fendi b mix large tote

Oh no they did not! The House of Fendi is king and queen of hit or miss. Not to mention the fact that many of the ‘hit’ bags are not even liked by all of the handbag lovers out there. So what is this atrocity. Fendi is all about the F’s and the F’s come together to make a fugly handbag. Slight colors of the rainbow, the awful F’s are strewn about as if we want to see them there. So Fendi, your Fendi B. Mix Large Tote is such a non-masterpiece and such a miss that I feel sorry for you. I am sorry that people must walk by your store and see this bag and know that your name is on it. I am sorry that people will laugh and point. I am sorry that people will walk into your store for about 5 seconds then leave after seeing an entire line of fugly bags. Yuck. So is this for you? Tell me no. Between the leather, cheap looking coated linen, and logo’s all over the place, I would definitely rather pass. Especially because this bag is not free, it costs money. Fugilicious via Saks for $1070.

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  • Miss Money

    I have a Fendi B. Mix and I love it! Guess I’m a loser. lol.

    • Ora

      Still using it n it grt condition! Love the bag

  • Naggy

    This is too childish. (ipad)