Luella Fringed Tassel Shoulder BagA fuggin’ we will go, a fuggin’ we will go, Hi-Ho the ugly bag, a fuggin’ we will go! It’s been a while since we have showed you the fug of the world of handbags and purses. But it is time again, and unfortunately from a designer that I really happen to like. Luella, what have you done? Luella decided to release the fug of all fugs and of all bags that have fringes and dangles, the Luella Fringed Tassel Shoulder Bag. What the heck is behind this bag? If a mom carried this bag and I were a kid, I would be inclined to run back and forth through the fringes that seriously hang down to her knees, or I would hang on it and swing back and forth. As a matter of fact, I would still do that and I’m a grown woman (by age standards at least). The bag starts off nice with its base. The bag compartment itself is made of chocolate brown calfskin with the signature large leather heart shaped tags. Everything good so far. Also, the bag is accented with gold hardware and has a shoulder strap with gold rings on the end. Still we are good to go. The rest of the small stuff like the hook closure with gold heart charms is still cute and good. I don’t mind the blue stitching. But all of a sudden it is like we have plummeted down Mt. Kilimanjaro to the tassels. These tassels are unbearable. Why the heck do the hang so freggin low to the ground. If you are short, they may even just drag on the ground behind you. The gold, brown, and blue tassels along the base are fuggin’ Fugly. I really wish the dimensions of how far down those things go were available. Because, it’s just awful. The bag is overall awful. Even worse is the price they want for this thing. My good guess is you will never need to be put on a waiting list for this sucker- I don’t know who in their right mind would like this bag for $1950 via Net-A-Porter (I hope it is not YOU!).

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