fendi-mesh-satchel1.jpgI really am attempting to keep my cool when my eyes had the unfortunate encounter of finding this fug bag. Between the shoddy mesh and the over sized gaudy Fendi logo down the front middle, I can feel my fashion sensible eyes burn a little when being faced with the Fendi Mesh Satchel. Is there a reason anyone would want this bag? You may argue that for the beach it will be sufficient, but I assure you this is not the case. Fendi meant for this handbag to be taken seriously, not taken to the beach, and even if you are a Fendi lover I highly doubt you can justify taking this bag anywhere (let alone the beach). So to keep from really making the people behind Fendi from feeling that I do not like them one iota, I will stop this post here. Because I could go on, and it could get ugly. Laugh at the bag, laugh at the price, and laugh at the fool who falls for it.

Via Bergdorf Goodman for $1580.

P.S. Do you love how I made the pictures of the bag ultra-tiny? It was to spare your eyes from a picture that got any larger and could further your view of the bag anymore! See, I am looking out for you all :wink:

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  • tt

    thanks, megs, for protecting my eyes from this hideous atrocity!

  • cynthia

    I actually like this bag – guess I am the fool who falls for it. It is a cool bag!

  • Naggy

    Nothing new. (ipad)