Fendi B Mix Baulotto Handbag Oh Fendi, why do you do some of the things you do? Do you not realize that your bags are becoming overly laughable. So what, you went out on a limb. Your limb is hanging over a river infested with piranhas and your branch just broke. There you are, getting eaten alive by the man-eating-fish. Time to sit out. Take a season off. Regroup. Then come back and give us something better. There was no need to also release the Fendi B Mix Baulotto Handbag with the faux-camo and Zucca print. Big F’s take over the camo while small F’s appear in the background. Take about Zucca overload. Even the handle is slathered with F’s. Ok, we get it, this is a Fendi bag. But to me it is nothing more than a fug bag. This is not even fugtastic, merely fug. You have a group of followers that believe in you, so now make something to believe in. We don’t need this overly logoized bag that does nothing but make our eyes burn. If you need to get back to basics, do it. But help yourself! Via eLuxury for $1220.

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  • human_pudding

    A part of my Fendi-loving soul, just died. I don’t even normally hate having a logo/monogram on something… but this is just… unspeakable. Note to Fendi designers: put DOWN the Zucca canvas, and back away slowly.

  • never_enough_handbags

    Oh Lord.

    This is the perfect “I’m Checking Into Rehab Tomorrow” bag.

  • Joan Brakeley

    I have not liked the line for a few years, and they used to be one of my favorites.
    This bag, although logo heaven, is the ONLY one I would consider, if it were
    given to me.

    Sometimes, something is so much,it comes out ok.

  • Emily1215

    That bag is UGLY!

  • Donna

    It looks like what I would expect The Plague to look like if I were to inspect it under a microsocope. This brand is going to die a pitiful death until someone over at the Fendi House gets some medication SOON! Anyone a doctor out there? Quick, send help now!

  • Luis

    Totally love this bag: I’m buying it now. I think it’s better for men.

  • quenda

    YUCK :oops:

  • Roxana

    maybe britney will like it… oh no, that was not nice to say, she is such a sweet girl