Spotting the bags and style outside of Fashion Week was one of my favorite aspects of being invited to the shows. Sure, the shows were great – but the people watching, I lived for the people watching. It happens to be one of your favorite features as well, and while Vlad wasn’t there to snap outside of the shows himself this year, one of our NYC-based photographers was, and snapped she did. We have 2 more days of bag and style content from outside of the shows to delight you with a wide range of different bags and eclectic styles. And yes, we started on day 5 this season, so you won’t have a full week of content, but we will be bringing more street-style photos from around the globe.

Day 5 of New York Fashion Week brought many Coach bags as it was the Coach show. Even one of the extremely oversized Coach Pillow Tabby bags was carried, but that bag was part of the campaign and not made for production, so Mr. XXL Pillow Tabby, please step forward and tell us how you have one of these. I must say, the Pillow Tabby is turning into a bag I feel like I need.

Take a look at the bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5 below!

Gucci Diana
via Gucci
Dior Lady Dior Bag
via Fashionphile

This Prada bag made waves, and we covered it ourselves. But when I saw it doubled up and carried underarm like this, I felt like I needed to run to Prada and nab one for myself quickly.

Prada Raffia Tote
via Fashionphile

Here is that infamous extremely oversized Coach Pillow Tabby. As I said in the intro, this bag was for the campaign only and not sold, so I am dying to know how he got it. Coach made these comically massive versions of the coveted bag reminiscent of an actual pillow because the leather is that soft. The campaign showed stars like JLo with the supersized bag.

You can shop the new collection of Coach bags via

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