Ok – I know many of you are very much over Fendi and honestly, for good reasons. I am usually less than impressed when I see most Fendi bags. I guess for the majority of the time I feel the bags are overpriced (the Fendi Beaded Baguette Bag comes to mind) and overhyped. However, agree with me or not, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Fendi Selleria Hobo. In fact, I actually had to look at the name of the designer twice when I first saw this bag. Unlike what I am used to with Fendi bags, this hobo is actually rather simple: black leather, classic hobo design, and grained leather lining. I really like the contrasting white stitch detailing; it is simple, but it adds a little something extra. The woven leather shoulder strap offers extra texture to the bag. This is the kind of hobo you could carry around just about any day of the week with just about any outfit. Sure, there isn’t anything about this bag that is out of the ordinary or that really catches the eye. Yet, at the same time, I think we can all use a bag or two that is a staple in our collection. So what do you think, even if you wouldn’t add this hobo to your collection, are you surprised it is a Fendi bag? Buy through eLuxury for $1,460.

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  • What a coincidence – I actually thought about writing about this bag as an example of something that Fendi still does right. I think their selleria line is really great and not over-designed or over-thought. Plus, the leather is fantastic and the bags are not nearly as overpriced and logo-covered as most of their recent entries into the marketplace. Whoever designs these bags needs a raise.

  • Anilu Magloire

    What a great surprise! I love this bag. It’s elegant and chic.
    The price is right too.

  • Empress

    I am not a fan of Fendi, but I do like the simple look of this bag. I am dying to get ahold of the new Spring/Summer 09 Women’s collection. It’s THAT good!!

  • angel

    Looks like a coach bag to me.

  • jane

    Boring. And the exposed stitches make it look “crafty.”

  • wgs

    Still unimpressed. It’s Bland, Boring and Dull. This is comparable to bags that Target or Old Navy can make, for way cheaper the price. Definitely would not drop $1400 for such a thing.

  • gotracey

    I really like this hobo. I am not much of a Fendi fan, but I do have a Selleria shoulder flap bag with sterling silver hardware that I adore. Many of the Selleria line are clean and simple enough to let the incredible craftsmanship shine through. I read somewhere that each Selleria bag is crafted individually by hand. I’m not sure whether or not that is true, but I would tend to believe it based on what I see.

  • Merve

    OOOO let me gush over this bag NOT! Its not ugly which is what the latest Fendi creations seem to exude however plain dull hobo with signature Fendi exposed stitching again…they really need to invest in a decent creative team for some new bright ideas.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    ok bag (fb)

  • Lucinda

    Just bought this bag in matte pewter. Perfect weight, size, texture – plus it looks stunning on.

    Tried the LV Artsy MM (which I love in pictures), but passed as it wasn’t comfortable on my shoulder.
    Ended up at Fendi and saw the Selleria Hobo: it exudes quality and understated style. Love at first sight!

    Price was same as LV Artsy. (approx. $11,800 HKD). Decided the soft leather was nicer than the monogram canvas.

  • nini

    I like it. (ipad)