Fendi Bag It MiniI guess I haven’t given off the best Fendi vibe to my readers. Well, that’s true- it’s not always my style. I just got back from a long day of shopping and driving along the countryside of Germany (which is beautiful by the way- maybe I’ll show you all some pics later), and got an email from a reader, Denise, who thought I should check out this little number. I wonder if she realized I may not like the bag- which I don’t! Ha. So let us discuss the Fendi Bag It Mini (Lace and Mink). Okay, first of all the name has me totally lost and confused. They did not use the Lace and Mink in parentheses, so the name of the bag reads: Fendi Bag It Mini, Lace and Mink. Not a good name, which means not a good start! That just sounds wrong and it surely does not flow. And as we move along and check out this bag, it gets more interesting/questionable. Actually let’s read the commentary from eLuxury and see if any of us agree:

Fendi’s sexy showstopper is as fun as it is fabulous. Vibrant patent leather handles and trim accentuates the intricate lace and pearl bead detailing. When worn with the striking chain-link shoulder strap, the handles fold over to reveal exquisite mink fur and a polished silver-tone kiss closure.

Hum the bag is not particularly sexy to me, trashier, and the only reason it will be stopping a show is because of the “Fashion Don’t” look it will get. The leather handles are bright pink/strawberry which could be ok if the rest of the bag did not make it all look so trashy. The bag does feature two open outer compartments which have a coin purse closure. It is obvious to all of you that this bag surely does not meet my fancy, but it may be appealing to some of you. I hope no one ever feels like I am bashing bags too much, but hey, it’s just my opinion! (Side note) Anyhow this bag is an accident waiting to be purchased for $2,040 on eLuxury.

*Everyone can thank Denise for the link- which in turn leads to this negative commentary. JK Denise! :-) Check out a picture of the bag which makes it look like a man-eating animal here!!

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  • Kaitlyn


  • lisa

    I have to agree with Megs on this bag!! YUCK!! They should re-name it 1915 Bordello and drop the price to 1K.

  • Kazmin

    “Fetch me a baby!”

  • valentina

    no way this is the cutest bag ever i think its so hot

  • billyjoe

    Awwww….It’s so cute!

  • supergirl

    lol – makes it look like a man-eating animal here!!

  • pinkmink

    hmm… it’s not that bad. i think i’d buy it if it was cheaper… i mean for that it’s WAAYY too expensive.

  • Roy

    I’m sorry….no offense to those who like this bag, but it looks like crap to me. It’s a mess. It’s tacky with a capital T! Almost looks like someone threw up on it, and put on plastic red handles…I know they’re not plastic, but they look like it :)


  • Denise

    MEGS! I provided the link so you could ” bag” that monstrosity! How could you think I liked it!!! :P

  • Thanks Denise! I gave it quite the bashing!!!

  • lori d

    Looks cheap like a canal street piece, or straight out of Claire’s or something. really bad. sorry

  • Zippy

    The garbage is collected on Thursday morning. I shall be happy to add it to my pile.

  • random

    i lik it just get rid of those round things

  • lovinthebags

    Peeoooke! Looks like a bad prop in a bad musical. Burn it!

  • preppygurl

    you all dont know fashion

  • Gia

    Have you guys seen the other Fendi Bag It Mini (made of blue velvet & shearling?) Yes, I know it doesn’t sound so great by description, but I’ve seen it in person & IT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS!!! It looks totally hot, classy & expensive (i.e., the TOTAL opposite of the “Lace & Mink” version.) Megs, can you get a pic of it to put up on this page? I’d LOVE to see what people think of it (& what you think too. ;-)
    P.S.: Who knows? Maybe the “Lace & Mink” version looks better in person too… Has anyone seen it live?

  • lilyjane

    well, we have are own taste!!! for me it’s not that bad. I like it…. it looks like when you are going to use it you belong to the “G” club.

  • Naggy

    That lace should be on lingerie only and would look just okay then; on this bag, it is ugly. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)