Chloe Beata Patent Shoulder Bag

This handbag is so manly it is making my estrogen run and hide. Seriously, I understand that Chloe wants to sport the chunky hardware and thick leather look, but everything about this handbag screams out brute-force-man. Feast your eyes on the testosterone filled Chloe Beata Patent Shoulder Bag, which looks as if it belongs in a male society before it belongs on the arm of a fashionable woman. The leather is thick, hideous, and a horrid shade of mahogany (which needs to stick to furniture rather than coloring of a handbag). And even worse, the leather is patent, giving off a gleam that will attract any passerby attention and also force them to stare at this bag. The inside out straps only further go to show that this bag is a disaster. I am just so turned off by this bag. After looking at it, I feel as if I need to go into my bathroom and put on layers of pretty pink nail polish and lip stick. And for the price, there are tons of spa treatments I would prefer to keep me looking young and beautiful. Via NAP for $1740.

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  • katkooty

    even for a man, its ugly………….YUCK!

  • mette

    Find this bag too complicated.What´s going on at Chloe´s? Bag after bag-they all turn out totally awful.Same thing going on at Mark Jacobs,Fendi,Kors,and the list goes on and on. Why oh why are we buying these craps?

  • my new bag

    probably more yuk than anything, for either sex, just very
    Walmarts before they started selling stylish items.

  • C

    It reminds me of a cockroach. With buckles.

  • Lucy

    I do not like its color. And it is do complicated. I happened to know one bag online that is so nice. It is a BALLY Milly T Handbag, It is so beautiful once you see it, it will carry your essentials like nothing else will. The quick access flap entry opens to a back wall pocket and cell phone compartment to help you stay organized and in order. You can check it here:

  • beth001

    This is just plain gross. What WERE they thinking?

  • Veronica

    I think it’s beautiful :oops:

  • Maggie Yang

    I think it’s gorgeous too. It’s beautiful in the black too.

  • Maryann

    I’d like to third the last two posters… I can’t quite call it beautiful but I think it’s quite handsome, but not *overly* masculine. We can’t all be girly girls. I think it’s just… strong. A strong bag for strong women (and I don’t mean lesbians.)