Miu Miu Small Shoulder Bag Do you ever look at individual pieces of a whole, love them, but hate the whole? It happens to me all the time. How many meals have you eaten where the ingredients sound amazing but when you mush them all together you automatically raise your napkin to your mouth and attempt to do the very obvious unflattering ‘polite spit’? At least when it happens with a handbag you know what you are getting into, unlike the random meal you ate. The aspects of the Miu Miu Small Shoulder Bag are appealing individually, but put them all together and you have a tacky fug bag. First there is stunning luscious turquoise leather. The color just pops and is perfect for spring and summer. The slouch of the leather shows the buttery soft quality which makes me want to smoosh it up to my face and fall asleep on it. The gold hardware really pops. The handle features clasps on either side which give a nice addition. But then there is the finished product, which looks fit for a 12 year old. Not that there is something wrong with a 12 year old, but there is something so tacky and juvenile about this bag. Sure, it is said to be a small shoulder bag, but it is too small for my liking. It looks ridiculous on the model, which means it will look atrocious on a ‘real size’ person. The depth is a mere 2″, while the width is 11″ and height is 10″; which looks squished, flat, and weird. Granted, I am 5’10 so I see things differently, but if you are over 5’3, putting a shoulder bag on this small won’t look good. Then there is the gold hardware on the turquoise leather; it screams out gaudy. Something about turquoise and gold do not mesh, they are both overpowering and they are fighting for the spotlight on this bag. End result is an in-your-face combination. I love the color, love the leather, love the idea, but am not feeling the finished product at all. Buy through Net A Porter for $760.

Miu Miu Small Shoulder Bag1

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  • Jason

    That leather isn’t ruched. It’s just slouchy from sitting on a flat surface. Look closer.

    • You are right- and I knew that when I looked at the bag, just wrote the wrong thing! This jet lag is horrible!

      Thanks Jason :wink:

  • AJC

    Love the color and I don’t think that the golden hardware necessarily clashes with the turquise of the leather. Size-wise, well, I like large bags but my arms are thankful when I switch to something smaller from time to time.

    Probably I would buy without thinking much if this bag WAS ruched — I just really like this effect captured in the slouched-up picture, wish it was permanent — adds a nice touch…

  • Kaytey

    It’s not TOO bad, but it does have a very “90’s” feel to it, in my opinion… Very 1992.

  • SereneO

    Beg to differ, I love this bag!!
    It’s a great colour which you don’t come across very often, and I think the vintage gold hardware totally goes with it! Imagine if it was in silver..it would just go flat!
    It’s a fun, more casual bag..maybe the styling did not do it justice. Already lusting for it…

  • william

    Reeeeeeeally cute, but yes, it looks very difficult to pull off. This would have been more appropriate as a clutch.

  • mh21

    I also completely disagree— I like this bag.

  • karry kasim

    i like this bag; i am not a big bag person, so to me the size is fine…

  • Bonnie

    I love the yummy color and the hardware detailing. The design, however, reminds me of slutty dresses young girls like to wear that are ruched along the waist and bust. It’s “HOOCHIE” looking.

  • my new bag

    I think of the golden girls, not an all together bad thing, like the design basically,
    too small, too bright.

    I am on the quest for my birthday bag, today is
    my b-day, thanks to Pursblog for my Happy b-day email !!! They were the first to tell me today. faster than my husband did!

  • jules08

    Tacky and Perfect for Britney! :mrgreen:

  • austin

    I don’t know, there’s just something about it that I love, but then I hate it because of the clash of such bright colors. I don’t know, it would be perfect for somewhere tropical like Miami or anywhere warm and on the beach i guess…

  • mette

    You are so right-hate this one.Just about everything is a miss.

  • Hot bitch

    Great color but you’re so right, it looks juvenile, it’s just not a miu miu to me at all. :cry:

  • lvsforme

    The bag is okay, but not for me. The color is a bit too bright and the gold hardware is too flashy. The shape… not quite right either.

  • tiha

    i love this bag, i think there is nothing wrong with it. perfect for spring i think, in like miami, arizona, or cali would be perfect. it has a young feel to it, it looks fun…

  • gratytude

    me no like…it looks like a bag that could be sold on a street corner. Nothing new about it. Shame on Miu Miu

  • Christine

    You know, it’s not that bad. I normally LOVE MiuMiu, but I probably wouldn’t buy this bag. I think if it were in black or maybe a whiskey color I’d completely love it. I like big bags too, but I think the size is nice for a casual lunch with girlfriends or something.

  • Gopher

    this reminds me of that ugly little plum stam bag

  • alatrop

    It seems like it would be a cute bag if it were bigger. It’s like a big bag stuck in a small bag’s body :???:

  • pursechazer

    I really like this bag.Very unlike Miu Miu but the colour is gorgeous! :grin: I want one!

  • Jordi

    The color is beautiful. The shape’s not bad. It’s just too small, and the gold and turquoise is just too…too…too much.

  • Hend

    well .. you’re so right ! .. it really looks werid and flat !

  • mpa_555

    I think the turquoise is beautiful as well… I think it’d be cute for an early twenty-somethings girl as a casual bag to carry… when you’re just stepping out to get some coffee, using in-between time to go window browsing… It’s definitely something for those more whimsical and free-spirited… not too much of a dress-to-impress bag, but more of the hey-let’s-have-fun bag. Maybe it’s that quality that makes it seem juvenile?

  • Young, Broke, and Fabulous

    Its decent, not great but not horrible. Its probably the for the Miu Miu obsessed (like myself) but the more affordable option. I’d rather save a bit more and get the Matlesse bag over this one though…


  • alice87

    I think this bag reminds me Coach bags, most of them so narrow and uncomfortable , with a short strap. I would agree with description all details are wonderful separate.
    It does look like a teen bag.

  • bellini

    i think this bag is awkward and boring looking, but disagree that turquoise and gold do not match. i think the combo can be rich/glam. for instance, looking forward to the turquoise from Balenciaga SS’08 with GGH.

  • lauermar

    I wouldn’t kick Miu Miu out of bed. Anyone who doesn’t want this bag can send it over to me.

  • Stefanie

    “Do you ever look at individual pieces of a whole, love them, but hate the whole? It happens to me all the time. How many meals have you eaten where the ingredients sound amazing but when you mush them all together you automatically raise your napkin to your mouth and attempt to do the very obvious unflattering ‘polite spit’? ”

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    haha this is soooo true…it’s like plastic surgery…a person asks for Jolie’s lips,Hayek’s eyebrows, Keira Knightly’s nose…all beautiful parts…but then put them together…and…WTF!!!!!!!! think…MICHAEL JACKSON

    Monster of a bag


  • Corrina

    I would like to buy this bag~
    I like the green color~
    Can anyone tell me where can I get this?

  • lipvixen

    Wouldn’t call this horrible. It’s actually pretty but safe. Plus I am 5’2 so this size is perfect for me