My endless hours of wedding planning is truly cutting into my day, mostly my night. While the wedding planning is taking the first 8 hours of the day (I know, that seems excessive but this last month before the weeding seems hectic as anything!), my work ends up being rather short, and my relaxing is totally killed. The end-of-the-day hang out period is much needed and now my entire being feels overloaded. Need more rest. Need more decompressing. Need my life back. So now you get my blog entry from my bed. Sitting up? No. Lights on? No. I am literally laying in the same position that I will soon drift off to sleep in, maybe in the next 5 minutes. My laptop will somehow end up flung onto the ground, and it won’t upset me, as it does not directly affect my wedding. I crave more rest. And I am finding a great handbag that can give that, believe it or not.

Bottega Veneta Small Cushion Bag The ubiquitously timeless brand, Bottega Veneta, typically does not do much wrong. But now they have gone and done it, and when they do bad, they seem to do it horribly. The only use I can find for the Bottega Veneta Small Cushion Bag is to give more cushion to my chair. The way I see it this bag could be carried around, plopped down on uncomfortable chairs, and then picked up and taken to the next location. I just do not understand what Bottega Veneta was doing or thinking with this bag. A different shape, sure. But this is not the kind of difference that I appreciate. The diameter is 17″ with the body being 4″ tall. I shall take this to my next appointment or better yet, football game. Buy through Barneys for $2,280.

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  • Graciella

    It’s crazy, but I like it! Not in black though, I think this bag will really stand out when done in one of those yummy BV summer colours, blue or orange or the like.

  • Cherie L.

    Not practical for carrying around — it’s so wide, it’s like carrying a really fat and short kid. Having said that, this looks like a great editorial piece.

    As with all of BV’s misses from 2008, this is another bag that makes you wonder why has BV gotten so adventurous in the last 12 months that it is bordering on ridiculous!

  • …I agree, Megs. Fug bag.

  • couturequeen

    Huge misstep. It will not lay nicely against the body.

  • Jen

    Okay, wow. Like wow. Can luxury brands afford to make ridiculous items in this economy? And this one is not even in BV’s signature weave. Knowing BV’s soft leather, what will this thing look like when filled with blackberry, cell phone, and heavy wallet? An ice cream cone? The only good thing that I can say about it is that it would be an easily accesible bag to have on your lap whilst sitting on the train to work, or maybe at the theater, and you’re right, you could then stuff your pashmina into it and use it as your child’s $2000+ booster seat. How utilitarian!

  • Tamee

    Quite a price for a totable seat cushion!! Yow!

  • AJH

    I agree looks terrible in this photo, but look at 28 and 29 of the resort catalog on the Bottega website. It looks completely different when the bottom is not supported.

  • hns4ever


  • Arm

    I actually love this little guy!

  • me

    What?!?!? That price for what cannot possibly be more than a cushion?

  • Kim

    grotesque! lol and overpriced!! whoever designed this should get fired (that’s a horrible thing to say w/ the economy though, but this is definitely a serious offense! ;)

  • jburgh

    Slow exhale…..hmm. Well, it would be easy to store that bag. In all honesty, the pictures of it in use look great. But seeing it that way really spoils it for me.

  • Linda

    When I saw this bag on line somewhere a week or so ago, I wondered how long it would take to be reviewed here as fugly. I love Bottega…but this is the ugliest bag I have seen ever…from anyone. What on earth were they thinking???

  • MissM

    How would you even wear that? Even with your arm stretched out at all time – the body of the bag must collide with your own? I don’t get it?!

  • Beth


  • septembersiren

    this bag is greatttttttttttt!!!! When you carry it, it hobos down and is not flat
    I saw it in the store
    you maybe calling it a pillow but you are doing this bag a dis-service by thinking it is flat
    you should see the crochet bag it is absoultely stunning and it is the same shape

  • Kendra

    A flying saucer, really, come one. What the heck where they thinking? (fb)