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  • Although I really love Céline, those bags are just too wacky and vintagy for my taste. They’re just mehhh. Where are the clean minimalist shapes I fell in love with a couple of seasons back? I understand you can’t repeat the designs of the luggage/trapeze over and over again and that it’s time for something new. But those odd shaped buckle bags?! No.

  • Guest

    the bottom of that bag looks like a butthole

    • Yoshi

      Last time I checked buttholes do NOT look like that LOL!!

  • GPC

    I actually like the shapes – they are completely fresh. I love the minimalism too. I just can’t bear to see anymore luggages or trapezes – there just too much of everywhere…

  • Wakh

    wow very boring…

  • Guest

    The bags remind me of turtle shells. I kept waiting for a little legs to pop out.

  • missarewa

    these look like lady parts to me! I think Celine just needs to keep churning out their ‘classics’ – luggage, phantom, trapeze etc and they will be fine

    • QueenPosh .

      Churning out the same styles over and over again without introducing new styles will actually deteriment a brand. Prada tried this tactic by over producing it’s Prada Saffiano bags year after year and the brands handbags are starting to become dated and lack creativity which is a must for high end designer companies. I now cannot tell the difference between a Prada bag and a Michael Kors bag, Prada needs to wake up and start something fresh.

      As for Celine, every season they come out with new, fresh, minimalist designs. I actually love the look of most of the bags they’ve produced over the years and i am happy that there are no it bags at the moment, it makes the styles more timeless and less likely to be copied by high street brands like Michael Kors, Guess etc.

  • Patsy

    I see Daffy Duck.

  • HKKH

    I like the embossed ones they remind me of turtles and at certain angles they also kinda remind me of pringles.

    As for personal taste the circular closure is not my cup of tea. I like the idea overall, its fresh when it comes to shaping, minimalism, the leather, clasp, etc. However it’s those same characteristic contrasted by what has been produced by Celine leaves the bag wanting.

    Out of the Spring 2015 accessory posts Celine and Alexander Wang’s are the most interesting, yet utterly impractical.

  • Carolina

    ugly….no way!!! Where is the aesthetic?? I love the luggage even if we saw them too much but they are beautiful and that is what it counts…

  • FashionableLena

    Unusual shapes. Very different. But, let’s be honest. These are not functional for everyday life.

  • Bagnut


  • ahhhsoneo

    oh good, so glad I’m not the only one who sees turtles!

  • Christy

    Hey check out the new Céline upgraded webpage, they now are listing prices!

  • Michelle Lim

    Gawd. I can’t get past the image of a horse saddle when I see them.

  • desigual

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  • Kate

    They look like flexi-flasks. Someone is sneaking into a high school football game…

  • Adelia Erdie

    They look like flexi-flasks.

  • Rocio Mendez

    you women have no sense of fashion, boring ??? boring is liking the same old sh*t all the time.. step out of your comfort zone and open you one way track minds.. lol… these are probably white women who don’t know how to dress or accessorize to begin with.. lol