A little insight into the life of a blogger: every morning, I get up, brush my teeth (well, usually), flop down at my computer and read through the morning’s news (both conventional and fashion-related) and the blogs that I myself enjoy reading. I also scroll through and pretend to read most of the email that I get overnight. When that’s done, I start gathering the bags that I’m going to write about for the day. I have my regular haunts to look through, and sometimes if those don’t work out, I try to find something tangentially related to handbags that I think everyone will like. Those are the tough days – as long as the subject matter comes easily, life is pretty much beautiful on my end.

And when I woke up today and saw the Fendi Skunk Fur Peekaboo Bag sitting in the New Arrivals section of Saks, I knew that today was going to be a good day.

Fendi Skunk Fur Peekaboo Bag

Ladies and gents, posts about these kinds of bags are my favorite to write. This bag is so terrifically awful that the words almost come too easily. Not only is it one of those puffball, shapeless fur bags that are so unfashionable, but it’s made out of a skunk. SKUNK.

What exactly is it about a skunk that says “luxurious” or “aspirational?” I don’t have a single positive association with the word, except for maybe Pepe Le Pew, the Frenchie cartoon skunk of my childhood, and I don’t want to see him made into a bag. And for anyone that has never smelled one of these things…the only way I can describe it is a combination of rotten eggs and hot garbage. Why anyone would want to be seen in public swinging a dead one from her arm is beyond my admittedly feeble levels of comprehension.

Even if the fur is soft, I can’t imagine it being a top seller. Maybe they don’t have skunks in Italy, and the designers were unfamiliar with how the animals smell before their pelts are removed and shipped to them. I don’t know, but it’s a smell that makes dogs sad, and dogs like to sniff all kinds of terrible things. I suppose that “terrible” is really the only way to describe this, after all. Buy through Saks for $1970.

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  • Anna

    Wonderful review. I am terribly disappointed in Fendi… what were they thinking?????

    The fur design does not even look that attractive on the bag. If I were to give the pelt a chance, I’d suggest a smaller bag to highlight the stripes. But I’d prefer they choose another striped animal. Or just dye in stripes.

  • Redseouls

    Eeew! Looks like something Daniel Boon might carry!

  • Merve

    I think we should boycott Fendi for having the audacity to produce that. Im utterly speechless.

  • Claire

    It looks like it would have been kind of a cool bag without that skunk thing.

  • Ursula

    ITA, Claire. It looks like a pretty decent bag without the fur. The beauty of the Peekaboo in a crossbody style. Too bad Fendi screwed this bag up.

  • Sher

    It’s hard to believe Fendi would put skunk fur on a bag. Why????

  • Poodle

    gasp! ewww!!! skunks are cute and all but a skunk bag??? man…this recession really hit them hard…for a designer to go dumpster diving hunting for skunk…wow…shame on them for thinking that fur would make that bag likable…and skunk fur at that…they might be stinky but they sure are adorable…anyone see bambi? :P

  • nancyrush9

    Skunk fur for nearly $2k – seriously? Whyever for?

  • high_notes_4u


  • HuntJumpSC

    Can you say “Roadkill???”

  • Michael St. James

    Typical…I’m surprised they didn’t line the bag in monogrammed sequines! Maybe Carrie Bradshaw will wear it???


  • shop2drop1

    I thought this was a joke, I’m disturbed that it is not. WTF were they thinking?

  • lllfashion

    Skunk? Seriously?
    one failure after the other, it’s sad…
    Its been 11 years since the baguette…they have not shown anything remotely as successful. And now this creepy bag!

  • susan

    Creepy and desperate are words that come to mind.

  • Pandor@


    What happened to Flower the Skunk???? 0_0

  • otter

    My gawd!!! What have they done to Pepe le Pew? I will never forgive Fendi for this crime. I hope that he got in a good spray before they did the deed.

    “Au revoir, pidgeon. Sweeting is such part sorrow.”
    — Pepe le Pew 1967

  • otter

    Next trend, Foghorn Leghorn satchel.

  • cari

    I actually like the peekaboo but SKUNK? SERIOUSLY? ew

  • Linda

    Designer road kill!

  • Julie

    Pepe Le Peu anyone??

  • JenG

    I must agree it reminds me of a skunk!

  • pixiepoo

    Poor little skunk. This bag is revolting on so many levels. Fendi and Saks should be ashamed of themselves. I hope anyone who is tasteless enough to buy one takes it out in the rain…

  • Mama M

    This reminds me of roadkill, too. Actually, I think Donatella put them up to this (remember the Cookie Monster fiasco from Versace?). For almost 2K, this is simply insulting.

  • nubsag

    I think this bag is kinda cute and comfortable to wear as a crossbody bag. If I had that kind of money I would buy it and carry it to the zoo. I do not think it will smell like skunk any more. Maybe someone will buy it to carry her skunk pet shopping around town? :)

  • Grunty J. Piglet-Smythe

    Come on, people. Let’s get over the “EWWWW GROSS!” factor and think about this. Do you really think FENDI is scraping up 3-day-old roadkill to make these bags? I doubt they’re using anything but the best here.

    If you have a problem with using skunk pelts, then you should have similar a problem with using cow leather or pigskin. Has anyone smelled cow or pig dung lately? It stinks a lot, in case you didn’t know. Should that necessarily exclude the use of their skin (when properly tanned and processed) from being made into a handbag?

    Or better yet, has anyone actually been to a tanning facility? The chemicals they use to turn animal skin into leather don’t smell nice at all. But that’s not immediately obvious from feeling and smelling the finished product.

  • Jane

    The major problem I have with the bag is that the fur is just placed on the bag like the skunk is crawling up and into your bag to steal all your belongings. Maybe Fendi was trying to have a sense of humor with the bag?

  • Kay

    I have the camel peekaboo bag with the snakeskin lining. I have to say, it is one of my favorite handbags of all time and that’s saying a lot because I am one of those crazy handbag ladies that has too many handbags.

    This skunk version is too fugly for words. What was Fendi thinking? First of all, I hate fur bags. I had a Fendi fur baguette once, and sold it on ebay. Who would buy a stinky skunk bag? If anyone would, it would have to be an eccentric woman who would probably walk around talking to it and probably named it as well…

  • chloehandbags

    This is simultaneously upsetting and ridiculous! :(

  • sslaven

    Forget how it looks – it’s cruel and inhuman to kill animals to make a frickin’ handbag. This is pure evil.

  • uptowngirl

    Totally fail. The fur is overdo. Fendi design never once captivates me…. do something that make it worth buying…

  • amy

    Fendi is known for their “experimental” fur bags. But i have to say, i agree i don’t want to see Pepe La Pew on a bag either!!! And stunned Fendi is making the poor animal into a “fashionable line” What happened to using fake fur?

  • M. Magsaysay

    I know I’m in the minority here, but- I love, love this bag. The reactions to it thus far make it decidedly less pedestrian and far more desirable. :) xoxo

    • Madeline

      ME TOO. I really like it. Quite honestly. I decided to read all the comments and see if anyone else also wrote about liking it. It’s a weird bag, okay!? But I like it! I like the fur, I like the leather, I don’t think of it as roadkill.

  • Mel

    It’s true, we don’t have skunks in Italy.
    I like the bag. I work as a handbag designer in Florence, and my company would never do something so cool, but I think it’s pretty funny. Maybe it’s an homage to Daphne Guiness?

  • LDJ

    He!! No! They can have it. NOT A FAN AT ALL! =)

  • zachrychrist

    I like it. Skunk fur is the new thing. I saw about 5 AD’s in the new Vogue that have skunk fur, or fur dyed to have a skunk pattern. BUCK UP LADIES, time to allow new things into your lives.

  • bldrboy

    i like it, i think it is adorable. almost think this will start to fly off the shelves. definately eurotrash will eat this up.

  • I luv skunk

    It is fun! Fendi knows has a sense of humor and knows how to have luxurious fun!

  • Handbags

    Anything colorful or with a bold print. We need something that stands out, especially with our school uniforms/dress code. lol.

  • Erin

    I’m not a fan of this one. They didn’t even get creative with the fur. Its just stuck on the front of the bag like an afterthought.

  • bigfoot videos
  • Barbara

    I can not imagine why any one would want a fur bag to begin with but; one made from a dead skunk?!!!!!!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    your kidding, right? (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    This Bag STINKS!!! LMAO! (fb)

  • Bagolicious

    LOL! Love it, not the bag, but for a company to be so demented that they would use shunk, and then have the audacity to stick a $1970. price tag on the bag. Just proves that the world must be coming to an end and soon. I needed my laugh for the day.

    Coming from L.A. where there are plenty of the stinky creatures (I’ve had to jump up on my car many a time as shunk familes were running down my street in my direction), I could never even think of carrying a shunk handbag…just too nightmare-ish. LOL!

  • Kathy Dowdle

    I just clicked on the bag, and the Saks page says it is “sold out.” Are they kidding me?! LMAO! People will buy anything with a designer label on it I guess.