New year, new categories on PurseBlog! So have some fun and take part in our Fill in the blank post on this Chanel Multicolor Patchwork Bag from Cruise 2010/2011. The bag, priced at $3,400, is sold out at all Chanel boutiques nationwide.

Fill in the blank in the comments section below: This Chanel bag is __________________.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Leah

    homely. (ipad)

    • Kim

      Oh, dear God. Hideous. (ipad)

  • Pam

    This Chanel bag is unworthy of the name Chanel. It is awful.(ipad)

  • Ana JB

    …expensive. Nevertheless, I like it. Zig-zag-colourful :)

  • Erik

    a disgrace to Chanel (ipad)

  • SisiEko

    answering the question: huh? (ipad)

  • kemilia

    for the Scarecrow. (ipad)

  • Megan

    so not worth 3400$

  • Rah

    perfect for jeans, a white tank, and any solid color blazer.

  • Jane H.

    not what I had in mind.

  • Adah

    revoltingly ugly

  • Joyce

    a hot sloppy mess (ipad)

  • cl

    too many thoughts (not good ones!) thrown onto one bag. & sold out?! haha (ipad)

  • spanish moss

    this bag is made from scraps on the cutting room floor! (ipad)

  • Monica

    perfect for adding a splash of color to an outfit that needs it.

  • Sarah F

    hideous! (iPad)

  • handbagged


  • greenpixie

    …way too busy! (ipad)

  • handbagged

    very scare-crow-esque (ipad)

  • Lynn

    This Chanel bag is atrocious!

  • Patty

    gross (ipad)

  • m1ni

    bohemian ugg (ipad)

  • Bagolicious

    ……cute ugly and well overpriced.

  • Bavleen

    Horrendous (ipad)

  • Michelle

    disgusting! (ipad)

  • annabelle

    …SIMPLE. i actually like this patchwork …maybe because it’s Chanel. the colors are actually nice, but it’s sold out already? Chanel boutiques always say that but somehow it will appear… hahah (ipad)

  • zaali

    This Chanel bag is ho-horrendous!…never in my life will I pay $3400(ipad)…

  • Raquel


  • Sean

    Its different and a unique take on the classic Chanel shape. I can see why collectors and die hard Chanel fans would cause it to be sold out. (ipad)

  • Jo-Anne

    …is a mess! (ipad)

  • Sara

    ugly and boring, chanel should be designing NEW handbags and let the 2.55 be for a while…(ipad)

  • Amy

    awful (ipad)

  • Vitta


  • nick

    Too busy. (ipad)

  • bindc


  • Jacki

    bad scarecrow patchwork comes immediately to mind, 70s square-dance dresses, I’m sure I could come up with some more words too! (ipad)

  • Leah

    an abomination

  • Miriam

    Too offensive to look at (ipad)

  • Tamee

    Fugly (ipad)

  • Sbelle

    not going to tempt me to spend $3,400. (ipad)

  • Joanna

    not for me! (ipad)

  • mh21

    Frankenstein reincarnated as a Chanel bag

  • pursemonkey

    A joke. It has to be, right? *shudders* (ipad)

  • Marixose

    bohemian (ipad)

  • Amy

    Tacky. (ipad)

  • Saga

    sooo cool!

  • fuchsiafury

    cringe-worthy. It’s as if my grandmother’s craft club attempted to make Chanel. (iPad)

  • Leigh

    ….so fugly! (ipad)

  • mrsmere66

    ridiculous (ipad)

  • Britney Anderson

    The Chanel bag Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas would own! :) (ipad)

  • kmroboto

    …blowing my mind at that price (ipad)

  • reneeo

    fun (but too expensive for this kind of fun) (ipad)

  • Chris

    Fine for a bohemian Twentysomething with rich parents. For everyone over 30 not acceptable.

    • Chris

      Oops, I mean fine for a bohemian Twentysomething with rich parents. For everyone over 30 not acceptable.(iPad)

  • Marley

    This chanel bag is not Chanel!

  • Handbag Lover

    Super cute! I would buy it and rock it!

  • ninjaninja

    Horrible! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Loves like something you can get at Wet Seal (ipad)

  • Shana

    Insanity defined (iPad)

  • kate w

    a project a first grader would make at camp…by second grade they would be making something a bit better looking.

  • cate

    Horrific…just because its chanel, doesnt mean its perfect (what did she say!!!???)


    a hot mess!!

  • churameru

    ridiculous! (iPad)

  • Alison

    something a llama threw up (ipad)

  • mermaid

    ..proof that when you are big and famous you can get away with anything!

  • Julia

    giving me a headache.

  • CMM

    a hot mess! (ipad)

  • Kelly

    the Chanel bag is creepy (ipad)

  • Renee’

    Oh wait, don’t tell me…that is exactly like the “present” my son made for me when he was in Kindergarden! (iPad)

  • Dominic

    another one of lagerfeld’s ploys to get Chanel across to a younger audience. (ipad)

  • jbbee


  • bia

    Loud and speechless at the same time.
    I would wear that only if someone gave it to me and even then I’d be mad they didn’t give me something cute. (ipad)

  • Anna

    giving me a headache. i am not liking this!

  • Nicole

    at your local Michael’s arts and crafts store. (ipad)

  • Mitch

    Ugly, ugly, ugly, way over-priced, and did I say ugly? (ipad)

  • 19yearslater

    too much. It looks like Sally’s dress from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I guess if Chanel makes it the bag will sell, if a brand deemed less made this it would be criticized all over the place and probably not sell many. (ipad)

  • Tonya

    I LOVE it!! you won’t see many people with this bag! It’s so unique and fun… (ipad)

  • Jennifer

    …interesting! (ipad)

  • Snarky Sharky


  • bjf

    Something I won’t buy!!!!

  • Jen

    Eh… Not crazy about this. (ipad)

  • SammyJoMack

    Scary!! Eek!

  • carrie

    not something I would buy.

  • milwifey

    a hot mess! It’s just as horrible as the Louis Vuitton patchwork tribute bag. Yuck! (ipad)

  • perfektlys

    …a ONE-TIME use purse, and a waste of money. While it is on it’s own a work of art and very cool, as a piece for someone’s wardrobe…NO WAY!! You wear it once and everyone has seen it, and try carrying this with all of your wardrobe, that is not going to happen. Try again Chanel.

  • michelle


  • Anonymous

    …just a tiny bit less fugly than the Vuitton patchwork from a few years ago.

  • ariancita

    …not awesome (ipad)

  • Kiwishopper

    Really busy and ugly!! (ipad)

  • chezmadame

    an elitist joke on the wannabes

  • Lisa

    Custom made for a clown in Ringling Brothers circus.

  • Kat

    …like a home-ec project gone horribly wrong.

    … going to make me lose respect for anyone who buys it.


  • susan

    what happens when you stick the chain strap into an electrical outlet (ipad)

  • nini

    too much (ipad)

  • jill

    schizophrenic. (ipad)

  • Betty N

    making me crave a sundae.

  • Stylefiend

    Someone’s 3rd grade art project

  • Deborelli

    Homespun by a haute hillbilly?

  • JoceLena

    wow wow wow. I love it !

  • Amy


  • Kira

    Funky! (ipad)

  • tadpolenyc

    fug. (ipad)

  • Stacy

    This Chanel bag is just too much! (and not in a good way).

    People are claiming that they won’t pay big bucks for a non-leather bag but yet, because this is stamped chanel, it’s sold out????

  • poodle


  • Blo0omdi

    rediculous ;P

  • ninjaninja

    Can anybody pull this off (ipad)

  • Jen

    I actually like it (it would be very chic with a simple all-black out fit or a white shirt and jeans). Unfortunately, I don’t have $3000+ for small seasonal Chanel bags. But if I did, I would be disappointed that it’s now sold out.

  • shoppingbaglady

    is just awful in every way!



  • Dailyfashionista

    ….. Divine !!

  • Jillybean307

    Not my style (ipad)

  • Simba Lover

    Too patchy to be true! (iPad)

  • bootsalinda

    Beyond Tragic (iPad)

  • Kwana

    All sorts of crazy! (ipad)

  • JJ

    atrocious!! (ipad)

  • mandabear

    fugly. (ipad)

  • LV-nowwhat


  • emdubs

    searing my retinas.

  • Christine

    re donkuouls!

  • aforawesomee

    looks like something a middle school girl would wear.

  • Barb

    No way no how. Even if someone gave me this bag, would I carry it!

  • Lauren


  • Kathleen


  • Claudia Varela

    funny! :-)

  • Nikita

    Not cute! (ipad)

  • Nikita

    Actually, I’ve never seen a patchwork bag I thought looked good… (ipad)

  • Jules

    A Disaster!! (ipad)

  • The Bearlady

    This Chanel bag is different! Kinda cute

  • sunflower

    Not worthy of the $3400 price tag.

  • Claire

    …gross. (ipad)

  • Ericka

    Unique. I do like it!

  • gal

    Is an abomination to a timeless classic!

  • susan

    Ugly (ipad)

  • gwen

    a “frankenbag” only more horrific!!!

  • Tiffany

    my first reaction was “fugly”…but after closer inspection I change my answer to “…surprisingly growing on me.”

    …and after looking at it one more time my final answer is “the result of a home economics project”.

  • S.J.

    love the detail on this purse (ipad)

  • S.J.

    the stitching…muah (ipad)

  • Sherry

    i adore this chanel (ipad)

  • Sherry

    sooo cute (ipad)

  • Justina


  • Angela

    BUSY!!! Very, very busy!

  • Lianne

    Insane (ipad)

  • Claire

    dumb (ipad)

  • LDJ

    I can’t believe I actually like this bag and could save $3400 by making it myself. LOL (ipad)

  • connie

    haphazard (ipad)

  • Laura

    Perfect for a rich as sin 20 something who will carry it once, after her stylist has shoved it in her hand, but fugly for anyone else.

  • gidannodza

    …a great way to use up last years left over pieces… and make $$$$ while at it.

  • Alicia

    fugly (ipad)

  • Alicia

    Not an (ipad)

  • Beth

    definitely NOT worth $3,400. And yet, sold out – say what?!? (ipad)

  • tartantitan3991

    it is definitely a hot mess. way too much for such a crazy bag…even if it is Chanel (ipad)

  • jenn

    is simply divine, I love it.

  • Kate

    a disaster (ipad)

  • Kristen


  • Caroline

    hideous (ipad)

  • Lauren

    horrendous (ipad)

  • Rosie


  • Danielle


  • Sue

    like a bad arts & crafts project! (ipad)

  • tony

    not my style! (ipad)

  • Joy

    WRETCHED!! (iPad)

  • redney

    fug! (ipad)

  • Sue F

    home made (badly)

  • patricia


  • DTKC

    a collectible. (iPad)

  • amanda

    an abomination. (ipad)

  • Tarina Heart


  • louch

    interesting (ipad)

  • Shopnaddict


  • nicole

    unique! i love it! (ipad)

  • kim


  • Rachel

    Crazy!…not necessarily in a bad way (ipad)

  • september

    perfect for the Raggedy Ann doll!

  • Elizabeth

    my quilt! (ipad)

  • Bex


  • sebastian Giam

    a lot of work and effort was put into creating this bag. i like the way they stiched the Double “C” logo on! it’s a fun bag! not for the faint hearted! (ipad)

  • Mousse

    the ugliest bag ever designed. Wait, what this really designed? It looks like a pre-school “art” project. (ipad)

  • mochababe73

    bright, colorful, and obnoxious in a good way. It reminds me of myself and is a real showstopper.
    However, it is reminiscent of a Coach patchwork bag which I own one of.

  • STacy

    Stitched. :o) (ipad)

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    a nightmare (iPad)

  • jburgh

    a disaster (iPad?)

  • Tina

    hideous (ipad)

  • Christy

    something that should not have been made! (ipad)

  • eorchid

    outrageous! (ipad)

  • Annie

    cute if you wear it the right way a la Blair on Gossip Girl! If I hadn’t seen Blair’s outfit I probably would’ve said it’s horrible! (ipad)

  • BooIn

    total mess!

  • EllenNotAfraid

    This Chanel bag is UGH-LEE! Inspired by Frankenstein?

  • Maggie

    a Fail! (ipad)

  • Diane

    Butt Ugly

  • Constance

    This Chanel bag is so ‘Ugly’ that its ‘Cute’! I wouldn’t mind sporting it with some jeans!

  • wendy

    crazy! (ipad)

  • somethingbags

    a nonesense unless it goes with an (ipad)!

  • ingrid

    This Chanel bag is: Paris Hilton, circa 2002. (iPad)

  • window of happiness

    different!( ipad )

  • Happy Pig

    & shoud be Avada Kedavra.

  • MsLabelsofLust

    ridiculously priced @ $3,000+ (ipad)

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    ugly! (ipad)

  • Chele

    an eye sore (ipad)

  • Helladesigner

    is only sold out because there was probably only one made, and I suspect Kaiser Karle was the sole purchaser.


  • belle

    post modern.

  • Jenn

    unique (ipad)

  • Jenn

    interesting (ipad)

  • kristinelorraine

    looks cheap, trashy, tacky, fake and putrid. just my opinion!

  • Alicia

    TACKY! or as I like to say “A hot mess”

  • Maureen

    is proof that there are at least 3400 label whores out there who paid a lot of money for someone at Chanel’s joke on their customer base.

    • Stacy

      my thoughts exactly!!!!

  • ali

    Well . . . it’s certainly different. (ipad)

  • Tina

    an ugly quilted blanket cut to scraps and super glued together. (ipad)

  • kemina

    This Chanel bag is property of Raggedy Ann. If found, please return to Ophia. (ipad)

  • Genius Loci


  • Kay
  • 19yearslater

    “How would you describe her?” “uhm, hideous beyond all reason?” I think that Emperor’s New Groove quote would be appropriate here. (ipad)

  • Marion

    ..going against anything Chanel’s ever done

  • Suzanne


  • Chells

    Just not the look I’m going for. (ipad)

  • Chloe

    something that cannot be un-seen *shudders* why karl, why?? (ipad)

  • Andrea

    Gross (ipad)

  • Liz


  • ninjaninja

    High school art project. You know, one of those where your professor requires you to use more then one type of media. (ipad)

  • Ruhee

    a patchwork project gone WAY wrong!(ipad)

  • bentos

    a work of art.
    quite artistic and knows no boundaries. definitely what fashion is all about.

  • cLiu

    child’s art work? (iPad)

  • Tina

    SOLD OUT NATIONWIDE?! unbelievable (ipad)

  • lilobubbletea

    it looks soo ……. that words can’t even be used to describe. (ipad)

  • NikolineK


  • Sunshinyday

    …sold out because there were only two.

  • Jaz

    simply atrocious! (ipad)

  • Amna

    A love at first sight !

  • Erica

    absurd !

  • starqueen_78

    something my mum would have made in 1972.

  • mg204

    a mash up of all the leftover handbag scraps collected throughout the year and is a joke to the real Chanel ideology.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    A joke and certainly an expensive one!

  • Daisy Han

    unbelievable (ipad)

  • edoardo

    a revolution.

    It shows that Lagerfeld continues to have new ideas that are genial by the fashion adn the comemrcial point of view. However, I don’t like it but I appreciate when designers try to do something new…

  • nappy

    This Chanel Bag is My 1st grader’s DIY project

  • Maitha

    insane! (ipad)

  • Linda

    A train wreck..

  • Tracey G

    horrible! (ipad)

  • Kelly

    This Chanel bag is an UGLY Chanel bag that I wouldn’t carry if you paid me – well, depends on how much…but you know what I mean…(iPad)

  • Mishie


  • Tina W.

    Gross, cheesy, and people who paid for this kind of bag is buying it just for the label. (iPad)

  • Mishie


  • Danielle

    This Chanel bag is very busy.(iPad)

  • Silky

    Would look cute on a 12 year old! (Ipad)

  • Kathy

    One word…FUGLY!!!

  • Yvonne

    Fugly (ipad)

  • lisa


  • Staci

    Different (ipad)

  • WongF

    over the top, and not in a good way. (ipad)

  • bisbee

    This bag is proof of that old saying that there’s a sucker born every minute.

    • Stacy

      ha ha ha…spot on!!

  • stp


  • Lucinda

    Horrid :(

  • Adrienne C

    not in MY closet OR on my arm!! (ipad)

  • rainrowan

    I think it would work for GenX-ers. It’s got a gothic, punk, nightmare-before-christmas, feel to it. The stitch work is totally psychotic – it’s crazy yet at the same time you can’t tear your eyes from it!

  • Leslie


  • XXAL

    This Chanel bag is FUNKAY! I would def understand if it was a collaboration with Tim Burton! should make one in black and white just for lols. (ipad)?

  • Cate

    …just ridiculous (ipad)

  • Stephanie

    …really ugly. Maybe they make just one then when some person with bad taste snaps it up, it is subsequently “sold out at all Chanel boutiques.” Which would then make the public think it’s cool and hot. Good gimmick. (ipad)

  • Maisheda

    This Chanel bag is FUN! It’s really starting to grow on me. It’s really different and original, which I’m usually drawn to! (ipad)

  • Cansu


  • Dao

    c’est des vrai vos sacs ou des imitations????

  • SS

    Absurdly ugly. Are things like this sold merely as a litmus test for taste? (iPad)

  • Anita


  • thegraceful1

    funky,old timer yet wild! (iPad)

  • Anita

    overpriced (iPad)

  • GLOW

    This Chanel bag is a hot mess, but I still love me some Chanel! (iPad)

  • Missa

    perfect for Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (ipad)

  • sher

    Mlle Chanel would cry if she saw that with her name on it. What is the world (of fashion) becoming?

  • Elide

    extravagant! (ipad)

  • jo

    sooo not Chanel like! (ipad)

  • Valerie

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)

  • jennifert

    A lot of action! (ipad)

  • Sheryl

    This Chanel bag is so funky! (so ugly it’s kind of cute)

  • savvydoc

    …not worth any one’s hard earned money .(ipad)

  • GhstDreamer

    Hideous but in a weird alternative likeable way that I would enjoy carrying this bag around and I usually can never see myself wanting to carry a Chanel bag. It might not be well liked but it certainly will be talked about! It would look more hilariously cool if it was in a boston/speedy shape though.

  • FashionBagsandShoes

    internationally creative

  • Liz

    …over-the-top! (ipad)

  • Jess

    ugly (ipad)

  • Bee

    Ugly and overpriced!!!!!! (ipad)

  • Marianna

    Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Cool! (ipad)

  • Ellen

    Wild (ipad)

  • Sheila

    Ugly.. (ipad)

  • Jenn-christine

    proof that designers sometimes get bored and put out fugly pieces just to prove that no matter what, if a piece has a brand attached to it, it will be wanted.

  • Kathy

    a patchwork quilt wanna-be!

  • Joan Smith

    This bag is unique and one of a kind! I’m one of the lucky people who was able to purchase this bag at the N. Robertson boutique in LAX. It’s a welcome change from my all leather chanel bag collection!

  • tiamarie

    way, way over priced….. and UGLY at that…..

  • Lori

    …fun. But too expensive.

  • Justine

    eye-catching! :) (ipad)

  • Rae

    …Wicked! Love it! So much fun. (iPad)

  • Lisi

    Not really worth it, but would look cool as a painting on my wall.

  • Camila Delgado Vicentelli

    not ordinary (ipad)

  • Barbara

    I love this bag and own it! One of the coolest bags of the season. Glad that most hate it so I wont see it coming and going. ha

  • Mel

    just NO. (ipad)

  • Sabrina

    Disgusting LOL (ipad)

  • Beth S.

    Crazy Awesome! The first Chanel bag I’ve ever seen that I would want to own and carry! I love that it doesn’t take itself so s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y.

  • Moni

    horrid. disgusting. truly hideous

  • footnotegirl


  • Stan

    is for Paris Hilton

  • Candace

    …something Coco Chanel would loathe with a passion. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Is this the apex of horrible for Chanel? (ipad)

  • JP

    FUN (iPad)

  • Dee


  • PurseAdict

    not chanel !! it looks fake (ipad)

  • sally

    … fun!

  • sneezz

    tacky. (iPad)

  • EL


  • Lynda

    hideous. How could iconic chanel go this route with a design? (ipad)

  • Kellyx

    A repeat of balenciaga’s attempt with alphabets and both failed miserably.

  • Kathy

    confusing and cluttered (ipad)

  • Marivi

    definitely not worth whatever it cost..Im not sure id pay $1 for it. (ipad)

  • sosti

    not the best i’ve seen, not even close to the best i’ve seen… sorry Chanel. (ipad)

  • sosti

    not the best Chanel… sorry (ipad)

  • Jacqueline Suzanne


  • Rosecity

    a not-so-hot-mess. (ipad)

  • Demi

    hideous and tacky!!! I’m very disappointed by Chanel right now!!!

  • hanana

    80’s punk graffiti (ipad)

  • Mousse

    worth putting on the curb with a sign that says “free.” (ipad)

  • shelly


  • Ada

    Out of this world. Iconic.

  • Emma

    the one Blair Waldorf carried in the first episode of the fourth season.

  • babe

    fun! (i-pad)

  • Kells

    funky…and normally i wouldn’t put “funky” and “Chanel” in the same sentence (ipad)

  • Tiffany


  • quimerula

    Fun! (ipad).

  • sabourina

    ugly and pricey. (iPad)

  • Anita


  • Adelaide

    This bag is: one of the reasons why i’m starting to lose hope in humanity.

  • Donna C.

    a hot mess (ipad)

  • Katiyay


  • Alison J.

    Way too busy. (ipad)

  • Judy

    great (ipad)

  • Stephanie

    … definitely not what I expected from a brand like Chanel. :|

  • Candice


  • Fiel

    artistically intricate. (ipad)

  • Mousse

    awful. Please, please take this post down. (ipad)

  • Alexandra

    Ugly… Definitely not a chanel classic and not worth the price.

  • Cindy

    FUGLY! (ipad)

  • Mya

    Loved it when i first saw it – and bought it.

    • Jelita78

      ohmygod!!! really??
      i tried it on at the boutique but wohoooo..
      the price makes me put it back onto the shelf!

    • Jelita78

      ohmygod!!! really??
      i tried it on at the boutique but wohoooo..
      the price makes me put it back onto the shelf! (ipad)

  • Emilie

    a proof that Karl Lagerfeld is legendary (he’s the only one who can pull this thing off).

    ipad =)

  • Tiffany

    This Chanel bag is fresh! (ipad)

  • covertanjou

    Ugly!! (ipad)

  • Chanelle

    …made for an Aquarian. (iPad)

  • Danae

    fugly (ipad)

  • Danae

    also, how can it be sold out? eeek. (ipad)

  • Lisa


  • Nisa


  • shannon

    way too busy… (ipad)

  • suz

    ridiculous, tacky, confusing mess.

  • creighbaby

    a hot mess. (ipad)

  • Joshua

    This Chanel bag is a collectible? Idk, probably since it’s sold out everywhere.

  • Cathy Fitz

    Hideous!!! (ipad)

  • Cara

    cute for 30 bucks on the street! (Ipad)

  • itilliee

    This Chanel bag is not classy. (ipad)

  • Kathleen

    Not really my style I think of chanel as being a classic bag, this does not seem to fit that. (ipad)

  • amy

    This Chanel bag is tacky and ugly (ipad)

  • Chandra

    Interesting. Might be kind of fun with jeans. (ipad)

  • Jenn

    patchy (ipad)

  • A Few Goody Gumdrops


  • LUE

    This Chanel bag is SooOoOOO UGLY .

  • Redo My Shoe

    This Chanel bag is FUN!

  • raffa

    a dream, like all chanel bags (ipad)

  • Merve


  • Tracey G

    horrible (ipad)

  • felicia

    This Chanel bag is quirky and LOUD (ipad)

  • tagatha

    This Chanel bag is a failure.

  • AlexMaree82

    Absolutely hideous! Totally proves my point that expensive doesnt always equal tasteful. (ipad)

  • EM

    is made by a little girl who just learned to stitch.

    • Jelita78

      bwahahahhaa.. oh this is funny!! (ipad)

  • jzc


  • Michelle

    it looks like those things you see on a superhero comic book.. “POW!” “BAM!!!” “ZAAAAAP..” “SCREEEECH!!!”

    • Jelita78

      well said! very well said indeed! (ipad)

  • sillymoss

    from Blair Waldorf in Paris !

  • Missy

    Ugly ugly not a classy bag at all

  • Gabriel

    Sally in purse form.

  • Tracey G

    way too loud for me (ipad)

  • helen

    This Chanel bag is outrageous! (ipad)

  • E.

    not worth it !

  • kneehighz

    an EYESORE!! lol (ipad)

  • Allyson in Wonderland

    Ugly but I’ll take any Chanel you want to give me :)

  • Melissa

    schizophrenic patchwork on caffeine. (ipad)

  • SP

    …the Prince of Darkness in purse form….

  • stella ofori


  • Christine

    is not worth my time! (ipad)

  • trisha

    not my type

  • Bombonica

    I wouldn’t wear it even if Chanel will give it to me for free

  • Brenda

    is not cute.. (iPad)


    This Chanel bag is odd but my be the bag to get.

  • sarahp

    fugly! (ipad)

  • Chloe

    Um. No. (ipad)

  • mango

    the chanel bag is unlike any other bag i’ve ever seen (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Seems like everybody dislikes this bag (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    We should do a count for how many times fug or fugly was used in this post (ipad)

  • ami

    This Chanel bag is an eye sore. (ipad)

  • sharebear

    a MISTAKE! (iPad)

  • sharebear

    Its sold out? Who in the right mind would buy them? (iPad)

  • Kim

    um, no. (ipad)

  • Jen

    funky and crazy! (ipad)

  • sugar

    doo doo (ipad)

  • cupcake monster

    a creative fail

  • cupcake monster

    oops…I meant to say a creative fail (ipad)

  • pink fleur

    going to help me win an ipad? (ipad)

  • cheapthomassabo

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  • Linda

    For $3,400 it is insane. For $200…it might be fun with jeans. Nice to know there are people out there with money to burn.

  • mary

    hideous! Love the classic quilt! why try to reinvent it?! leave well enough alone please!! (ipad)

  • Kasey

    u-g-l-y (ipad)

  • Urvi


  • Christine

    SO UGLY! (ipad)

    • Stephanie

      Not pretty… Sadly (iPad)

  • Sheila

    ridiculously overpriced (iPad)

  • Nikki_B

    an item many socialites will carry…because its definitely different (IPAD)

  • Justine

    …weird in a good way. But still, it’s overpriced. (ipad)

  • mimi

    iWant! (ipad)

  • KY

    looks funny (ipad)

  • Emma G

    CRAZY (ipad)

  • Courtney

    Strange. (ipad)

  • Michelle

    Ugly as all hell. (ipad)

  • Elaine

    I can’t believe this thing sold out. (ipad)

  • Jen

    I saw people buying it and i cannot understand why there would be people that said its pretty!?!?!

    Is this a joke? PREtty? Thats the last thing the bag stands for.

  • beanyce126

    this is a very messy design for such a classic brand. (ipad)

  • ladyjessica42

    ugly. really ugly. (ipad)

  • Diane

    arrghhh, can’t really say like or Unlike! (ipad)

  • dalex

    different (ipad)

  • shv209

    Looks like a third grade art project… not a fan (ipad)

  • Deborah Curran

    too busy – ipad

  • Margaret

    busy. (ipad)

  • Marvie

    A bag that reminds me of FRANKENSTEIN…

  • Marvie

    A bag that reminds me of FRANKENSTEIN, forgot to put (ipad)

  • Antonia

    toooo busy! (ipad)

  • Jana’e

    overpriced… (ipad)

  • Jana’e

    …underwhelming (ipad)

  • Lisa

    Awful!! I don’t care if that is Chanel. (iPad)

  • Heidi

    Wacko (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Who wants this in their collection? (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Karl is going crazy (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Actually, he’s already there. Have you read some his quotes? (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    He says unbelievable and offensive things all the time! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    But people still buy Chanel (ipad)

  • OY ugly it will never find a home…(ipad)

  • Sharon

    That Chanel bag is a miss.. Coco herself would not approve. Not timeless at all… (ipad)!!!

  • Desaria

    UGGGLYYYYY with a capital UGLYYY (ipad)

  • Gau


  • nini

    pied (ipad)

  • LisRi

    tacky. (ipad)

  • Jenn D.

    …a kindergartner’s art project (ipad)

  • Ladyash

    something that looks like a knockoff unfortunately (ipad)

  • Bessamy

    …fun and sassy! What a cool bag to have! (iPad)

  • Lulugurl

    …a hot, over-priced mess!

  • safi

    too busy looking