De Couture Metallic Shoulder Strap HandbagI find that many women obsess over sizing. ‘Good gawd this is an 10, I don’t wear a 10! I’m not buying this’ or ‘seriously I am going on a diet and once I get to my goal these 6’s will fit’. Ladies, for years I had a closet full of ‘once-I-get-to-the-size-I-like-clothes. They inevitably never fit, and at times (a long time ago I tell you), I would pull those pants up, lay ont he ground, do lunges, stretch and squeeze, until the pants would fit. BAD idea. The fact that the pants could ‘fit’ was not a good sign, because they were so far from flattering that it was gaggable. Learn from this ladies, buy clothes that fit, don’t look at the sizes! This happens in the handbag realm also, not ALL handbags look good on everyone. A huge bag could look really overpowering on a small framed person just as a really tiny bag can look ridiculous on a tall/larger framed person. If you look in the mirror when trying on a handbag, and you are not sure, do not buy it. This is exactly the thought that came to my mind when I saw this De Couture Metallic Shoulder Strap Handbag, well that, and actually that it is completely fugly either way. Simply put, metal and leather are combined in an Medieval like manner, with a thick shoulder strap of metal, and a ring that connects to the small compartment bag. Totally not for me (since I am 5’10), and totally not for me even if I were 4’10.

Through Luisaviaroma for $920.

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  • fashion in the making

    These looks like someone’s thong with a C ring,,,, give Pamela Andersons top or thong back

  • preppyrich69

    this is a handbag goss they will say anything is a hand bag these dayz, if thats a hand bag im paris hilton

  • Heather123

    Yes, I’m Paris Hilton too. Horrible!

  • Naggy

    It’s so out of proportion. (ipad)