Booney Burke Bolero BagAlthough my beloved Megs owns a Dooney Bucket Bag in white (that I am not particularly fond of to begin with), I am not a big D&B fan. Their recent line of handbags has been more than questionable. Some of their bags in the Alto, All-weather leather, or their croc duffles lines are still acceptable and presentable, but the new Dooney Bolero Bag just shoots the bird off the roof top.

The overall shape of the bag may be alright and easy on the eyes, but the bright colors and assets are not. The tassles up front look like Boyscouts Gone Wild Vol. 3 1/2. It looks like something a confused transvestite cowboy would wear, for Christ’s sake. Of course, no offense to those readers that actually like it. At 345 bucks, the Bolero Bag ranks #1 as our pick for Fug Bag of the Week. I will still uphold my right to freedom of creative expression and call you a masochist if you choose to purchase this piece at Dooney &

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  • I think it LOOKS like a rooster on a roof. Ee. I do like me a little bit of Dooney, though.

    • preppygurl69

      omg u guys are dumb u dont know fashion :roll:

  • brown

    looks like a style that has been revised from back in the 60s

  • billyjoe

    that is even uglier than that diaper bag

  • Rkpropp

    That is the ugliest purse I have EVER seen!!!

  • Renee Bridges

    Would like to know if you have cataloges for your handbags of the newest bags that have come out.

  • yfaith

    Yes I agree this version of the bag is loud and something that I would not like, but I have to admit I do like the Purple, Brown, and Sunflower version of this bag. As well as the Brown, Black, and Sand version. I feel that if you generally carry, black or brown bags then a bag like this would not be for you. But for the free spirited, vibrant, outgoing type; this bag is perfect!

  • cat

    It takes a fun loving gal to pull off a purse like the Bolero.It looks a hundred times better than those boring LV’s.

  • Liz

    This bag is for very outgoing people, otherwise known as an extrovert…for obvious reasons. Although its flashy and fun! :)

  • Prissy

    Fabulous!!!!!!! Am I like the only person that thinks this bag is trendy, fun, and FABULOUS? It’s really cute…I already have 2 :) hehe.

  • Bonnie

    NO! You’re not the only one who thinks this is a FAB bag. I LOVE IT, TOO!!! I think it takes a special person to carry a bag with such personality, however. I can’t wait to get mine!!!

  • Leigh

    This bag is awesome- I’m selling some of my other Dooney’s so that I can buy this one! Im going to get turquoise/pink/sunflower. Id much rather have this bag than all the other so called “trendy” bags (Louis Vuitton, etc.) I’m not a crowd follower and don’t pick out the things I like based on what others think. This bag rocks!

  • joan

    i saw this bag at macy’s last night and it stopped me in my tracks!!! the price is a bit steep, but i think it’s worth it. the quality is superb as the colors are vibrant and it is a really stiff and sturdy leather. i think it is so cute and fun and i want it! i am in love with and hope to get the black and brown combo.

  • Di

    This bag is beautiful!!!!! I love the brown and black combo. It has a certain country southwestern look and I love it.

  • Brittney

    i love this purse.. it is just so cute… i want it!!!

  • Mia

    Bag is very cute. Not really my taste but i could definitely see people i know having this bag.

  • cathy

    I love this bag! I also hate the typical bags that people think are so classic and safe, such as boring Coach or LV bags with their logo plastered all over them. I want original, fun, colorful and over the top! I only wish I could afford the D&B Bolero Bag!!!

  • preppygurl

    hi you guys are crazy this is a great purse, i have 2 of the donney and bourke and they are great i think yall are jelous thats what i think. and this is too all the people who have one HELL YEAH, just brush off those haters*

  • preppygurl

    im sorry but loiyus vuitton are not expensive kk sogo some where else with that crap i love this bag

  • kaitlyn mac

    it is ugly!! it looks like a ginger bread house!! sorry
    xoxo kaitlyn xoxo

  • preppygurl69

    no itss not are you crazy woman

  • baby *A*

    hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

  • Tiffany Nicole Cockburn

    it looks so yummy i could just eat it up….

  • adriana lopez

    that purse is very unusual, but if your an individual that can adapt to anything and if u have fashion in your life, then i bet you can make this pusre look like a million bucks. lady’s i bet that if your man said you looked cute with that purse or if he made a comment saying the purse macthed an outfit u bought, i bet u would be the first in line to buy it.


  • Isa

    I really like it!!!! It is so cute!

  • sammie lindsey

    I love this purse….it was a gift from my daughter to celebrate my last chemo treatment. This purse if vibrant & alive; just like me !!!! Y’all see me coming a mile away !!! Love it!!!

  • Lori

    Love Dooney, love this bag!

  • Curious Child

    I love this bag in the brown, purple, and sunflower combo. And I plan to get it for a graduation gift for myself. Finally finished my Master’s after having 4 kids and cancer.
    To Sammie Lindsey –Woo Hoo! I’m with ya.

  • Nicole

    This bag is very interesting. I think it’s cute and the price is a bit steep, but I can see a lot of people wearing those. It has an interesting personality, and it takes someone with just the right spunk to be able to carry this purse. It is really cute, but not my style.

  • Gianna

    Omgsh, this bag is the UGLIEST bag I’ve ever seen in my whole life! It’s not cute at ALL- all you people are on CRACK. This thing is soooo ugly. It looks like it fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down! YUCK!! It looks like a hippy rooster! EWWWWW. The first 4 posts are the only people with real style / brains. This is ugllyyyy. K, im done.

  • Rose

    Just because you can put southwest colors on a bag, does not mean you should….first example this fugly thing…ewww….seriously!

  • Yolanda

    If you buy this purse you need to buy the matching head feathers and mocasins. This purse is not cute in any possible way worn. Pocahontas wouldnt even wear this, not even big foot would wear it.

  • Erin


  • Samantha Keener

    I think its different.but it wouldnt be my first pick.

  • ann

    I have loved this bag since I first laid eyes on it. But I’m the fun loving type that just DARES someone to make a comment about my ugly bag. Go ahead, Make My Day!!!

  • Meishi

    I am not going to say “HATE”, but I come pretty close. I think that this bag is hideous. To each its own though!!!!! Just not for me!!!!!! LOL

  • Sandra

    I absolutely ADORE this bag!!! Have been looking for a fuschia & turquoise one for almost a year now. It is sooooooooooo ME! My favorite colors. Yes, not for the faint of heart. It BELONGS on a Texas big-hair woman like me! You other girls can carry those boring LV bags with their understatement. This is the bag for a confident woman. It is for ME! Got one? Contact me at

    • alana..kites7

      Hi there was looking at reviews for my Dooney Bolero bag purchased a couple of years ago and because I am a ba g lover amongst other things I aquiered many more on top of the already monsterous amount all around my house so I am weding reluctantly but I must for the sake of my sanity .My bag is what I call Pink I think you call it fuscia and kind an aqua bottom the bag is in what I call good to excellent conditionused mabe four times it has everything but the strap and when I purchased it in my travels I never thought I was supposed to have a strap.The back of bag has three stains that have to be loked at closely. I would other wise say the bag is great. I am putting it on ebay. this eve.or in the morning.Take a look I think you will like it a gal after my own heart it takes lets say a risk taker to pull it off and let me add for me it was like wearing one of my fur coats to yhe dumpster I am just a do what youwanna when you wanna type of person so I will end and if you alredy have one have fun girl…

  • Stacy

    I just got this bag in the brown/purple. I dont care if people think its ugly because I like it and that is all that matters!

  • Sarah

    This this bag is absolutely AdOrAbLe! I LOVE it & cannot wait to get mine in the pink/turquoise/sunflower for my B-day! I also have my eye on the kiwi/tangerine one. This bag is so unique & it is so me! I NEVER carry a boring bag! All my bags are fun, bright & colorful! They make me so happy! I never try to match them to my outfit, I just carry whichever one speaks to me that day! ;) I can see where it may not be some ppl’s style, but for me, it’s a MUST HAVE!

  • lee

    This is one of dooney and bourks workers and designers and they reson you people do not like this designe is because you dont noe real fashion this is a syle that is mimaking fashion in cuban you must not be fashionly widly cultured.

  • gail

    just purchased a dooney and bourke bolero bag, tangerine/kiwi. The bag is unique, adorable. I hesitated before I bought it, because it is not the usual for me. I have to say I am glad that I bought it. It is made very well. I have not worn it yet, but I can’t wait to hear what people have to say (not that I really care).

  • baby19

    it’s cute! But it chooses an outfit to wear..

  • Miya

    this is a toughie. you have to have the look to pull this one off. if you don’t have a high sociol NOt buy this. many people won’t recognize it as a dooney and bourke, and if they actch you with it, they’ll judge you of having bought some ugly piece of junk at the flee market.

    on the other hand….if you make yourself beautiful…with a cute outfit and all of that jazz…you can use this purse as a bold piece.

  • Gina

    ok…..i luv dooney and bourke but not this bag.

  • Kathy

    I have this purse and love it. Out shopping one day I received apprx. 4 compliments on this purse regarding how awesome it was. Maybe you need to see it in person before judging it.

  • lee

    I think that if i had this purse, i would receive approx. 4 stares by people thinking “what is that crazy thing on her arm??”.

  • Gloria

    :shock: I am a big Dooney fan. The leather looks better, longer.Doesn’t show every little scratch like Coach. This bag is definitely for one who likes loud ,attention grabbing colors. The one thing I admire about the Dooney collection is, they cater to every lifestyle. Young,mature,conservative or loud. There is a bag to fit us all!!! No two people are alike / No two Dooneys are alike. Whatever your preference, you have to admit…….you love your Dooney!!!!!!

  • elle

    You are sooo right! There are so many styles now! I don’t like this particular one, but I love my new pink tassle zip top DB. :grin:

  • Shirley Robertson

    :razz: I love this bag and can’t wait to get my purple and brown bag. I am a introvert but I love this bag! I also love Dooney & Bourke Bags.

  • twee

    That bag is pretty ugly if you ask me… I would’nt be seen with it.

  • Sarah P’bean

    Hello…. I think this bag is cute……..and unique.All the mix match color make me happy.I saw this bag in person at dooney store kabazon. The style is so funky and different than other’s dooney.

  • Suz

    I have to say I love my Dooneys, but this thing looks like a mistake from the kids arts and crafts project at summer camp! To each his own, but in the corp world, I have to stick to the classics. Love the Altos!!

  • icheline Saintilus

    Not my style! What are u thining men?

  • Betsy

    I have traveled from Nevada to Maine to Louisiana to New Mexico to . . . Everywhere I go, people stop me to compliment my Dooney & Bourke Bolero. Some of you sound too stuffed up. Those of you who have one – ENJOY!

  • Maggie

    Too much going on… (ipad)

  • Naggy

    It’s way too Cindy Lauper. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmmm not my cup of tea. (ipad)