fendi-leopard-bbag.jpgYet another incarnation of that Fendi B, this Fendi Leopard B bag looks a bit more leprous than leopard to me. The shape of the bag is kind of weird and evocative of a cyclops to begin with, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the hideous execution of leopard print. If this bag actually came from a leopard, it would’ve been a leopard that had spent its life rolling around in a combination of mud and its own ignoble feces. Honestly, why so dark and dirty with the leopard print? Leopard is supposed to be vibrant. Instead, the spots all over the bag look strangely, as I said, leprous and hideous. And then the worst part is that the buckle is also leopard but in a different color! Lighter as if to accentuate the strange diseased poopiness of the rest of the bag, like gleaming scar tissue! This bag is just all wrong in a way that kind of makes my skin crawl. If you want leopard, try a cheerier option, I beg you. If, for whatever reason you cannot resist this mess, the bag is available at net-a-porter for $1,040. Just be careful, as it might infect you.

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  • Katie Hart

    I HATE this bag!!! But if the bag was black say with just the leopard print buckle i might like it better

  • Ellie-May Williams

    i hate this bag too :(
    so fake.

  • Rebbeca

    I like this bag.. infact i own one :)

  • Naggy

    It’s just okay for me. (ipad)