Ever since Fendi released the 2Jours in a smaller size, I've been obsessed. The clean lines and classic design have made this bag an accessory lovers' favorite, and with a multitude of options, there's a version for everyone. The grey hue on this iteration, along with the compact size, is perfect for seasons to come.

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  • Natasha Andriannou-Vozemberg

    Just gorgeous !

  • Livo

    I bought one in Milk/White colour and I love it.

    • That sounds stunning!

      • I really like the color too, it’s a classic neutral color but different then the usual black I’m going for. I prefer the normal 2Jours, since I’m 5.9″ the small 2jours looks really tiny on me. Please buy one Megs and do a reveal! I always love seeing your collection. You’re such an inspiration :)

  • hikarupanda

    I have this exact bag in this gray color!! Love it!!

  • eyda

    one of my faves. too bad grey was not in stock when i was was in rome, so i got the black one instead. now i feel like i need the grey one still!

  • Oh it’s gorgeous! From the first moment the 2Jours was featured here on the Purseblog with SJP I’ve wanted one. I still need one lol.

    • Me too! I don’t have one yet but I really want one, and I want this small one in this color actually :)

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