Fendi Leopard B BagRawr? Animal print has been used through out fashion time to add a bit of sex appeal and a racy flare, but this bag is overdone. When most consumers look for animal print, they want a splash of it, not an entire bag of it. Come on, couldn’t the B Bag signature buckle at least be plain black or even matte gold? Welcome your eyes to the disaster at Fendi, the Fendi Leopard B Bag. An attempt at sassy gone awry, this hobo features leopard print fabric, chunky brass hardware and brass strap, and a leopard print patent leather buckle. Over-kill is making this handbag road-kill in my eyes. Via Net-A-Porter for approximately $1,131.

Check out the equally ugly, if not worse, little sister (Fendi Mini Leopard B Bag). This ugly duckling is all patent leather with in-your-face leopard print, which really stands out more than necessary. I think I am a tad cross-eyed from these bags!

Note: If for some reason you want to buy this bag, you have to check it out through GBP not $USD on NAP. Different bags for different parts of the world!

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  • Rebbeca

    I really liek this bag!
    I actually own one : )

  • Naggy

    This is just mediocre. (ipad)