Binetti Crochet Bag

Say hello to MacGyver’s bag he wishes he always had. I can guarantee MacGyver could use this bag to make a trap, fix a bridge, make an airplane, and a tight rope that would take from the USA to Europe. The Binetti Crochet Bag is a brown woven crochet bag with loads of fringe at the base (for all of MacGyver’s goodies). There are shoulder straps with hanging charms, two inside pockets (like MacGyver would need those) and the bag measures 13″H x 19″W x 8 1/2″D. Dear Mr. MacGyver this bag can be yours for $450 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • amsmead

    I don’t really like this bag.

  • baglady

    I do not like this purse, either.
    It looks like a raggedy Hawaiian skirt with an old mop for a slip. I would not use it if someone gave it to me for free.

  • Taylor


  • Michelle

    yuck. it’s an only-for-gradmas bag!

  • marcygirl


  • Cheshire Cat

    my, but wouldn’t it make a lovely camoflage camel saddle?

  • sassyclassy

    I have this bag and I absolutely love, love, love it. I carry it when I travel as well as around town and I get many compliments. It think that it’s so chic and sophistocated. I would love to have 2 or 3 more.

  • Sunny

    Absolutely gorgeous…love the Luxe Bohemian style…very BIBA-esque…unfortunately for me, I’m seeing this post too late and this bag is nolonger available (was searching for another pic of the latest 2009 Binetti crochet fringe bag at shopbop) The new bag is smaller and styled differently with a tasseled flap…but still has the layers of fringe, intricate crochet , and is every bit as freaking hot as this one- I just ordered it and cannot wait to see it!!!

  • jocelyn

    i absolutely love this design! its so beautiful i wish i could crochet like that(:

  • Natty

    That is not crochet, its macramé ;)
    Much love from Portugal,

  • Naggy

    Someone needs to take a pair of scissors and cut off that bottom half and I think it would still need to be recycled for improvement. (ipad)