Isabella Fiore Flower Child April Handheld BagNot that I believe I am the all-knowing, but there is a thing or two that I do know. And one of those things is that this bag is completely hideous. Miss Fiore, what are you on?? The Isabella Fiore “Flower Child” April Handheld Bag makes me a bit queasy. I can’t really even be kind to this colorful mess of flowers spewed onto a bag. So the ‘lucky’ wearer of this bag will be sporting leathers in hues of brown, tan, yellow, blue, green, lilac and cream. It only gets better when you hear that all of these colors are joined together with chain pieces. And if all of that is not enough, there are folkloric painted flowers that will only aid in overwhelming you about 50 times more than before. Adasa says that “you will for sure set off a chain reaction when you strut your stuff wearing one of these beauties”. My guess would be that this chain reaction will mimic falling dominos, as in you will make people drop at the ghastly sight of this flower powered thing. The bags dimensions are as follows; Height at Center is 11″; Length 2″ up front base is 16.5″; Width at center base is 1.5″. Jump on the pre-order list if you are looking for that ‘chain reaction’ through Adasa for $650.

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  • Tammie

    I’m sorry, this is just way toooo trendy. Destined for a thrift shop some day.

  • amber

    I would definitely buy it at a thrift shop. In a second. I would not pay $650 for it though. Unless I was rich, then I would. I like it.

  • purseloco

    I love the bag. “Sorry”

  • MoonShine

    The hippy in me loves this bag… but not the price tag… I will be watching the resale shops for a bargain.

  • Jordi

    I rather like the shape. The colors and price tag…not so much. But it is a cutely-shaped handbag that I could see myself carrying.

  • Froggy

    Definately for the younger crowd. I like it a little except for that hideous chain which ruins everything else. That price begs a little more class …even the Gypsy in me passes on this one.

  • Naggy

    I don’t think this is fugly; this is better than most bags in the non-ugly categories and I could wear this to the beach or on a tropical vacation and be proud! (ipad)