Christian Louboutin Fug Bags

If you had a reputation like that of Christian Louboutin shoes, why on Earth would you delve into a realm that you can not conquer just as well?? Instead of learning the ropes of the handbag world, Christian Louboutin has released some fug bags for fall that look as if they need to be tranquilized and locked up. First we have the hideous Christian Louboutin Orylag Hobo which appears to have saddle bags or really horribly off center breasts covered by orylag fur (rabbit fur) and dominatrix patent leather trim. This bag costs nearly $4000 at Saks, which means it is a frightfully expensive mess. Sure it would make a good pillow, but that is about it. Then we have the Christian Louboutin Alpaca Satchel. Hello bad perm job of 1983. Sure, once you actually touch the alpaca it will feel soft, but looking at this bag is like sitting in a lecture for 3 hours staring at a horrible head of hair in front of you. The kind of horrible where you hear nothing the instructor says and merely wonder if the person happened to get struck by lightning on the way to class. The calfskin trim and chain link handles do not help much. At least this bag is not as much as the first, costing $1695 at Saks.

So a note to those at Christian Louboutin: Stick with the shoes.

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  • margarita

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Oh my.

    That second one reminds me of a poodle that needs a haircut…and the first one of one of those hats that eskimos wear.

    Yes, Christian, please…stick with shoes. :lol:

  • Caroline

    Your comments are so funny!!! But you’re totally right…I mean, who would have thunk it that a designer who is so graceful with shoes could create such abhorrent bags??@!

  • Donna

    I think some of these designers & the executives that give the OK on these designs need to get their heads out of their *!@*?!! – I mean out of the ground! What the heck are these people thinking? A dog would be a much better accessory than these fugly things.

  • Mint

    Totally agree with you Y_Y

  • Joan Brakeley

    Fug ,fug, fugly

  • Otter

    Fug, fug, fugtastic. Alpacha bag looks like a 70’s style ‘fro crotch from an old Playboy. Break out the wax.

  • Olga

    Ahh, I’ve written about the perm bag on my blog, Fashionably Cute. It looks like an Ewok or a Wookie. I hope it doesn’t bite. :lol:

  • human_pudding

    Wow. I’m literally at a loss for words… ok, well at a loss for words that aren’t scathing. Bags like this make me wonder: has it come to this? Are bag designers so desperate for something that will make their designs stand out, that they’re opting for bags that need a leash? The only good thing about these bags, is that they look very absorbant, so they’d do nicely to dry my tears of sadness.

  • mette

    These bags make me wordless. :?:

  • Astrid

    Oh mother of gooooood!!!WHAT IS THAT?!?!?Something has died and I am not sure what it is… :shock:

    Seriously what is going on in the “fashion-bags-world” first the Fendi fall collection and now THIS!
    It is like there is a trend going on let’s-go-hunt-and -whatever-we-get-we-make-a-bag-out-of-it…
    I quite not get this trend…

  • amelia

    :shock: it looks like they’ve attatched handles to little dogs

  • Lollywin

    I love the first comment by Margarita. it’s very funny.

  • Chi


  • olivia

    I’d rather carry a fake bag anyday over this herendous mistake!!!! :roll:

  • Kinny

    Road Kill! Won’t lose sleep over these. Thank goodness my money stays in the bank. That $1,695 goes to a kick ass computer instead.

  • Noa

    Heya, I think the Louboutin clutches are really though?! (I do agree these ones are no good). I’ve put the clutches on here:

  • Maryann

    I can’t believe the word “pubic” didn’t come up here somewhere. It was my first thought. Is no one else’s mind in the gutter? Also… “Hagrid.”

  • RY

    Here come Chewbacca!!!
    Actually two of them.

  • penny

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