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Now that shows have officially closed for the season and all the bags have been seen (by us, anyway – we’ve still got some more posts for you guys!), I feel comfortable saying that Spring 2012 is probably going to be a bit of a boring season for accessories, at least compared to what we’ve grown used to recently. That being said, a few major designers who have been struggling to find their voices have stepped it up this season, at least when handbags are concerned.

Valentino Spring 2012 is one such collection; I did a lot of complaining about the brand’s Fall 2011 runway bags, but this group is altogether more refined and well-conceived than previous lines have felt. Some of last season’s elements, including studded hand straps, can be found in these designs, but they’re used in ways that feel more natural and functional. This is the collection that Valentino should have showed last season, but I’m glad they decided to show it at all.

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  • jennesia

    The clutches are gorge and the large hobos i like!

  • Sandra Rowley

    The pattern on the large tote is wonderful, I feel better about the spring runway handbags now. I like a Gucci, a Dior, and now this Valentino!

  • rose60610

    #s 24 and 26 are ok, the clutches are ok, but I’d have to see the featured bag in person. By the photo, I’m sorry, but it has a TJ Maxx vibe to it, even though it probably cost more than some automobiles. Gator and croc are hard to pull off in many photos. I’ve see a number of Valentino bags that are beautiful.

  • bir

    i miss valentino the real valentino again MAESTRO where are you !!!!

  • Sil

    i don’t understand Valentino’s obsession with studs, but sometimes they make it work really well. the bag you can see in the preview is just beautiful

  • J Umm

    I hate to say this but this collection looks quite cheap.
    normally I LOVE Valentino clutches, really sad this one isn’t doing anything for me.

  • Alzerina

    The clutches look amazing! Very posh and they’ve got a different style altogether!

  • Henry Zarian

    Well I guess this bag is more perfect than the Hermes bag that I’d been looked recently. You can put more accessories like cellphones, make-ups etc on this thing. –