Chloe Katie Embroidered Bag

My mom made her clothes growing up, because her mom made her clothes when she was growing up. My mom even made our Halloween costumes for a few years, then realized the beauty of buying store bought costumes and threw away her sewing machine (not literally). I never learned to make clothes. I can’t even hem pants, but it is on my to-learn list. I am pretty certain that my mom could have made most of this handbag. The Chloe Katie Embroidered Bag appears easy to make if you have some wool in various colors and glue and a plain bag. I just do not see the appeal of the gray embroidery placed on top of black leather with a silver chain strap thrown on. Furthermore, I find an odd resemblance to the pattern on this Chloe Bag to the Monogram LV pattern (see below). So my final thought is to gather some materials and ask my ever-handy mother or grandmother to make this handbag for me. Via NAP for $1670.

chloe katie louis vuitton flower

Chloe Katie Embroidered Bag1

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  • EmilyGL

    Yuck! what is going on with these high end designers and the gross grandmother bags??????

  • Margarita

    Ick. The whole front flap of that bag reminds me of a crocheted potholder… :razz:

  • J


  • pseub

    Reminds me of the “weaving” crafts we did at camp…. :razz:

  • Joan

    has kind of a horseblanket effect, not a good design. :roll:

  • Kim

    I thought that WAS LV when I first saw it.

  • Chi

    “I find an odd resemblance to the pattern on this Chloe Bag to the Monogram LV pattern”
    i thought it was on LV bag too :razz:

  • wulan

    :wink: It feels like carrying something on the north pole…