Fendi Forever Mirror Leather Bag

Friday fug is brought to you by Fendi today. Ferociously fugly in every sense of the word, this orange Zucchino-embossed mirror leather bag would stop traffic, cause a pile up, and make quite a few people wish they never saw this. This is the Fendi Forever Mirror Leather Bag, which will forever be fugly in our books. As if the orange mirror shine was not enough, there is gold hardware. I could find this bag on Canal Street with even the makers shunning it. Everything about it is totally a no go in our books, so please please, never buy it and don’t let anyone you care for carry it. Don’t go there at Bergdorf Goodman for $800.

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  • Dania (fendihunter)

    OMG, my eyes! :shock: What is going on with Fendi lately?

    • Ana

      I love it! The style is awesome.. I wouldn’t wear this colour though.

  • william

    I’d expect Versace to create something this ugly.

  • Joan

    Phew, for a moment I thought you liked this bag…maybe with
    an orange mirror dress and shoes with Red hair, standing in a sunset

  • suzannah

    WOW impressive!!! that¨s about the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.. but the standard is getting lower and lower this season… :twisted:

  • hal

    Excusez moi to the tirade of very angry people out there. Balenciaga did produce 2 motorcycle bags in this color and a red one with orange and red purse bobs. And 2 words christopher kane. his intepretation of 80’s redux is so tres chic. I know the bucket fendis are quite ugly but this one is really not that bad.

    • fashionista


  • Haylea

    Ugh. :shock: Why?

  • Karly

    :shock: U.G.L.Y!!!!!!!!

  • fashionista

    ew , it looks like one of those cheap knock offs you find one market stalls, what is going one with that weird colour too?????

  • Individualist

    For those trashing Fendi’s Forever Mirror range, please step away from the keyboard.

    Unlike the critics in this forum I’ve had the pleasure of viewing the Fendi Forever Mirror range up close, and it is unspeakably awesome!

    The range features unassuming clean, geometrical lines; free from offensive charms & other embellishments that emblazon the common bag.

    Instead Fendi lets the spectacular leather mirror finish be the star; a high gloss as smooth as the duco on a Ferrari Scaglietti, in colours as vibrant as tropical fruit hanging from a lush monsoonal vine.

    Forever Mirror is dripping with attitude, in search of a Bahamas cocktail at sunset or a club opening in NYC. Think Jerry Hall’s signature red gloss lips, Deborah Harry in Blondie, or Jennifer Lopez in THAT MTV awards dress. It’s for the bold who enjoy basking in the warmth of the spotlight. Daring, electric and TOTALLY unforgettable.

    You won’t find nasty knockoffs of Forever Mirror lurking the markets like the Louis Vuitton mirror alternative, purely because the colours are so breathtakingly unique.

    When I first saw the mirror range at Fendi they were fully stocked, yet in less than three weeks they had virtually sold out with no chance or ordering any more.

    So if you’re the type of woman who can light up the room (with or without a designer handbag) I highly recommend that you break away from the flock and take a first hand look before they’re all gone.

    B ;)

  • Sarah

    Agreed with the comment above me, I have seen these bags in person and they are stunning….maybe not for everyone, you have to have a strong, vibrant style to pull it off, but I would not mind carrying one of these around at all….In fact, I would rather carry this than most other Fendi bags, the color makes the Fendi logo a little less noticeable.

    • Individualist

      Thanks Sarah :) Nice to see someone else appreciates a bit of flair.

  • may

    i really dont understand all the nagativity about it. it might not be the most stunning bag in the world, but i personally dont find anything particularly fugly about it.
    bright metallics can be cute.

  • steph

    I love! i may be purchasing…