Carmina Campus Recycled Keyboard Tote

Can someone, ANYONE, explain to me why this pastel-potholder-looking abomination against fashion costs 1100 freaking dollars?

Well, the line is owned by part of the Fendi family, so that should give you a clue to the price. And the bags are handmade from recycled materials, which is nice, but not really an explanation of how much we’re all expected to pay for them. I’m pretty sure that lots of small brands use similar manufacturing practices, make bags that don’t look like granny craft projects, and don’t charge nearly as much for the (much more attractive) end result.

As if the whole “green” factor wasn’t enough to make me feel slightly bad for hating this bag in such a visceral way, apparently they also donate some proceeds to charity. But when you’re making bags that are this ugly and this expensive, are you really doing anyone but yourself any favors? Wouldn’t more attractive bags at a slightly lower price point sell more units and, as a result, make more money for charity and do more to make the “green” movement seem palatable to fashionphiles? For $1100, I’m going to need them to do more than make a bag that looks like an irregular Vera Bradley laptop tote that got sent to TJ Maxx. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1131.

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  • Ingerid Prebensen


  • Emmy Lou

    Oh dear, it’s like my Granny’s washbag ….

  • Handbag Lover

    $1100 dollars for this! OMG, it looks like it needs to be sprayed down before someone wears it. Recycled material no, it looks like they put it in the Rinse cycle… eeewwww, yuck!

  • Michael St. James

    i don’t get carmina campus bags?!?

  • This entire bag is a tragedy… price tag and all!

  • knlsmith

    eekk! I thought Halloween was last month?

  • 19yearslater

    My eyes! My eyes! I have an actual Vera Bradley laptop case and it looks way better than this. That could be because I picked a design with no pink. Pink and flowery designs can so easily get out of control when paired.

    • Agreed. I have a Vera Bradley overnight bag that I’ve been using for years and that works wonderfully, but its design is mainly navy blue with a bit of gold and white, so it’s not nearly so offensive as a design made up of pastel flowesr.

  • Lillian Ooi

    I wouldn’t buy it even if it’s $10 for it. It’s such an ugly looking bag. More as a diaper bag!

  • pe. riche.

    Forget the cost. I am still questioning the damned things existence. And WTF? Are those rubber grips on the bottom of it?

    • Ketutar

      the rubber is the part of keyboard that’s recycled… Pity they chose to recycle also granny’s dressing gown too…

  • Nat

    $11 yes, $1100 NO

    • Terri


  • Michelle

    It looks like they recycled a diaper bag from the 1980s that was found in a dumpster, and slapped the recycle logo on it. In which case, they’d have to pay me $1100 to carry it. Yeah, I think I’d carry it if they paid me $1100.

    • Lori


  • spanish moss

    totally vapid! a non-entity!

  • dacs

    So that’s what they did with my old twin mattress..

    • Flight of Stairs

      Exactly – old twin mattress doubled in half…!

  • Jane

    wow that is bag is awful. Fendi should be ashamed, for the design and especially for the price tag.

  • Mochababe73

    I remember having a bedspread similar to this as a child of the late seventies/early eighties. My mom probably paid more like $11 for it than $1100.

    Whoever created this handbag, whoever thought that it was a good idea to sell it, AND whoever thought that $1100 was a good price for it need to ALL BE FIRED!!!

  • karen


  • Christina

    I dont know anyone who would spend that much money on this!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I’m confused…And obviously so are the designers!!! How could anyone design such a hideous bag?

  • Lauren

    I want this bag!

    The people that posted clearly have no fashion sense and can’t expand their minds beyond diapers, grandmas and trash.

    Wake the – up!

    This bag is hot.

    • Candace

      Ok – I’ll bite. Style is personal and subjective, not a fact. To me, and a lot of other people, this bag sucks. Deal with it. But if you think the bag is hot, buy it…

  • Erika H

    most fashion nowadays is made to conform. it keeps us conformed, and we choose to, conform. not just in fashion. i find the idea of trying to look like somebody else or something else just terribly boring.
    maybe the mind of a child, with his/her creativity still intact, can make sense of taking a pink keyboard and flipping it as the bottom of a bag.
    we don’t like paying for creativity, we lack the culture to invest in it – we’d rather pay for something boring and ordinary, that’s what a small mind invests in