Paris Hilton Handbags

I’ll let you have that one” Megs told me yesterday, when she stumbled upon this capture of Ms Hotel Heiress Hilton. Oh gladly.

You see, I hate her fu**in’ guts. However, whether it’d be her intellectual level of an underdeveloped baboon infant, her distinctive chin line, her stiff & striking papparazzi pose, her periodic outcries of media attention whoring, or scandalous, yet amusingly explicit DVD materials in diffused light — Paris is always good for a bash. I get the feeling today will be dedicated to the older Hilton sis, just because she deserves it.
Regarding the picture above, there is one question unanswered. Paris, what were you thinking? You are not supposed to hang freshly slaughtered wildlife off your shoulder, silly!

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  • chemlex

    Is that a Moo Roo purse?

  • Amanda

    I really like the bag!The feathers make a cute statement!

  • cork

    It looks like you just came out of a chicken coop after molding a one into a hand bag.

  • i so agree w/ you cork

  • stripedpenguin

    Amen, Vlad.

  • Olivia

    i think that bag is hot!

  • Shar

    Paris is an Ugly Bird with Pretty Feathers

  • DesperateMousewife

    When a pheasant flew into my windshield (v scary btw) I should have thought to keep it and make a purse out of its carcass.

  • Steve

    This is my concept for a new Paris Hilton reality show. This would have the entire nation watching weekly.

    Paris is cutoff from her family wealth, for good. Not just for the new show, but for the rest of her life. The producers of the show find her a small studio apartment with a monthly rental rate of $1,200.00, a few skirts, jeans, tops, shoes, no funiture.

    Her mission is to:

    a. Find a job so she can pay the rent, food, and utilities.

    b. Since she does not have a car, once she finds a job, she has to figure out how she’s going to save enough for the downpayment on a used piece of shit car, and then pay for the gas registration, insurance, and repairs.

    c. Since the apartment is not furnished, she will also need to find a second job at night, so she can buy second hand furniture at thrift shops.

    d. If she wants to maintain the color of her hair, she’ll have to save her nickles & dimes in a jar, and then go to CVS and buy her color in a box. Then we would get to see her with tweety bird head in her stained kitchen sink.

    Now, tell me, don’t you agree that this would be the most watched show in TV history?

    Oh, the title of the show?

    “Ms Hilton, Welcome To The Real World!”

  • Shar

    It’s hard to believe, but is understandable, that she gets any press at all. The only place you see her unattractive kisser is wherever, Hilton Hotels is “sponcering”(buying advertising space)TV programs.
    She equates THIS with “stardom”. hahahahahahahaha

  • Rex MgGruff

    Paris is capable. I think people underestimate her just because she sticks this cute clueless mirage on TV. Well, she was smart enough to know that acting stupid on The Simple Life would bring ratings in, and smart enough to know that being slutty would give her the hotspot for most of the 2003-04 years. Also, she as well as her friend Nicole need to gain weight! They look like skeletons! So unsexy

  • Shar

    Since her singing career is now officially over due to the lack of sales of her crappy CD (sold 120,000) and her inability to back the CD up with live performances, we can just sit back and watch her continue to self destruct. Her recent DUI, her shameful behaviour with Brandon Davis trashing Lindsey Lohan, her admission to LAPD that she is “like really not vert smart” regarding the questioning into the Joey Francis case.

    Here is a link showing Paris singing Happy Birthday to Hugh Hefner and sucking up to him afterward. She is doing her best Marilyn Monroe immitation when Marilyn sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy in 1962.

    Paris’ over inflated ego is just commical. And her stupidity is pathetic.

    Here is why her CD is a failure…she just can’t sing. Period!

  • Sara Grace

    I happen to have that exact bag. It sounds like you are quite upset with Paris’ fame and fortune as shown through your impetuous, discursive little anecdote. Maybe you are jealous? Back on subject, I would like to point out that this bag is ostentatious, however is a bold mark of beauty.

  • aby


  • KJ

    I love her dress its so cute, too bad her fugly purse killed it.

  • Naggy

    That looks like a pinata someone put together for their daughter. (ipad)

  • KY

    Lol weird bag.. (ipad)