Fendi Zucca Print Palazzo Bucket Bag I still love getting an Easter basket, even at my age. Luckily I will be home for Easter this year and you better believe I expect a basket. Even better is because of my food allergies, the Easter Bunny brings me designer clothing along with some special candy just for me. Yup! So if my funds were unlimited and I was living a life of extreme luxury, I would ask the Bunny to replace my old wicker basket with the Fendi Zucca Print Palazzo Bucket Bag. Looks like an Easter basket with a Zucca-print canvas. I’m not even big on the logo pattern, but sure, why not. There is gold-tone hardware and studs, a cute spring twister shoulder strap, and a drawstring top. This means that when I am doing my Easter egg hunt I can store the eggs safely with the safe drawstring top. Buy your new Easter basket via Bergdorf Goodman for $1150.

*If you know me, you realize this post was super sarcastic.

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  • lee

    This bag looks like an ugly flower pot. I much prefer the spy bag.

  • jjohnson

    I own this bag and i just adore it.it is so luxuriouslyadorable.I actually own the large size and I got it 1/2 price off at the outlets.I get a lot of compliments and envious stares.I am truly an LV fan as i have quite a collection over a two year period but i love this bag too

    • zoie

      where did u buy it?? i love this bag also, plz feel free to contact me


  • joyce

    I have this purse but I don’t use it anymore and am trying to sell it. If anyone is interested let me know. :smile:

    • Tameeka

      Do you still have this bag for purchase? :?:

    • zoie

      i love that bag…can u sell it for me? plz contact me… dreaming330@hotmail.com

  • Lori

    I love the smaller version of this bag. Anyone know of a used one for sale?

  • mich

    OMG. which outlet did you go to? half off. that is such a deal!! and is the purse sold alreadyy?? thanks ! sweeetsx@hotmail.com

  • socialitesales

    I have this in my store now if anyone is still looking and it’s 60% off retail. xoxo SocialiteAuctions.com

  • Eventiste

    I also have this bag for sale.

  • Naggy

    I’ve never liked this style. (ipad)