Fendi Patent Leather B Bag
Fendi Patent Leather B Bag

The Fendi B Bag is nothing new to the scene. In fact, this bag was a big hit when it arrived, and now is released in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials. Good for those that love it, the bag often gets marked down later on in the season if the combination was not a smashing hit. What about a pastel turquoise color? The Fendi Patent Leather B Bag has been released in a shade of blue which is the color of the sky with a pastel punch. While blue is a popular color, this specific shade is very Easter-esque. But this hue looks great with the brass chain handles offsetting it. The oversized buckles on the front and signature F detailing on the brass buckle prong are actually a plus. I am just not sold on this bag and color combination. The only positive for me is that the color blue is also an appetite suppressant. So if you take this out for lunches and dinners, your munchies may disappear (you never know!). $1,860 through Net A Porter.

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  • kemilia

    I love the color and it all seems to work well together with the hardware. A good spring/summer bag, imo.

  • mette

    Sorry to be a downer again,but this bag is just terrible. There was a time I really liked Fendi bags but it was long ago. Is it Fendi or is it me who has changed?

  • roe

    its not you mette!!!

    fendi has gone down hill with bags. they were never a big hit with me to begin with. The baguettes with the huge F’s…everyone at one point and time carried one..wether it be real or from canal street.

    they are trying to make a comeback now. is it because the SATC movie?

    • The SATC show made Fendi a VERY household name… could be. But they have TONS of designs in the B Bag. I think they just go with a design and re-do it about 100 times.

  • Jahpson

    That bag is hot. Love the color.

    I tried it on, at first I wasnt sure how to open it and what to put in it. but its worth it

  • jillyb

    I’ve never been a big fan of the B bag, but I like it in this color. I could picture carrying this to dinner with a spring-y outfit.

  • Pursegrrl

    LOVE IT!!! Wow, that color is delicious :grin: