Marc Jacobs Mink Flap Shoulder Bag

It’s fug time. This is a bit more than just a plain Blah bag, its fuggilicious! Usually I love Marc Jacobs bags. I love their new quilted bags. But I ran into this thing, and it’s not doing anything but making me wanna run the other way. The Marc Jacobs Mink Flap Shoulder Bag makes sure to follow the trend setting with using exotic fabric, mink, but the overall bag has absolutely no appeal. Let me start with what I can like by itself first, then move to what I hate. First I actually really think the mink looks gorgeous (it should right? It’s mink!). Umm I guess the leather lining with the inside pocket would be fine too. But what I don’t like is the goldtone double chain strap with the absolutely hideous mink accents. Seriously, it looks like some of those arts and crafts puffy balls you used in Pre-School when being creative. This fug bag measures 10″H X 9″L X 2″W and sells for a whopping $2,900 through Saks.

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