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Fendi Laser Cut Satchel $1240 via Saks, Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Nylon Kristen $675 at eLuxury, Chloe Denim Logo Tote through Bergdorf Goodman $830, Marc by Marc Jacobs Laminated Tote via eLuxury $278.

When a designer begins to feel insecure about his or her name and really wants to make sure people know who he is, he will sling his/her entire name on a bag. I am not even a huge fan of logos, although some I can stand (and even own), but this flagrant full name dropping just looks dumb. Chloe your offense is not as bad, but still pretty bad. Fendi, at least you laser cut your name which makes it half-cool. We know who you are Marc, fling your name on and we will laugh; but throwing your name recklessly all over your bag in multi-coloring has me rolling around on the floor laughing (at you, not with you). I am all for getting your name out there, but have a little class. Less is more. We will learn to love you and your bags, without your name on them. This brings me back to the days of grade school, when kids had the backpacks with their names on them. Quit it, seriously.

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  • preppyrich69

    all those are really trendy, i think threndy is the way to go !!

  • Daisy

    I agree, the designer names on bags are getting a little too carried away… but there are still some I consider classics and own myself, ex. Gucci. But the trend has got to stop somewhere i mean come on – these are so classless.

  • Naggy

    OH dear, all of these are pretty terrible. (ipad)