Lara Bohinc Rosetina Bag The Chloe Heloise posted earlier proved that subtle hues of metallic are a stunning way to add shine. But some designers create bags that show us what not to do. If your eyes do not hurt yet, they will begin to slowly hurt as you continue to look at the extremely cheap looking Lara Bohinc Rosetina Bag. The degree of hideous gold is not even explainable in words. Gold foiled leather is thrown together with the most tacky ornate chain link handle. Everything on every part of this bag is gold, and not one part of it is tolerable. Take this in the sun and cause a car accident from the glare. Take this in your house and get a tan. To make it even more childish and juvenile there is perforated leather on the main section of the bag. Not always a huge fan of perforated leather, but to see it on a gaudy gold bag makes my eyes hurt. Honestly, the fugliness of this handbag is unfathomable. It is really just that ugly. It does not even make a good conversation piece. Nor does it work as the bag for the gal who is coined the “one who marches to her own drummer”. There needs to be no drummer, no drum, just no bag.

Fugly at NAP for $965.

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  • Margarita

    Ugh. Wayyyyy too flashy and gold for one bag. If it were more matte gold, it could work but this is overkill. Gaudy and tacky. :???:

  • Svetlana

    :razz: I love it! :razz:

  • Vic

    Wow..this is a beautiful bag….Intricate details!!
    Perfect for evenings -haven’t you had enough of black girls?

  • lauermar

    I can’t tell how big this bag is, but flash like this isn’t too much as long as the bag is small. It would be gaudy on a tote sized bag. I like it very much.

  • sunita

    I bought the from NAP, when it arrived it had a huge chunk of the gold foil missing from the leather. Not good but it was discounted to £196. However it is sooo ugly in person, super FUGLY. Went straight back, think Iwas drunk when I bought it. ICK

  • V

    MY EYES!!!

    Too BRIGHT! OMG. :shock:

    I can’t bear to look at it. it’s just too much.

  • Maryann

    I’ve seen items similar to this at street fair vendors. Only they’re not as ugly.