Juicy Couture Flower Tote
Juicy Couture Flower Tote

Dear Juicy Couture,

Really?? Did you think because floral prints were seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2008 that this bag would be acceptable. I understand that you appeal to a younger crowd, but we are talking like tweens and teens, not 3 year olds in daycare. Your Juicy Couture Flower Tote is absolutely one of the worst fug bags I have ever laid my eyes on. There is something about the super cheap floral appliques in the Easter colors that makes me feel a little queasy. This is not even a good beach bag, not a good child’s bag, it is just horrible. And you knew it would be. The fact of the matter is that this large tote, 16″L x 11″W x 6″D, costs less than one of your terry cloth jackets. The pink is horrible, the green is atrocious, and I do not care to see the yellow. Seeing this bag only solidifies the fact that I do indeed hate the Valentino Rosette Tote and I can barely stand to look at the Juicy Couture Flower Tote ($95 via Saks).

So please, stick to what you know. Every Desperate Housewife Wanna-Be LOVES your two piece track suits. Granted, *I* even love the jackets (though wearing the entire suit at one time past the age of 20 should not be done but that is an entirely different story).


Purse Blog

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  • Highmaintenance

    :shock: Lord, have mercy!

  • lisa

    Oh dear that is so hideous even my ex mother in law to be would not use that- and she thrives on cheap looking crap.

  • Fug Bag Ever

    “Your Juicy Couture Flower Tote is absolutely one of the worst fug bags I have ever laid my eyes on.” – Hahaha!!! That’s Juicy for ya…sorry but I personally do not like Juicy, especially when they put “Couture” in their name although it’s sooo not!

  • Judi

    Suddenly the Valentino fuzzy-flower bag doesn’t seem so bad, eh? :razz:

  • jillyb

    Ugly, yes, but somehow I can see this on the “stylish” older women on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. The colors remind me of all the Lily Pulitzer you see here.

  • mai lee

    i really dont know if i like this one. its too much. i think me and my girls bags are way hotter. http://www.lovejd.tv

  • lightblue84

    you’re so funny megs!!!!!!

  • Chi town Chanel

    Craptacular! One more reason to hate Juicy. As if we needed one?

  • Deanna Belli

    My mother had a yellow hat for Easter in the 1950’s which looks like it was made from the same fabric. We still kid her about it!

  • Ava

    I thought the fact that Juicy Couture is ugly goes without saying.

  • Terry

    I am sure most of the people on the Purse Blog will not care for this bag – I personally do not. But, Megs, often times – too many times – your comments are just downright mean. Voicing your like or dislike of a particular bag is one thing. But cruel remarks such as “one of the worst fug bags I have ever laid my eyes on” seem not only unprofessional but also immature. You are supposed to be the leader of this blog – remarks like this take away from your credibility. How do you think remarks like this make the people who may care for the bag feel? Please make your remarks more constructive and/or simply voice if you do or do not like a bag. But please leave the catty remarks out. I would have to hope I am not the only one turned off by them.

    • Terry- For the most part, I do not believe I knock down bags :?: Typically, I am helping new designers get their names out, bringing the latest of the season to everyone, and discussing the aspects of handbags in general.

      I do label some bags as fug bags, as I did this one. But in my opinion, it is an ugly bag, and Juicy Couture will continue to thrive even with this write up.

      I have never and will never try to take down a new designer, someone just trying to find their way. I will either decline to share their bags or will give them a good write up because I enjoy their bags.

      Part of having an editorial website is to give the trends and say what is hot and not.

      People do disagree with me many times- and I welcome that. I may love a bag that they may not, I may not like one that they do. There is a difference to me in making a remark about a bag, rather than making a remark about a bag someone tells me they love or shows me.

      I do appreciate your comments though

    • juicygirl

      I know, grow up :roll:

  • Terry


    Must stand by my original comment. No question that you put new designers “out there,” help them, bring the lastest of the season to everyone. I appreciate all of that as much as the next person. And, again, no problem when you state your dislike of a bag. That is what this forum is all about – stating our likes and dislikes while learning all about bags. But, I must go back to what I originally said. Your comments are often times unkind and seem unnecessary to me. I think your remarks often undermine your leadership of this blog. Your reference to three year olds in daycare, the bag not even being a good beach bag, reference to every Desperate Housewife Wanna-Be – just remarks I find offensive and do not see the point of. Am sure it is obvious that I am older than you, but I still expect the leader of this forum to have a bit more decorum. I also appreciate your comments and taking the time to respond.

    • Terry- I will agree to disagree. I think it is fine to bring some facetious comments in to state strong dislike for a bag. Anyhow, the majority of my posts are not on fug bags, so I hope you enjoy those and skim the others.

  • tirolia8

    Eeesh–I actually thought I was on the wrong site for a split second when those bags popped up. Is that for real? I do have to agree with jillyb that there is a certain, shall we say, segment of the population that will probably buy it in every color!

  • jenlovesbags

    Megs, I could not agree more with your commentary and blatant, but accurate, assessment of this bag. The truth hurts sometimes and I think describing this bag in any other way, would have, quite frankly, just seemed weird. In this case, this bag looks like something that you’d find in the $0.99 bin outside on the sidewalk at Micheal’s during Easter…the kind of thing that only costs $0.99 because it is a seasonal novelty. I’m not a big fan of Juicy, but can *usually* see their appeal to the younger crowd. This on the other hand…yikes!

  • Terry


    I agree with you totally. Is very nice to be able to agree to disagree in a civil and kind manner. I think that is something we all want and am grateful it is possible here. Again, thank you for responding.

  • purseloco


  • Melocoton

    While I quite enjoyed the banter between Terry and Megs, I’d like to ask, “EH?” to Juicy Couture for deciding to create this bag! To whom was JC trying to cater in designing this froth of flowers?

  • Otter

    Keep up the great work Megs. I like your humor, honesty and the fact that you post the good and the bad. If it were all “the good” I’d have to believe that you were on someone’s payroll. Keep it real in the field baby! Don’t ever change. Kisses to you.

  • hns4ever

    oooh…not a nice bag. I just…I just…what is wrong with the spring season?!

  • shevy


  • estella149

    As unpopular as it probably is to agree with Terry, I do. I’m actually very glad someone spoke up about it. I often find myself laughing about your negative reviews, when they don’t apply to me… however, comments toward a brand in general can be very alienating. Selecting specific groups… ie women who wear juicy track suits (past age 20), or even someone older than a tween or teen who loves the juicy brand.. could make some readers feel inadequate. I don’t feel that insulting a group of people is necessary in order to give a “good” or “funny” review of a bad bag.

    I’m sure you can respond with.. “well then just don’t read it”. But, I believe that you want everyone to feel welcome, and that this whole thing is unintentional. I think you can achieve both without sacrificing either.

  • mette

    I don´t like this bag either. But come on, the price is reasonable and if someone want´s to have some fun with swinging a bag this funny,let´s her/him enjoy it for a while. I´m pretty sure they won´t do it twice.

  • Lisa

    The colors are cute but where are the matching swim caps?!

    • pursecrzy

      That’s what they reminded me of- swim caps!

  • Patois

    I think it’s great to get an honest opinion Megs! And I honestly think these bags are a joke; $0.95 is more like it. If someone is insecure enough to be hurt by pen of The Purse Blog they are one sad individual.

  • AJC

    :idea: Maybe it’s meant for your baby’s shower toys and accessories? :idea:

  • Gina

    hahaha i burst out laughing when i saw the pictures of the bags

  • Terry

    Estella, your comments were exactly what I was trying to express. I would like to think The Purse Blog doesn’t want to insult anyone with their comments/remarks. Again, stating one’s like or dislike of a particular bag has nothing to do with it. We are all entitled to our opinions and should be able to express them here. Funny reviews are always a treat to read also even when we don’t agree. But, in my opinion, ugly/hurtful remarks have no place anywhere at anytime.

    Patosis, your comments are the type I was referring to. Insecurity when reading the comments has nothing to do with this at all. Labeling people as “one sad individual” because one don’t think some comments are in good taste is truly not necessary. Kindness is never wrong. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about remarks such as yours.

    • GeorgiaT

      This is getting too personal. It shouldn’t be a battle between kind and mean. We all have the freedom to express ourselves as we wish, even and especially Megs. If not for her this forum wouldn’t exist and I for one love the fact that she is truly honest with her opinion instead of just passing everything off as ok. If the opinions expressed here are difficult for some to stomach, than they have the freedom to choose not to read them. Sensoring opinions is not a solution, after all these comments are not personal slights at anyone in particular.

      • Fashion Victim

        GeorgiaT – I don’t think Terry is opting for Megs passing it all as OK. And freedom is a great thing but there is a huge difference between freely expressing your honest opinion about a thing (and sure not all are supposed to like it) and passing bitting snide remarks that many see unbeckoming of a person like Megs for this particular instance (just because we keep Megs in very high esteem and expect stylish and classy criticism – be it positive or negative)

  • Rach

    It looks like something an 8 year old would wear with her Easter Sunday outfit – and I think it would be cute in that context.

    Not sure how it would work for anyone older than middle school, though. Ever…

  • merve

    Awwwww my eyes

    • Erin


  • phanness

    im buying it

  • GeorgiaT

    Oh yeah, and by the way, these are hilarious! Definitely dollar store stock.

  • passionforflashin

    it is so horrendous. i am glad most everyone agrees. personally, i do not like juicy couture at all and have never fallen for their track suits or velour bags. i don’t think we should be discussing the brand at all on this site.

  • Bonnie

    I agree…fug fug fug. It’s sad and pathetic really. Juicy Couture makes the most horrendous an unoriginal clothes, bags, accessories, and cheap looking charms. The only thing that is worse is how they plaster stupid and princessy adjectives to all of their items. The only cute items they have are for dogs.

  • delora

    I know I am the minority here. But I think they are cute and fun, in a 60’s kinda way!!! :mrgreen:

  • vsminimoose

    Ugh I have to agree with everything – most all that track suit deal. I’m good with the jackets and I’m good with the pants but not both at the same time. It’s too much terry or velour. I tried on both pieces at the same time the other day (I’m 25) and I just said “no, this doesn’t work like it used to anymore”

  • LoveforCocoChanel

    although I love juicy. I so agree with meg on this one. It is aweful and it looks like something I have gotten out of the dollar tree store. Juicy is really starting to die out on their handbag designes.

  • tuffcookie

    this made me laugh so much. its so true!

  • Jordi

    …I don’t know about this being the ugliest bag that I’ve ever laid eyes on, but it is certainly the most hilarious bag I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  • Erin

    A sign of a good editorial: It’s honest and it pisses some people off.

    Bottom line, if you don’t like people calling your product crap, then stop making crap.

    Worst. Bag. Ever.

  • Jahpson

    what the hell is that?

  • Jahpson

    by the way, there is nothing wrong with wearing tracksuits from Juicy. i dont like their handbags or any of their accessories line, but you must admit that their tracksuits and sweat suits are cute.

    ok, maybe a mother of 4 shouldnt be wearing the super hot pink ones, but they have other colors. lol

  • sugarscrub

    I am 28 and I own various JC handbags to go with my casual or beach wear… obviously I like JC as much as I Love my LVs and other designer bags. However, I was speechless when I saw this bag! I’m not buying it. But hey! to anyone who wishes to be seen carrying this around town, I’d say she’s one tough chick defying everyone who thought otherwise. I’m sure she’ll be able to pull it off with style :grin:

  • lipvixen

    I’m sorry this bag really is tacky and cheap looking. $95 dollars could be used for necessities instead.

  • Maryann

    I could go to Michael’s and buy the materials to make one for less than $20 including glue gun… and mine would be prettier.


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