Marc Jacobs Snake Clutch, $1095 via NAP

Without looking at the name of this clutch or a close-up image, you might miss that a snake design is separating the raspberry suede and orange leather colorblocking. What makes the snake design stand out even more is the fact that it has a face and is created with actual python, which keeps the design legit while also making me feel a wee bit slimy.

However I must admit that Marc Jacobs is pulling together trends quite nicely here. The only thing I wish for is an optional chain shoulder strap so I could easily throw this bad boy over my shoulder and slither around for a night on the town. Buy via NAP for $1095

Fill in the blank: The Marc Jacobs Snake Clutch is ________________.

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  • Mila

    Awesome is the word! Absolutely love it!

  • Lulugurl

    Not bad, but so many other bags I would purchase first for this price!

  • alice23

    I do not understand Marc Jacobs, he does so well for LV and so bad for his brand. No way.

    • Pri

      I agree… kitschy and tacky, if it wasn´t for the brand name no one would pay 10 bucks for that….. No way indeed!

  • chloehandbags

    …lovely, but a no-go for me, due to the real snakeskin. :(

  • Max

    i already know it’s snake skin i dont want to be reminded again with snake shape made out of snake skin but the shape of the bag is very classic

  • Mochababe73

    beautiful although the huge eyelash on the snake makes it look a little cartoonish. I need a serious snake.

  • Marianna

    TEMPTING! I love the color combination. I agree that this bag needs a chain strap. That way I can easily hold my cocktail and a nibble when I am at a party or out for drinks!

  • V

    Okay, lizards freak me out, so I’m going to have to pass this up. But it gets points for creativity! And colorfulness.

  • bindc

    fun (but not for me).

  • Tonya

    Adorable! perfect for spring summer…I would pair this with a nice white sundress for a pop of color!

  • rose60610

    I love serpent motifs, especially on jewelry. Here it is ok.

  • KellyX

    No thanks. Everything bout this clutch looks So wrong

  • TN Bolsas

    Sooo strange and fashionable at the same time…
    hey, i´m from brazil and I always read ur blog, very nice ;)
    if u have time take a look at mine:

  • Stacy

    meh. there are much
    nicer bags out there for the price. And Mochababe73, you are spot on about it looking cartoonish.

  • Britty

    Pretty cool!

  • 19yearslater

    the only way I’d ever use an exotic. Too bad about the matching price, because I really love this.

  • Graciella


  • suz

    Love it!

  • babe


  • Amy A

    too many textures going on here, Snakeskin, leather, suede,.. and it reminds me of sherbert, which i don’t think a bag should make think of a fruity frozen custard

  • bisbee

    I like the color and the design, but the snake is a bit too literal for me. I can’t see spending real money on a bag with a snake on it…especially one with eyelashes.


  • Marisa

    Too similar to the Louis Vuitton clutch…

  • Jess


  • TiaMarie

    ssssssssso not me.

  • Kate


  • Joyce

    For kindergarteners!

  • Jan

    UM…no. Talk about overpriced-yuk!

  • ninjaninja

    Kinda cheap…the snake shoes do not look that great either…

  • Rina Red

    This is adorable and creative! I have to agree with the chain strap..I would rather wear this bag over my shoulder than carry it in my hand. Aside from feeling creeped out..I’m scared the snake might bite me. LOL! Love the colorblocking but this bag is too expensive :s

  • Lynda

    The Marc Jacobs Snake Clutch is creative and something I would totally get! [:

  • RS

    SIMPLY UGLY… what a waste of good snakeskin.

  • Caitlin

    Fun! I wouldn’t buy it though since it’s real snakeskin. I prefer faux. :)

    • chloehandbags

      Yes, me too! :)

  • DL

    ugly and cheap looking.

  • Merve


  • annika

    As alice23 wrote, “I do not understand Marc Jacobs, he does so well for LV and so bad for his brand. No way.” AMEN! :(

  • Rashida

    I think it is ugly… Too busy and too trendy.

  • Shakeandbake

    cute, but not worth the price

  • Mariah

    …too cutesy. It would have been a really nice bag if the snake didn’t have a face.

  • ThePrivateSales

    Nice think , color combination is amazing.
    Good luck………………

  • Jacki

    …not for me, plus it looks tacky.

  • Cathy Fitz

    Okay, needs a strap, overpriced.

  • paris

    Simply delicious!

  • merritt

    kitchy tacky childish
    all in all NOT GOOD