Purse Design Fail

Sometimes we get caught up in our work that we forget to take a minute to step back and take it all in…

The members of Purse Forum brought this handbag to our attention and we can not stop laughing. FAIL blog does it again and brings us a major FAIL in our own realm.

What happened when the designer of this purse was hard at work? Were the measurements off, the pattern flawed, or was it just a major FAIL. It doesn’t take more than one look to check out this handbag and see anything other than, well, what you see. Thank you for the mid-week laugh.

[via FAIL Blog]

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  • lillie

    The center looks like a FAT Vagina-sorry= FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL— LOL LO

  • Jillian W

    HAHAHA! this is amazing..i love fail blog

  • JCB

    I think I will keep what this reminds me of to myself ;-)

  • Lynne

    Maybe it was designed as a “man bag” :P

  • inga

    the vajayjay bag! MAJOR Fail!!!

  • Lisi (www.thepinkyfeather.com)

    HAHAHA…i can’t stop looking… imagination go wild… major trainwreck.

  • Linda

    Oh my!!! What was the designer of this bag thinking?

  • Claire

    Where’s the link to where I can buy the bag? :)

  • I actually am not sure who made it – I am guessing a smaller/newer designer. But don’t quote me on it!

  • Jen

    So how did someone in the room not ask, umm u guys know what that looks like, right? wow!

  • Cadence

    Hahahaha! I’m just picturing this hanging up in a Spencers somewhere!

  • raven555

    Is this possible a…self-portrait?

  • Gina

    I’m glad it’s just not me…I thought I just had dirty mind!

  • Beth

    I refuse to name names, but there is a purseforum poster who has a photo in her i.d. that is supposed to be lace and loveliness, but every time I look at it I see… well, I see what we all are seeing here!

  • Alissa

    To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die!”

    (And not in a good way).

  • spanish moss

    is that a monologue i hear!

  • Kelley

    ok, eeww! definitely a FAIL.

  • liz

    Whoever designed that bag must have done it on purpose to make a statement or something… there’s no way no one would have picked up on it otherwise.

  • CS

    OMG is it……OMG OMG OMG!!! ^_~

  • priss

    as an african american i can safely ask the following, “did my esthetician sneak her camera phone out after she finished my brazilian?”:

  • B

    OMG!!! I just showed it to a guy co-worker and he was shocked!!!! What a design… if we can call it that!

  • A-T-G

    This falls into a 5:00 on a Friday situation! My DH has a running joke with me about some guys sitting around a boardroom table, unable to finish a project and one of them making the most vulgar suggestion. The rest of the table is shocked until the guy offers to make it a bet “dude, I’ll bet you a $100 no one will notice until it’s too late”

    That guy just made MAJOR bank on this MAJOR fail! DH is going to fall over laughing when he sees this!

  • michaelstjames
  • 19yearslater

    It looks like a Wal-Mart bag. Shouldn’t that be fugly?

  • Redseouls

    Thank goodness they didn’t make that middle part pink satin! LOL!



  • amelia masniari

    May be it’s cool to talk about this bag in lounge, but certainly i dont want to carry this bag on my shoulder… just like i carry my own mrs V… :)

  • Patricia

    What girl is gonna leave the house with it?!
    Cheers from Brazil.

  • Tangela

    OMG! What were they thinking? The first thing I said was, this looks like….Well,you fill in the blank.

  • [coco]

    Haaaa! Oh too funny…..
    What were they thinking!

  • Rashida

    The bag is offensive. It looks like a woman’s vagina. I think itks disgusting and the person that made this bag should not be a designer this is horrible and gross deplorable! I hope it’s never sold in stores!

  • Steph

    The pussy bag LOL

  • zarle

    Does it have an attached cosmetic bag roll inside?

  • Teri

    Is this what they meant when they referred to the “Pocketbook Monologues” on RHWoA????

  • B*labelsnotlove


  • HS


    I don’t even want to say out loud what this bag looks like.

  • MizzJ

    hahah never underestimate people’s stupidity

  • Candace

    I logged in, saw that and thought, HA! that looks like a sn*tch! Then I noticed the FAIL, and realized im not the only one. LOL! …..I thought the same about the LV Tivoli PM…but bought it anyways….this one is tooooo close though

  • Marissa Cooper

    haha…it’s a “woman’s purse” after all! HAHAHAHAA!!!

  • franca

    crazy :o)

  • black bacarra

    It’s a vagina alright! In black leather too—HOW KINKY!

  • SLN

    I imagine “Bruno” (Sacha Baron Cohen) would say: “It’s a Va-Gee-Na Bag”.


  • Otter

    Oh my. Along with the bag, we will also include a tampon.

  • april_kuwait

    loooooool i don`t know what will happen if i were such a bag in any mall in my country hehe people will not leave me alone ;|P

  • Kari

    I actually am not sure who made it , but may be he intendesd to be funny

  • Jane Lister

    it makes you wonder if it was done on purpose

  • kelly

    OMG! Looks like something from an adult shop. lol

  • Mika

    Pity to anyone who bought that bag…@_@…but this season I’ve already seen several bags that could be awarded this FAIL bag award…and everytime I’ve been thinking: “What were the designers thinking or seeing for that matter??” And still I can not tell LOL XD

  • Amy

    OMG, scary!

  • Jessica

    hehehe it has a vagina in the middle!!

  • JuliW

    Great Googlie-Mooglie! That’s unbelievable–I suppose the designer’s excuse was that he/she was over-tired.
    Maybe the included keychain will have a mini vibrator attached.
    LOL Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  • cat

    hahaha.. hilarious!!

  • Merve

    ooooo thats so funny. Maybe this bag is sold in a sex shops for men??? Instead of get your own blow up doll, get your own ready made vagina bag.

  • Grad School Mommy

    ooouf, that’s painful! at least it’s not two-toned, i guess….

  • aly

    this looks like a ladies picachu so gross.

  • eorchid

    WOW. that was amazingly disturbing. now I’m reading fail blog and laughing way too much! thank you for sharing!

  • OMG

    This is too funny!

  • linda

    We have all heard the statement “keeping his balls in your purse”… well this is the purse you keep them in!!!!! hilarious

  • B

    Hilarious! Truly looks like a chubby vagina.

  • lisa_que

    OMGOD. Thank goodness i wasn’t the only one thinking this.

  • Yan

    hahahahahaha! Who in their right mind bought this purse it looks like it was taken at home…

  • lindsey

    I can see my boyfriend poking his finger in the center over and over laughing. my girlfriends would probably do the same. FAIL. hahahahaha

  • Aykayem

    er … yes … it looks like the other said it does (and adds a whole new meaning to “get your fingers out of my purse”)
    … but if one ignores that bit (I am not sure HOW one could do that ;-) then it also kind of looks like a bra … maybe it needed a couple of buttons? LOL

  • Anitalite ;-)_

    Did anyone point out the fact that it looks just exactly like a VAGINA??????? AAAAGGGGHHH!!!

    MAJOR WTF!!!!!

  • Barbara


  • Guest

    That’s some good purse-y right there….!

  • Kathy Dowdle

    Bwahahahaha! You would thought that SOMEONE would have noticed this at the sketch phase! Oh…Still laughing! My husband would laugh himself sick over this!