I have not actually labeled a handbag a fug bag for a while. So long in fact that you all make wake up to a shock on Purse Blog. It is right, I am starting the week off with a fug bag. But can you really blame me? I mean, come on, I have a bone to pick with this bag. Where do I even begin here? Ok, let me try.

I have given so much love to Jimmy Choo bags and now I have to take it all back, at least take it back for this bag. First of all, plain and simple, what the heck is going on? Who really wants to pay nearly $1,100 for a sack of tacky PVC? I have the unfortunate task of introducing you to the Jimmy Choo Dylan Beach Bag, which is made with clear and neon pink PVC. I get it, we all need beach bags. And right now in Florida it is still in the 70’s, so it is still beach weather friendly. But this look is just all kinds of cheap. Really, there is not much else for me to say.

Do you need a good and sturdy beach bag? Yes. Even a plastic beach bag is a major plus as far as clean up goes. But to spend this exorbitant amount of money for the name is silly. And most importantly the bag does not even look great. I love Jimmy Choo, I love Jimmy Choo bags, but this bag makes no sense to me in so many ways. Over-spend at Net A Porter for $1050.

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  • Sarah

    GAG. This looks so cheap!!!

  • Jane H.

    Oh nooooooooo…….

  • patois

    I think they left off a couple decimals. $10.50 is more like it.

  • Grace

    i think i saw that bag at Army and Navy for $5.00… or was it a “free with purchase” when you buy $50 worth of makeup!? :P

  • Anita

    Ridiculous. I’ve seen better beach bags at Wal-Mart.

  • Yiling

    I wouldn’t even use it if someone gave it to me! It looks so gaudy!

  • Merve

    Grace, the clarins and estee lauder free plastic bags that they give u when u buy make up are much nicer.

  • green

    $1050 for this bag? crazy!

  • Otter

    They must think we are really stooopid. FUG.

  • kary

    LOL, I wonder how they price their bags?

  • Jordi

    And it’s see-through, too. Reminds me of the bags that people have to buy for their jobs because some places require that their bags be transparent.

  • Kathey

    It has too much of a see-through factor as if you had tampons in there, everyone would know and your business would be out there. This bag could be found in the 99 cent store just like that Louis Vuitton Tartan Plastic Cheap look bag that we’d also in the stores like Bobby’s and the 99 cent store where we put out laundry in and groceries from the corner store!

    Have a good day!

  • MissLoveChanel

    I think he was inspired by those zip plastic cases that bedding comes in. He took his new sheets out, zipped up the case and thought, “Hey, this would would make a great beach bag!” To change it up he made it pink, and to make it easy to carry he added straps. Then with a mischievous chuckle he added that ridiculous price!

  • Gin

    They sold bags like this at the local SuperX drugstore in 1970…for about 75 cents.

  • carolyn

    When I saw this bag I laughed so hard! It has to be the most ugly, no, the most rediculous thing I have ever seen!! Stella, get a clue, I wouldn’t pay a single cent for that “thing”.

  • Suzanna

    LOVE this beach bag!! Ab Fab colour statement & shape/design lends itself very well to the nature of the PVC & I love the neon pink leather trim which is where the detailing is!! But would agree the price is as shocking as the colour!