would play in my life is if it were there to catch my fall on the slopes of Jackson Hole.

Via BG for nearly $1,600.

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  • Karen

    I dunno… It’s not THAT bad… I think the color is just too berry/bright. If it were toned down a notch, it could be quasi-FAB.

  • Julia

    Oh thank god i am not the only one who read this and thought:WTF?Its a great bag i would love to have it.In fact i noticed it straight away on the runway.Its that fabulous.

  • Different strokes for different folks :)

  • preppyrich69

    i luv this bag is so gorgeous and i would buy it its like so trendy for this year i luvs it

  • lipvixen

    I actually like this one.

  • Naggy

    That bag is usually prettier than it appears in that stock photo; the shape is off. (ipad)