Yesterday I spoke of simplicity working wonders in the world of handbags, today I will talk about trying too hard which inevitably can create a handbag disaster. I am a huge fan of Chloe, heck, I have 2 Chloe bags. I would even love a Chloe evening bag. Here is what I would not love: the Chloe Aubrey Bracelet Bag. Pretty much this handbag gets a C in creativity but an F+ in production. I’d rather not look as if my bag were a belly dancers skirt, thank you very much. First Chloe begins with the black leather base, which is perfectly acceptable. I even like the ring shaped bracelet handle for various occasions. The downhill spiral begins with the ‘mixture of gold and silver hardware’. The meaning of this is gold and silver disks are placed about to dangle from this bag only on the front side. This no doubt will bring attention to you, you know, the kind of attention you really do not want. I’d prefer people check out my understated bag that is drop dead gorgeous than look at me carrying around a bag that looks as if miniature men want to play the cymbals. Via Net-A-Porter for $1,377.

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  • Anne

    This bag reminds me of a $10 bag I saw at ALDO. “WOW! Good job Chloe.” Such monstrosity.

  • Kayla

    ALDO? Please.. C’mon, you would give your left arm to get your paws on that Cloe bag.

  • preppyrich69

    hey hay now now, i have that bag kk its awsome and trendy!

  • Anne

    Are you kidding me, kayla?? I would not give a strand of hair for that fuggin fugly bag.

  • preppyrich69

    wow, thats all i have to say is wow

  • klee

    i’m not a fan looks like a cheap market bag, the idea is good but its a bit much simplicity id the key

  • Cecilia

    :lol: I love it! I think the design is fantastic! Guess diff ppl have diff tastes.

  • Chuck

    That’s the ugly as sin. How can anyone view this as attractive? People and their silly trends.

  • Mimi

    actually the idea of wearing the bag on the wrist is very good. but the wrist is very weak and the wieght of the bag can make the wrist tired very quickly.

  • Naggy

    This belongs in the fugly category! (ipad)