marc jacobs bag on bag
Marc Jacobs Bag on Bag

There was an earful of negative comments about the Marc Jacobs Color Block Pouchette bag. While some believed it was merely Marc paying an homage to Hermes and other commented that Hermes was not the first to design the lock, the majority did not care for the bag. I am a fan of Marc Jacobs but that does not mean that many of his bags are not my style. After the pouchette Marc needed to redeem himself. Unbeknown to him the next Marc Jacobs bags I cover are more horrendous than the first. These are not the only two, but there is an entire line of the Marc Jacobs Bag on Bags. These bags are supposed to give an artful feel, with a front pouch attached to the main bag. There is a version at eLuxury that shows off a red grained leather tote with a front pouch attached with sequin detail. Then there is a mesh tote version at eLuxury which sports a pink lace bag on the front. I would have easily been able to love this bag more if the pouch glued on front is removable, therefor making it a two-for-one deal, but the totes merely have a pouch stuck on the front. Why would you even care to use this pouch? Is there even a point really? And if it is just for looks, the look is nothing to my liking. I am a lover of art pieces but this is not even my kind of art. All I want to know is what was Marc Jacobs thinking? The only way I want to see this bag is on its way down the runway for a show, and then put away or on exhibit for good. Buy the red version at eLuxury for $2,650 and the lace and mesh version at Saks for $2,100.

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  • patois

    I think these bags are very editorial, not what someone would choose who wants an attractive, versatile luxe bag. I can visualize fashion editors in Paris carrying them, though. I don’t know if I could carry it off.

  • canadianstudies

    :shock: yikes!! I do not like that at ALL!!

    • Chantale

      I agree, I do not like them either, OMG!

  • SKelly

    I would really like the pieces separately as Meg already noted, but DANG! These things are pretty fugly stuck together like that. Sorry MJ, back to the drawing board. Makes me think of the $40K LV mishmash of last year we saw Beyonce toting around. :shock:

  • GeorgiaT

    Are these a joke?

  • kemilia

    I totally agree with SKelly–similar to the LV mishmash seen with Beyonce (I truely thought that was some joke for SNL). Not a good look.

  • Tefhel

    Eek these are definitely eerily reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton Tribute bag. MJ doesn’t seem to want to let the whole “bag stuck on another bag” thing go…

  • Joyce

    YIKES!!!This bag reminds me of ‘Frankenstein’. So Sad!

  • Alison

    I saw this bag about month ago when I got an email from a department store (Saks, I think) trying to give it away to a “lucky” winner. What’s funny is they were also giving away the Jimmy Choo face clutch, which I find equally horrendous! Can’t blame them, as I imagine these bags will be difficult to sell.

  • Jordi

    To be honest, the bag kinda scares me. I’m a fan of bags that can fit “it all”–cell phone, iPod, an assortment of books, and the occasional water bottle or two, but the bag does it wrong.

    That makes me sad. This, and it costs far, far too much for just this odd and awkward design. Maybe it’d be better if the attached bag just came off, but…eh. Not for me.

  • kelly ty

    These bags almost look like an accident! It seems like someone messed up while making them, but sent them to the store anyway:( I definitely don’t think of MJ when I see them…

  • Deanna Belli

    Maybe someone spilled the crazy glue on Marc’s work table.

  • MissLoveChanel

    Just horrible. I can’t imagine the woman who would carry such an atrocity. Will she also have a wallet glued to her shoe? Or maybe a keychain hanging from her hat? To me, these bags look more like a drunken dare than an artistic statement. No more late night wine deliveries to the Marc design team, imo.

  • Lee

    We love the Marc Jacobs “Robert” Purse on Bag. It looks fab, but something went wrong with quality control. The purse does not open and close easily. Once it is closed it doesn’t remain closed. The closure wasn’t designed well at all.

    Every “Robert” bag I sold came back, and at $2650. that’s a lot of $$$ return + my commission.

    Oh well, I have plenty of other great Marc Jacobs bags to sell.
    I hope Marc is aware of this!

  • V

    Horrible. I never liked these kinds of totes with another bag on it, reminds me of the Tribute totes and that Chanel “Aged Calfskin Slim Tote Bag With Exterior Pockets.” Horrid!! I saw this bag IRL at the Wynn Hotel Chanel window display and it was ugly. If that red one is 3-dimensional as it looks, I wouldn’t be surprised. Ugh.


    Are you people for real..where is your sense of fun. obviously, you have been living under a rock. this is a great bag..You just cant carry it off !

  • V

    Obviously you just have very bad and tacky taste in things Suzie, I’m assuming you’re one of those people who spam the blogs and bash others? Try to stay positive for once and just grow up. Thanks.

  • Kendra

    It’s kind of weird but I really like it. (fb)

  • Janet

    bag on bag that looks fabulous! i think it’s ingenious! love it.

  • AW

    Can we say ugly? Yes it’s different and special but it’s basically a pouch glued on to a bag :(