Barneys New York Chic Chain Bag

Pursebloggers, I am confused by the Barneys New York Chic Chain Bag on a few levels.

First, I’m confused that Barneys really makes house-brand bags. Of course, I knew on a factual level that they did, but really? Do luxury goods customers want house brands? Even if the house is a good house? I can’t imagine anyone looking to spend a large amount of money on a bag would look first to something not even made by a proper design house. As much as I like buying supermarket-brand milk and cheese at the grocery store (it’s the same stuff! Cheaper!), I would never do the same with money that I saved up to by something special and luxurious.

Second, BURLAP?? EVENING BAG? Did those two concepts just collide on one handbag? Couldn’t someone at Barney’s marketing department come up with a slightly more fashionable word for the material? Burlap’s really all they’ve got? Asking all these questions is starting to make me dizzy and more than a little annoyed. But they have to be asked, because this makes no sense.

Lastly, $950?!?!?!?!?! For a BURLAP EVENING BAG? If Megs and Vlad would allow me to cuss, this is where it would be happening. I find myself offended at the implication that anyone should be spending $950 on anything made out of something that’s widely regarded as packing material. And I think I need a cocktail. Buy through Barneys for $950

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  • renee

    This reminds me of the episode of I Love Lucy when Ricky tricks Lucy with a fake designer dress in Paris made of Burlap.

  • simplyaddictd

    WOW is all i have to say. i guess this is a sign of desperate times for barney’s. they are obvi low on cash [the construction of the bag], and desperately need it [the ridic price of the bag].

  • Merve

    ewww whats that?

  • airslady

    Nothing in this photo would lead me to believe there is anthing wrong with the construction of the bag. I seriuosly doubt an established high-end department store like Barneys would ever sell poorly-constructed handbags. You may not like the overall design, but questioning the contruction or materials used without actually examning the bag is unfair at best. I detect a bit of snobbery here. If Eva Longoria or some other celebrity were photographed carrying it, everyone would more than likely be praising it. Tisk, tisk, ladies, let’s take the masks off and call this what it really is. You wouldn’t buy it becasue no one would recognize the label and say, “There goes so and so with such and such designer bag”.

  • ingrid

    i see no chain on this “chain bag”

  • airslady

    it’s removable (not pictured here)

  • Graham

    Co-op is a private label from Barneys that does very well in sales and in emulating current trends. While yes you are more likely to find Co-op on sale, at sample sales, or at their outlet, it doesn’t mean it is any lower quality then the designer label hanging next to it. It is a matter of cost. You produce your own line- you control the cost. I myself am not a fan of this particular bag, I believe a bag this structured deserves a beautiful rich fabrication.

  • me

    “Chic” is the absolute worst word to describe that- uh- is that a purse? Sorry I tried to put potatoes in it. : p

  • rysch

    Actually I like the shape but the price is ridiculous for a burlap bag. If only they use better material, I think it could be a nice evening bag.

  • chirpy_gal

    Beautiful , so trendy :)

  • Kristin

    I’m actually fine with it being made out of burlap. I just think it’s ugly. Also, even for being made by and for Barneys the price tag is pretty hefty.

  • LDJ

    @ ingrid, I’m with you on that.

    Anyhoo, I like the concept of the bag but the material sucks!!!!


    Love this site, Hate this bag. Trust me, the guys at Barneys really don’t get a lot of what works. I have a jewelry line ( that several of the Barneys shoe employees wear while at work. They are constantly being asked by customers where thay got their rings, they tell them, then we sell tons of rings!!!!! (usually the COCO rings!) We contacted Barneys accessory buyer, sent samples, explained how easy a sell it would be for them. Answer…… NO THANKS! So now we are working with several other retailers. Now that I see this horrid bag, I don’t feel so bad!!!!


    By the way, renee, I thought the exact same thing!!!!!!!! Actually, it was a horse feed bag, which looks a lot like this bag!!!!!!! Let’s get a horse’s feedback on this bag! (or feedbag!)

  • Phillygirl

    Re: the Feed Bag: I’m sure a horse lover somewhere will purchase this travesty of a bag for their horse’s oats…perhaps one of the NYC Housewives! More power to them, if they can afford to do it!
    Re: Barney’s: must agree with Chanelman’s opinion…what are they thinking? And on a jewelry note: I saw your “coco” ring on Stacey in Barney’s shoe department and i HAD TO HAVE IT! Went on the website and purchased it immediately! Still cannot understand why the buyers at Barney’s don’t GET IT!

  • dequincey

    I like this bag actually.

  • Kiki

    Love the bag! Love love the fabric used and the unique and statement shape. I wonder how soft it is, it really looks more like linen not your standard rough burlap. Not loving the price though, yikes!

  • Karla

    You NEED to see my jewelry…In Barneys for years, now sold online I design for many major celebrities, like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Pink and Christina Aguilara!!