Fendi Patent Shoulder Bag
Fendi Patent Shoulder Bag

I have been patiently waiting for a design from the house of Fendi to wow me. I mean the kind of wow that is undeniable, the feeling you get when you see a bag that you absolutely must have! Not saying that this bag is it, but it could be, in a different version. While the Fendi Patent Shoulder Bag has a shoulder strap, the chic way to carry it is sans-strap as an oversized clutch. The oversized bag from Fendi was spotted on the Spring 2008 RTW runway in various forms, my favorite being the multicolor hues and oversized stitching (similar to the multicolor Doctor Frame Bag). I am still waiting to see that bag in person and see how much it wins me over (it could be the bag that turns me back on to Fendi). So this bag, the patent shoulder bag, is slightly reminiscent of what I am yearning for. The good news is this is easy to wear, at all times. Th black patent leather will carry over for seasons and the fold over top is a nice finish. This is ok, but I am waiting for stunning! Buy through Net A Porter for $1680.

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  • pjh

    I love this bag! I love this whole line of bags. I was in the FENDI boutique on Rodeo Drive a few weeks ago, and they showed me the catalog with all of these bags in them, offering me the chance to order. I love this black one. I hear some people say that they look too much like pillows. I hadn’t thought of that until I heard it. It’s so fun and such an obvious accessory. Very cool.

  • B

    I.ve read your blog for ages but never leave any comments, and I must say what FAB job you do. I had to leave one today as I can say we are singing from the same hymn page.
    I LOVE the new Fendi collection. The are larger than life aspect, thats what I need to carry me for summer. I completely agree with you RE: waiting on the FAB STUNNING BUY. One of the other colours sold out like as soon as it was put up on the net-a-porter site here in the UK. So in trool with 1 of my girlfriends we’re off to Harrods and Selfridges tomorrow to check what they have in the Fendi stores. Love it

    • I’m glad you commented!! I am going to the local Fendi boutique tomorrow to check it out in person (if they have any). I am really loving the oversized look!

  • mette

    It does look like a black pillow. Non-interesting, and the leather looks so crumpled. The only thing that catches the eye is the logo. If only the leather would be different. Waste of money to pay over 1600 dollars for just a logo!

    • Mette have you seen the ones that have oversized stitching and different colors/patterns? I find them REALLY intriguing but want to see it in person first!

  • mette

    Megs: Do you mean by other brands? Yes, I´ve seen pictures of croc, snake oversized ones. The material does pay an important role in a bag. Maybe they then remind me something else,not just a pillow. It would be wise to see the bag in person before judging it,but is possible in only a few cases.

  • agh

    :roll: I want to be into Fendi, but when I visited the flagship store in Rome recently, I saw an interesting bag in gray, a rectangle shape. I took another look at it and realized I had bought my sister the same bag in a bigger size in a beautiful white with gold sheen from http://www.bellabolsa.com for about half the price. It’s no fun shopping for Fendi in Rome when you realize you can get a better color, size, and price sitting at home in the US, surging to bellabolsa.com. I left and headed to Gilli, which so far I have only found in Italy, and also the very, very affordable Carpisa.

  • Jessica

    I LOVE IT! The bag is everythign I love.. black, patent ,gold hardwear, oversized, classic and you can wear it in many variations!! I’m going to check it out in the NYC store this weekend! If I still love it as much as I do in the pictures I’m SOLD! :)

  • lmoon2550

    I really like this bag. It’s so understated and classy!

  • Alexi

    I love this bag,does this bag come in Blue too? I have bought a fake one in China and it is blue….the quality is pretty good, it’s just the color, might be wrong…

  • KR

    i have this bag! im in love with it! well it does look like a giant black pillow, if there’s too much stuffing in it. keep it light. use it as a messenger bag. that’s what i do. i’ve been looking for something in similar design but in tan goatskin. i think that will be fabulous!

  • Joyce

    I think this bag is fabulous! At first i wasn’t that interested in this design but the more i look at it, it is so versatile yet stylish. The design is something that you will never get bored with. I think i am definitely SOLD too :D

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice! (fb)