Fendi Canvas Coated Crossword Bag

I’m a girl who loves her pinks and purples, but there are times that it is way too over done, especially if it is on a fugly-as-fugly-can-be bag. I have already ragged on this bag before, and now Fendi chose to continue on its fugly journey and create another color combination. It hurts my eyes, and the dude sitting behind me in Starbucks eyes. Blind yourself briefly with the image of the Fendi Canvas Coated Crossword Bag, which is thrown together with purple canvas coated crossing and weaving. Then there is fuchsia pink to trim these ugly woven strips. No thanks on so many levels, including the price tag of $1460 via Browns. Gag.

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  • william

    I love it.

  • cosmofunshop

    I am too guilty as charged :)
    since I am addicted to any bright colors especially pink fuschia and the gank …..

    Although it is blinding ^_^ I really love it …. pretty unique I think… sorry Megs…
    wish… the price tag is more reachable :D

  • Juanita

    This bag is absolutely beautiful :evil: How dare you. It says Bitches look I’m in the building :!:

  • Ana

    I love this bag too.. would look awesome with a black outfit.

  • Cyrena

    I have this bag and its the most beautiful handbag I’ve ever purchased.

  • Naggy

    This is just as bad as the belt bags, like I said earlier. (ipad)